2020 The Fulfilled Prophecy: New World Paradigm

2020 The Fulfilled Prophecy 
Truth Comes Out, New World Paradigm Starts Now

Let me start with this; There is nothing political in saying that True Parent's (Rev. and Mrs. Moon) spiritual foundation is bringing the physical collapse of the Satanic Sovereignty. I remember when in Belvedere Father Moon told us that he will make a news channel from the spiritual world to reveal who killed JFK and all other secrets. He told us that the spirit world will reveal to us every act of the evil side, each of their intentions so that we would be able to stop it before it happens. It will be wise for the members to close their ears and not assist the providence. All the good spirit world is mobilized for these changes. Please read carefully, watch the videos, and check the sources.

Guided by the good spirit world, there are a number of forces working now to abolish the old system and start the new one. Changes include; remove the Deep State, remove the illegal Banking Control, remove the illegal taxation, restore the original constitution, and open the secret new technologies to be used for the benefit of humanity.
"Humans shouldn't be paying rent to live on their own planet. The illegal Banking Cabal did that. In summery, now humanity is fighting to gain it's freedom for a first time." 
Were you aware that America is right now under a "declared state of war" since 9/11/01? For the people who think the global mass arrests are a complete farce, allow me to explain the legal justification to what is soon about to take place (***) We are in the historic moment where God is about to win in overthrowing the Satanic sovereignty.

Thinking about new tech God wants to bring, did you know that DUMBS: Underground Cities are Built with Superfast Magrav Trains just as Father Moon wanted to build for humanity? But these were used underground by the Satanic Cabal controlling the earth, just as the Principle explains that Satan always takes it first, what God wants to bring. How can you be sure that now the alliance of NATO is destroying these bases and liberating humanity of this Satanic control?

Why are so many explosions happening right now all over the world? Before I reported of 200 earthquakes in US in 30 days. But in just the last 2 weeks there were 5000 earthquakes and they are all concentrated in the areas with underground tunnels. Yes this war is still undergoing around the world. More than 50 thousand sex-slave children used for satanic rituals were liberated. Children that were tortured and raped to produce Adrenochrome by draining their blood, used by the elite to keep them youthful. Report says 80% of the US bases are now liberated, while in some countries that will be less than 10%. So until the war is finished many bad things could happen and the Alliance is careful not to allow that to happen.

As we said, the war did not start this year. For the last 19 years the USA, has been undergoing a SILENT WAR between military intelligence and the Satanic Cabal, controlling the world. Look at the court cases from 2013, 14, 15. However, mass arrests and liberation of children could only start from 2017 (after Trump came into office). See the vast amount of info, testimonies, video materials and court cases in the official pages.

To win this information war, Eddy English explained, "Emergency powers allowed the President to declare Google a public utility and to seize control. Mainstream Media, they are gonna continually push certain angles aligned with the Deep State script. People couldn't find the truth. Now some of the algorithms of censorship were removed. At the same time, Trump left the enemy do what they do best, allowing him to do many different things in this period. One by one, each door has been closed in front of the Deep State operatives."
"On June 5, the U.S. military White Hats found and defused three nuclear devices, seized countless tube bombs and arrested two snipers," according to National Security Agency sources.
You have to understand why are fact-checkers and Cabal owned media are so desperate to cover that and destroy Trump. He clearly stated his determination to Drain the Swamp and demolish the Deep State. Now we see it happening. You will not see much of that reported by the media.


Just as it was predicted in 2020 the illusions are collapsing, the Shadow Satanic control is collapsing, the corrupted elite are exposed and humanity is becoming liberated for the first time in history.

1. Federal Reserve and National Banks nationalized. Till now they were in the private hands of those who illegally controlled the world through money and power. Now US, Russia, Japan and other nations are nationalizing them. Rothchilds are kicked out. This is huge. This is the end of the dark dominion over humanity.

2. All their Pedophile Child Trafficking channels are paralyzed, chased and top elite figures are brought to court. This could never happen in the past. Anyone trying would be killed, yet now it is the reality. So you wonder why media is stubbornly hiding on ignoring that and attacking Trump. We are not blind. 

1 million children kidnapped each year to be raped and ritually killed. 5 million children are forced into sex-slavery annually

3. Collapse of corrupt governments all over the world. Did you notice? The heads of Israel, Iran and many other evil governments are now removed. That will happen also in China. See, the New Federal State of China Declaration. Thus a new, free world is coming. Once the strings of the Deep State were removed from North Korea, peace talks could start. The same way, once free of this control all nations will find the way to peace.

Three former presidents end as Criminals for 9/11 and other crimes against humanity. Military tribunal just finished hearings. Soon the world will be shocked. But first let's end the war, for they will keep messing up and removing information.

President Trump issued an executive order (1) that declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. This executive order described the high crimes of Barack Obama, James Comey and Robert Mueller under the section titled “corruption”. This order also gives clues about various other scandals such as Obama’s multi-billion dollar money laundering operation that gave nuclear... what Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Obama, Brennan, McCabe and other traitors carried out under the Obama regime DURING A PERIOD OF A DECLARED STATE OF WAR... THEY WERE COMMITTING TREASONOUS ACTS

’The Only Reason Liberals Hate Trump Is They Hate God’, Mell Gibson said. This is not hard to fathom when you learn their history and their hidden practices. Once you know that the Banking Cartel, controlling the Media and the West, was behind the creation of Marxism and Nazism; And you find out of their practice of Satanic rituals - pedophilia and blood-drinking to invoke Demonic powers, then it all comes to place. Only then you understand their final aim - Total dictatorial control of humanity, and how they use wars, disease and suffering to impose it! 

Nearly 100,000 children and corpses were found in a tunnel under the Clinton Foundation in New York (2). Meanwhile, the main media is only interested in imposing distancing, vaccines and tracking on people. And they are doing everything to discredit Trump, who is desperately fighting to liberate the world from this evil. Why? Because they are and always were part of this evil scheme. Not only they belong to the same backing mafia, but they are specially groomed and trained for promoting this mass manipulation. For without the media their evil control will be powerless; Impossible actually!

An Archbishop encouraged Trump to continue to fight for the children of light and put the end of the Deep State. 


Now that world governments gathered to discuss the new financial interactions, the need for a new paradigm of relations, economics, energy, medicine, and education, stands as absolutely necessary. Once this war is over, which will soon happen, countries will be free to relate normally, in peace, and for the sake of the good of the people. Some major transformations will come in several areas of life.

Time for New Technology

There will be a new, post-Google free internet, that cannot be manipulated and extended Open Source engineering for the entire world. We will stop wars and stop waste, thus creating peace. All wars were Banker's wars and all wars had a very strong Zionist component.

This technology can be built today with technology that is not developmental to deliver any human being from any place on planet Earth to any other place in less than an hour. Disclosure

We now have the technology to make for 500 dollars a 2 story house with free energy, unlimited water and a little aquaponics farm. As the Space Force presentation explained, we will be able to print such houses in space and ship them to any place on earth for less than a dollar.

This knowledge has been repressed by governments that are corrupt. Because these kinds of innovations do not profit the banks, they profit the people. After this Coronavirus that will change. With the establishment of the US Space Force Trump opened the way for gradual disclosure of these technologies. US already has liberated underground bases with such technology and now US and Canada are even using free electricity from this new technology. As a specialist who worked with them express it, one box can produce more electricity than an atomic station.

Time for Truth, Peace and Unity

We need to create a Truth channel, that can explain the truth to the public about every threat, starting with poverty and disease, and environmental degradation. And every policy, from agriculture to water. Everything we have been told today is a lie.

Putin, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump are working in unity. They understand that their generals are dangerous. So eventually we would see a world of peace. We will lift up the poor.

There is no reason why there can't be unlimited water, using free energy, that turns the dessert into a paradise. The time has come to nationalize all central banks and put them at the service of the public, not the service of the Rothschilds and the Vatican.

Banks are "massive form of legalized crime."

The Central Banks of every country in the world were under the control of the Rothschild, the Vatican and the Zionist Jews. They are the Deep State. They use the Free Masons and the Knights of Malta at the highest levels as their fixers. And they use the World Banks as their managers. The politicians and the military leaders at the national level are the servant class. They comprise the Shadow Government, serving the Deep State. This is all now ending.

If you didn't notice Trump nationalized the Federal Reserve (Merging it with the ). Most of the funds of the Cabal controlling the world was taken with Trump's executive order. POTUS is about to drive the Fed into negative interest rates, dry up their cash flow and start assuming control of the money supply. This is historic. This is the liberation of the world.

In layman's words, "POTUS is using existing US Monetary Policy to legally bring down the Federal Reserve. US Treasury is taking control of Currency Printing."

Time for New Economic Paradigm

We see Asian countries now developing a robust post-western economic paradigm.

Pedophilia was the glue in these Cabal structures controlling the world - practiced in combination with child murder, blood occult drinking for power and Satanic rituals


World will wake up to see that those who controlled the world were Satanists, drinking blood, raping and killing children and drinking their blood. This is not from yesterday, but a Satanic ritual that was going on from the beginning of history. Until now humanity was enslaved and governed by invisible-spiritual forces through the obedient to them 1% elite.

This is the Principle explanation, and this is what now became revealed. 2020 is the year when that Satanic Sovereignty ends. In the following years, we have clean up the mess from this evil civilization and start building the new world of our dreams.

If you still didn't learn, now is the time to understand why all satanic civilizations in the past and the elite today is involved in the same rituals of pedophilia and blood-drinking. For those who still resist, it is well explained in the Divine Principle; the sexual fall, the spiritual abuse of Lucifer against God's children, and how God's efforts to raise humanity out of this ignorance was always infiltrated by the satanic side.

Now we start seeing the horrible deeds God had to observe without the ability to help his children. How Lucifer did everything to hurt God and turn humanity against him.

The people who drink human blood

Why did God forbid his people to eat meat with blood? Why did He tell them that sexual fornication is the biggest sin, worse than killing? Because they were common Satanic practices in Chanaan. These were the practices that Bible pointed out as the Root of Evil and the Cause of the Human Fall.

Do you know that only in the United States there are more than 4 million practicing Satanists, still involved in such rituals? Did you know that pedophilia, cannibalism and blood-drinking are widespread in today's world? Researchers at Louisiana State University made an ethnographic study of the New Orleans “real vampire” community.

There are thousands of people drinking blood in the US alone

At the end of the 15th Century, for instance, Pope Innocent VIII’s physician allegedly bled three young men to death and fed their blood (still warm) to his dying master to pass on their youthful vitality.

From what we can tell, most major cities across the world seem to have a vampire community – DJ Williams, sociologist

“Blood was a medium between the physical and spiritual,” explains Richard Sugg at the University of Durham, who is currently writing a volume on vampirism. By drinking the blood of a healthy young man, he says, you were imbibing his spirit and curing whatever afflicted your soul. These treatments openly used in the 18th and 19th Centuries. 

Moving to secrecy they have now forged thriving underground networks. “From what we can tell, most major cities across the world seem to have a vampire community,” says Williams. From fear of exposure, these communities have become adept at hiding.

In a testimony... he drew blood, and his mouth brushed against the wound.  “He suddenly felt a lot of vitality,” says Browning. That taste for blood eventually turned into a compulsive hunger.

From human sacrifice to Pagan sex rituals

Why are the elite today addicted to such rituals, believing they are giving them power to control the earth? Why do they consider themselves different from the human race and from the lineage of Lucifer? 

Queen 'may NEVER return to frontline duties' The monarch, 94, is in lockdown at Windsor Castle
The Queen and Prince Philip are locked down in what one of their top aides has called 'HMS Bubble'

The global currency restart (GCR) has already started on Monday, May 11!

"The Military Intel Source was grateful for prayers going up as a huge number of global and domestic arrests were being made behind the scenes in order to stop mass casualty events, bio-weapon attacks, EMP attacks and other False Flag schemes that the Deep State puppet-masters were trying to implement behind the scenes."
The Perfect Storm – the unsealing of over 170,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office in 2016 - was set for May 22 to June 5.

By Tues. 12 May in DC more behind the scenes arrests were going on of Obama Administration officials and co-conspirators. This was defined as Obama Gate: Treason and Sedition in an attempt to overthrow a duly elected president – the revelation of which to the public was expected to cause such unrest that Military Law would be announced and the allegations settled by Military Tribunals.

International Child Sex Trafficking:

15 year-old Testified of Satanic Ritual Sexual Abuse and Seeing Children Murdered Since Her Age 4: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQ9dCNw-lxI&feature=share&d=n

Illuminati Banker Opens Up About Child Sacrifice: https://youtu.be/f5msVli_aNc

The above testimonies were much like Jenny Hill experienced and as she explained in her biography “Twenty Two Faces.” Much of what she told me as the author I could not put in the book as the information was felt to be too traumatic for the reader to handle. Unfortunately these SRA survivors were not alone. There were thousands of children across the globe with much the same story. These survivors and their therapists would testify that the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children was going on even today. See, GOD'S VICTOY IS AT HAND

The Biblical history is describing God's work to overthrow the Satanic control over his children. God raised victorious people to stand up against the Satanic control. Took him thousands of years to find one family to start; expand it into tribe and nation in 2000 years period. But Satan killed the Messiah and 2000 more years were needed to restore this lost foundation and send the Lord of the Second Advent. Once he made the spiritual and substantial foundation, the governments are free to now stand and proclaim their freedom of Satan's sovereignty. 

  • Abraham destroyed the Satanic idols and moved out after God's call
  • Moses led his descendants out of the Satanic culture of Egypt
  • Israelites fought against the Canaanite Satanist culture
  • Jesus was substantially to lead humanity of of it, but was killed before even marrying
  • Rev. Moon was asked by Jesus to end it by raising the Culture of True Families
  • Trump moved to physically arrest and destroy all pedophile Satanic practices

God's Providence in Subjugating Satan

2000 BC - Tribal victory for God: Abraham was successful in moving out of the Satanic practices and creating tribe free of it. His son and grandson (Jacob) inherited and continued that tradition. 

Moses successfully started a nation educating it to resist this Satanic practices. He educated them, that the Snake Canaanites warship, making sexual and ritual killing, is in fact Lucifer, who became Satan by seducing Eve sexually (to eat the fruit of knowledge). 

When 400 years later some Israelites accepted Satanic practices, the kingdom was divided (those who practice North, those who resist South). When South was also invaded by practicing Satanism, God made them fall and exile. 

2000 yrs later - Jesus initiated world level of Separation from these Satanic practices. For this reason the prepared nation was to accept him and through them he was to educate the Roman Empire and liberate the world. Satan invested all his power to kill him and prevent that, but Jesus succeeded spiritually and promised Second Advent (3rd Adam, to finish this completely). 

2000 yrs later - Rev. Moon was called by Jesus. Same like Jesus was rejected by the Jewish priests at his time, Father Moon's warning was not followed by the Christian ministers in 1945-1952. So he promised to God that in 40 years he will raise world foundation to Subjugate Satan, which he completed by 1985, when he already founded Washington Times and got many Christians to hear him. Communism had to collapse in few years. 

Thus 1992 he started the Completed Testament Age (7 yers), blessed 400 million families - cutting them off from Satan's lineage. Based on that Lucifer had to step out in 1999. His power was no longer behind the evil Satanic structures on earth. His evil structures on earth continued desperately, but the good was now free to also develop its foundation, which was completed by 2012. 

2012 - Cosmic lever of restoration started with Rev. Moon ascension. Began the spiritual shift towards the Golden Age. Spiritual awakening started in both, the physical and the spiritual world. In 7 yrs he united all religious founders in the extraterrestrial world and mobilized them to descend and transform the earth. Several nations were prepared to accept the Culture of Heart

The End of the Satanic Sovereignty

2016 the good forces, dedicated to remove the Satanic control, succeeded to elect Trump in power. After 3 years of successful court-cases and arrests, the stage was set up to arrest all top structures of the Satanic pyramid

2020 - Under the cover of Coronavirus started massive cleaning of all lower satanic structures; Banking, Big Corporations, WHO, Governments, Activists (like ANTIFA). You see how it goes systematically through the pyramid - top down. So next will be cleansing Media, Education and cleaning the Religions of the Satanic infiltration. In this regard Vatican was cleaned, over 300 priests arrested, Pope resigned. Military Tribune court cases are still ongoing.

The sleeping people are still to wake up, so that this shocking facts can be revealed. Do you think the corrupt governments will still be able to exist and do their crimes after the Deep State is gone? Impossible! Good people will be free to take over now. In the following 7 years many nations will accept True Parent's Ideal and the world will quickly start becoming "One Global Family under God as our Parent." God is in control God wins! See, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD


More than 12,000 CEO's have already QUIETLY STEPPED DOWN since 2017. Why are so many CEOs & politicians resigning? See the global list of notable executive and political resignations. (https://qmap.pub/resignations)

If you ask when the mass-arrests are going to happen, YOU'RE TOO LATE. The arrests have been happening since President Trump's executive order in December of 2017. We just did not know until Q began to give us bits and pieces of these clues to help us understand the breathtaking awesome global scope of THE PLAN. Just these high-profile public arrests may not have been broadcast yet.

But to say that 12,000 Luciferian pedophile CEO's and government officials being quietly arrested is not important or significant outright denies the massive global work of justice that has already happpened.

Before Obama, Soros, Hillary, Bush, and the rest of these pedophile monsters being arrested, first all the CEO's that funded their vile human trafficking operations HAVE BEEN ARRESTED.

You have to remove the money from these criminal global gangsters first, seize their assets, and make it extremely difficult for the public figures such as Hillary, Obama, and Soros to operate. They are now operating under a tremendous amount of duress.

They're now feeling the squeeze. Everything they do now is under heightened scrutiny. Their social media is getting bombarded by millions of digital soldiers who are exposing their crimes and making THEIR TURF, THEIR DIGITAL SPACE, OUR TURF, OUR BATTLEGROUND...

Q-team is doing it wisely, in phases, and some of it very privately, so as to not cause any more panic in America. Now we can see the jackals in the media currently fomenting their race-baiting narrative.

When you've researched so much of their Satanic crimes, infrastructure, and occult practices, you can't help but want to see every one of these bastards hang or fry...

If the public were to learn in full detail about the breathtaking amount of Satanic Ritual Sacrifice and long-term institutional child trafficking being supplied to Epstein by a corporation like Disney, they would not recover. That is why many of these resignations were secret.

We have been unknowingly dependent on them for our livelihoods to the point we go down if they go down. When you are removing a large tree that has very deep roots in the foundation of a forest you must be careful because that large tree may have roots connected to many smaller trees. These people have controlled the world for 6000 years. We cannot forget that. Their roots go deep.

How can you have NESARA implementation without first removing the old Illuminati banking guard that has controlled financial institutions for 6000 years? TRUST THE PLAN - GOD WINS!

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  1. I love to read your posts and no doubt in my mind you brilliant and gisted writer. But to be honest, your posts are too long..

    1. Washington Times research articles are longer. And when you have in mind that I expect people to see the videos and check the links - it becomes a vast material of research and learning. 🙂 That's what makes them educational enciklopedia, not just articles.

  2. Why do we compromise True Parents with politics? "True Parents of humankind" means all people, all 7+bn.

    1. There is NOTHING POLITICAL into saying that True Parents spiritual foundation is bringing the physical collapse of the Satanic Sovereignty. And not only US is involved, but the reset invoves the whole world. However, some of the changes in US are in crucial importance for the rest of the world.

    2. Absolutely a different World set up had started in this year 2020......

  3. Does it mean Hak Ja Han will run to president Trump to give him the blessing?

    1. Of course, the Washington Times gave the blessing to Trump. How do you think Right Presidents get support to be elected?!! But there is much more than that, which now I'm not in freedom to report yet. Did you ever hear that we have representatives in the White House? 🙂 Did you pay attention to some of the videos Trump used and some of his providential actions, that would be impossible without us.


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