CIG NEWS: Supreme Court overturned Biden's Election

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe shot, Boris Johnson resigns, and the US Supreme Court overturned Biden's Election. The protection to these regimes is gone! Flood of incriminating evidence coming.

In the previous Report I explained how LUCIFER lost his position. And Father Moon declared, the Western World will have to tune to God's providence or go down. Both Japan and UK were providential countries in Eve's position.  Johnson and Abe were removed in the same week, together with the Georgia Guidestones (where the plan was written). But that was only the most visible parts of this overthrow of the Deep State. A lot more is going on. 

"There was a coordinated global takedown of the Khazarian mafia last week just as G20 officials were meeting to discuss replacing the UN Security Council with a new global grouping." Fulford Report

This report focuses on these recent providential changes. God's growing foundation on earth makes the Satanic world crumble. The good spirit world is active.  Physical world experiences corresponding shifts in the control structures. Crimes can no longer stay hidden. 

"Soon the NSA will Flood the internet with a whole heap of incriminating evidence of all Deep State minions. the Space Force will turn the whole planet power off. Switching over to Free Tesla Energy."  Situation Update

With mass arrests going on around the world, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the 2020 Election was invalid. (Read more) Biden and Obama have been tied to Ukraine Bio-Weapon Labs and international Child Sex Trafficking; Covid-19 has been proven to be a man made virus developed in Ukraine labs. Meanwhile 140 countries now have asset-backed currency and we are on the brink of a Global Currency Reset, and the Military back up of the Cabal is eliminated. 

13 Secret Militaries Gone 

The Global Repository (GR) trustee just announced (See), 'The good news is that we no longer have any of the 13 left.' Referring to the 13 Secret Militaries under the 13 bloodlines of Black Nobility controlling the earth. That's why now the positive changes can start becoming more evident. The providence will speed up. 

GR Commander called the Secret Service and told them what is beneath the White House and the Pentagon. They had to witness the whole operation of eliminating those who were really controlling the White House. All were taken down with frequency weapons. Probably that's why we saw videos of bodies being taken out of the White House. Later the same operation was executed in UK. And now the Boris cabinet is all changing. This is all possible, because God is now in direct control. 

People will mostly see just the end of the war with the Deep State. The Western World Order is Finished.

The US Supreme Court overturned Biden's Election on 29 June! And on 1 July 2022 the US officially entered Biden's Recession. We are yet to see how will that be gradually revealed and executed. 

This is not a rumor. The election was overturned. The Justices are under military protection. It's over. Not a speculation, but it's from the highest officials of the government. (1)

Evidence was presented in the court in total secrecy, for a good reason. Cabal still have enough power to interfere and kill Justices' all families. That's why the protection is needed. It's more than just presidency. The Cabal (Deep State) will lose power for good. Once Trump is back in power that's when the big things will start happening. Read, That will probably not be Trump

80% of the Federal Government knocked out 

What is more important, the Supreme Court basically knocked out 80 percent of the Federal Government. Every government agency that have been making up tyrannical rules and regulations without the consent of the American people. It also beheaded the EPA and ended overreach of Climate Change.

This ruling is huge. It could include all agencies. Basically they can't make mandates or any rules without a vote. As you remember, I previously explained, that the Deep State controls us with their millions of legislations that don't even go through Congress. People who are not appointed by us, and who are untouchable were ruling over us this way. Unbelievable number of restrictions were controlling our lives. Now this is all collapsing. 

Labor Tax Gone, Global Currency Reset

For example, IRS was fraud! No law requires Americans to pay income taxes on their labor. It's all a Deep State trick. IRS was private and taxing labor is unconstitutional and soon will be gone. Global Repository already removed their registration, and took many of their servers down. Once the remaining servers are gone - IRS will be gone, 

"The foreign-owned IRS (US Inc. IRS) was privately owned by the Rothschild/Rockefeller Bankers, answering only to the Crown Bar of England," COLLAPSe of the West

As the WESTERN WORLD ORDER IS FINISHED amid Russia-Ukraine conflict, a "Global Currency Reset" was announced by Putin on 28 June. The BRICs countries will make that transition. No money in German Banks reported, as Germany is also joining BRICs. Only Gold Back currencies will be accepted for international exchange. 

At the same time we see the opposing governments collapsing (see, Estonia, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Israel, Holland). A criminal investigation has now begun against Macron. And Most countries do not want to follow the Western model of "totalitarian liberalism" and "hypocritical double standards".

Putin summed up the world situation as "the beginning of the fundamental collapse of the American-style world order ... of the transition from liberal globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world." 

Removed from the seen very quietly

A lot of these people at the top level are either gone, replaced or someone else is posing like them. Looking at the second level, like the Governors, Mayors and their stuff, a lot of them had been taken down as well. And the third level, those who have pushed this narrative in the schools, in the healthcare, in the press, a lot of them have been taken too. So we see three tiers of people that have been removed from the seen very quietly.

A lot of people have disappeared in the movie and music industry, big pharma and other industries. The group that controls all of them and all of humanity is either gone, in custody, or on the run. So we are talking a huge and very secretive Global Military Operation.

A lot of the top guys are captured operations, doing what the White Hats want them to do, or replaced with someone else. Others are no longer around. We can go on and on with examples.

Those who shook hands with Zelenskyy were removed.

A lot of narratives that were going around were just to get the attention away from all this process. It’s time for a lot of the changes to be gradually revealed. How quickly we will see that depends on the reaction of society. The safety is important. The atmosphere is divided for so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that have been broadcasted. Organizations that wish to do us harm during this transition will be met with swift furry. Stay alert for false flag operations.

"On Tuesday 5 July mass arrests began in Washington DC and other Cities. 80% of commercial flights stopped in the US due to the White Hats wanting to arrest certain people." Situation Update

Is Shinzo Abe in Witness Protection 

Military Intel: Shinzo had given all details to the White Hat Military before his death. So, did Shinzo sing? Why did so many Prime Ministers got taken down at the same time?

Some White Hat reports claim that Shinzo Abe's dead was a false flag fake event. Witness protection program. UNN also reported that there were strange things around this incident, like, no blood, and set up speech etc. The narrative to accuse his affiliation with Peace Organization look also as staged. 

As Fulford explains, 

"Abe belongs to the Southern Choshu clan that has sub-contracted the ruling of Japan from the Octagon group. The Choshu clan controls 10% of the Japanese economy and is close to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families... Shortly after the Fukushima mass murder attack on Japan, Abe was installed through a rigged election run by the Khazarian mafia and Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg... Abe also built a biological weapons factory disguised as a veterinary college."

Fulford also noted that Abe was surrounded by well-known Japanese crisis actors during the "shooting". He was shot twice, but his body didn't even flinch after the first shot... also no sign of blood or spatter even after the second shot. [5] 

On this photo you can see, there was some hidden pipe to sprinkle a bit of blood. All staged, as TV show.

Abe met with Fulford few times and was reading his books. He was familiar with the fight with the Cabal. Fulford hopes that his death was faked and that at some point in the future he will be able to testify before a truth and reconciliation hearing.

Military Intel: Just like the elder Bush, Shinzo Abe had given all details to the White Hat Military before his death. So, did Shinzo sing? Why did so many Prime Ministers got taken down at the same time?

Video: The Global Repository Trustee explains how the world was controlled. The private 13 Secret Militaries of the Cabal. Some history of the controllers and the destruction of this system of control

Abortion was Satanic Ritual

Abortions took 63 million lives. Now loosing the right to this satanic ritual they are getting crazy. 500 demonstrations all across US against the Supreme Court removing the protection of this evil right to kill babies.

LGTBQ were founded by a group of pedophiles called “Nambla” North American man boy lover association. They have been grooming children for many many years.. it’s just that now they want to legalize it..

It’s widely known there are underground tunnel systems (research D.U.M.B ) that have been used for decades to traffic people for sex slaves and organ harvesting, across the globe. There is currently a monumental military operation going down, lead by POTUS to uncover these children, arrest those involved, and stop this evil once and for all.

Pillars of the Satanic World Collapsing

Recent polls show that only 11% of Americans trust television news and only 16% trust newspapers.

The Market is also collapsing. Now they are talking of 20 million being evicted from their homes in US, because they cannot pay their rent. Meanwhile, the biggest Chinese home owning company, Evergrand, had bankrupt.

People will mostly see just the end of the war, as it is a spiritual and digital war mostly and was hidden on both sides. It is good vs. evil, God vs. Satan.

"But we have reached the tipping point of 15%. People who not only know that there is something wrong, but they know what it is that is wrong." G Edward Griffin

We are seeing protest actions the likes of which the Netherlands has never seen before. This also started in China. The people are rising up against the CCP machine. Banks there are failing and the police are failing to stop protesters by fraudulently manipulating their mobile devices to make it look like they have 'Covid'. 

The Black Pope was taken out in May 2020. He controlled the White Pope, the Military and the Intelligence agencies. Serpent symbolism is all around the Pope.

Last month they arrested 700 CIA agents across the world. Their illegal operations all around the world are being exposed now. 

Video: Targeting individuals with neuro toxic elements that cause psychoses and much more. CIA agent talking details of the Coronavirus in 2017. Deep State in action! 

Ukraine is the keystone. Ukraine has the goods on EVERYTHING. 

And I have a QUESTION: Why avoiding the truth - West Ukrainians are brainwashed to hate Russians - but they didn't suffer much war. East Ukrainians consider Russians Liberators - they are the once who suffered for 8 years and suffer most now. Can Unificationsists close their eyes to these FACTS?

Ukrainian forces killed more than 14,000 people living in the Donbass region.

14,000 people, including hundreds of children, were killed in these 8 years by the Ukrainian forces. This had to be stopped.  Why you stand with the West Ukrainians who are not victims / East Ukrainians are the victims - they are killed and raped by Ukrainian Nazis / Why accuse Russia for helping them?

I only want to know if that's part of the Cabal plan, or Russia is really sincerely helping and fighting the Cabal / THAT WE STILL HAVE TO FIND OUT

Another question: Why now Nicaragua invites Russian troops to enter country? Same like Kazakhstan - Russian military to help them - liberate them from DS! Same like Eastern Ukrainians... OPEN YOUR EYES the fight is against the Cabal Deep State / Not against the Ukrainians

Also - Why so many countries join Russia in BRICs / Why they reject the Rothschild Fiat empty paper and move to Gold-backed money standard? RESEARCH / Find what the war is really about. Fact is, less than a third, or 58 of the 193 UN members signed a statement criticizing Russia over Ukraine.

Russian Kinzhal missile at 14,668 km per hour, 10 times faster than sound, was used to destroy a Ukrainian weapons depot 136 meters underground. (Video) Putin had information that NATO [DS!] is preparing to escalate the situation in Ukraine. The Kinzhal missile is a big warning to NATO. GAME AT A NEW LEVEL!

Video: Putin vs the Deep State / How wars were engineered and why

"Every time an Oil producing nation attempts to redenominate its sales into another currency America is suddenly threatened by a weapon of mass destruction." So the country is soon invaded and the Rothschild Petrol Dollar Currency is preserved. This film looks at how Patriots are in control as President Putin and the Global Patriots battle the Deep State Cabal in the War for the World.

Rothschilds Murdered at least Seven US Presidents 

The Rothschilds have a habit of murdering Presidents who don’t follow their orders.

Video: The ban of the Jesuit Order in 1773 allowed for the American liberation from the European Royal and Catholic control. Banned, Jesuits couldn't mobilize all Catholic nations to prevent that. The Jesuits infiltrated the Freemasonry in late 1700s and have taken control of the leadership of this secret society. To revenge they used Napoleon to punish the European Emperors. Hundred years later Jesuits used Carl Marx to infiltrate the Communist movement. The Jesuits also created Illuminati and were thus working through the Democratic Clubs in America.

"The Rothschilds have a habit of murdering Presidents who don’t follow their orders. Rothschilds Murdered at least Seven US Presidents between 1773 & 2019." Henry Makow PhD
A secret military campaign will change the game. As Fulford reported last week, an entire system of underground tunnels around the Fort Jackson Military Base in the Carolinas was "destroyed all the way to the Atlantic Ocean." And the White Hats are now targeting the Fort McPherson base complex in Atlanta, Georgia, where the Rockefeller stronghold - AT&T and CNN - runs the phony psycho ops. 

When the regime finally falls, people will hear many shocking things. The horrifying truths will come out in the public trials and hearings that will follow the worldwide defeat of the Khazarian mafia. (7) [8]

Covid Bonds Released in 2017

Now his patents show, he was attempting to kill humanity. Virus data bases and biological samples prove Coronavirus was a lab creation. Email communications and laboratory books confirm that. Covid Bonds were issued by the World Bank in 2017. Several nations bought them in preparation for the viruses release 2 years later. 

"All animals died in Phizer Vax Animal Trials, so they stopped them. Secret power of the Universe is Energy, Frequency and Vibration. They hide that from us and replaced medicine with addictive, toxic chemistry." Situation Update

All Viruses in the last decades were patented. You weren't sick, you were poisоned. Just as this virus was proven to be artificially created snake venom, that causes the exact symptoms of Covid. Their own captured documents showed how, when and where they were spreading viruses through the years.  

Their aim to reduce human population is well known. The Georgia Guidestones stated clearly their aim to 'Maintain humanity under 500 million.' (2) Tough job, to kill 7.3 billion people. They are not kidding. Well, the supporting column just collapsed (energy blast) and the whole structure broke. (3) The Source - God obviously didn't like this plan. Georgia Guidestones are now completely leveled. (Video)

Also, there was a Huge explosion & fire Rome | Vatican Obelisk in Vatican square

What else broke? NASA just lost communications with its station located midway between Moon and Earth. They were using Sonic weapons, causing human DNA destruction. The Global Repository Enforcement interfered and these facilities were permanently disabled last week. Yes, another blow to the satanic Deep State plans. 

Politicians Warned to stop following Cabal Orders

Kimberly Goguen, from the Global Repository explained clearly,

''Congress does not run the world, house does not run the world, the presidents of the United States, whoever they are do not run the world. They never did! They just took orders from people who they didn't even know who they were. And if they stepped out of line (they knew what) will happen.'' Kim Goguen

She warned them, ''We can do without you, and we will do without you if we need to. So either you turn straight and start paying attention to the people in your country, or we don't need you... You are not exempt. If you still want to continue and you not gonna give up... you loose." 

"All these archaic Prime Ministers should be rounded up and shot," MI6 source said.

Kim Goguen also warns about the "new, new virus" they are developing in underground facility in Mozambique, saying: "Trying to pull up your new virus... bottling it up in jars and shipping it all around the world... following the orders of those who want to reduce humanity to 500 million... to lock us up in September. The orders coming from General from the Black Sun Order." 

She also explains how the evil spirits (extraterrestrial beings) altered our RNA, to prevent us from connecting to Source - God. They replaced with something that causes a lot of issues in communication but also served as interceptor. And those who took the RNA Vaccine felt disconnected, because they were given a big dose of 'Do Not Connectors'. See, Vaccines to Eliminate the God Gene

"A lot of facilities were taken down this we are not taking prisoners, we are taking the whole thing out," Kim concluded. "Now it is all about restoration." 


Benefits of the Age
It is clear that the world is entering a paradigm shift.

The Divine Principle explains the 'Benefits of the Age' - once the spiritual foundation for God to work is there, all humanity benefits... everyone can more easily grow to the level that is opened. The world will naturally tranfom.

The Resonance of Heart of all humanity rises - which leads more and more people to tune to that frequency and elevate themselves. But that makes Satan's minions on earth to work harder and harder to keep the low vibrations, where they can thrive. So their actions become even more desperate and obvious. Just what's happening now!

As Father Moon explained the Western World will also have to tune to God's providence or go down. Meanwhile God's light is spreading throughout the earth. Numerous Christian Churches, and leaders of other faith start understanding the Divine Principle, accepting True Parents and receiving the Blessing. As Paul had commented:

Big Christian Church that has accepted Divine Principle! This is The REVELATION CHURCH OF GOD of South Africa. Does their congregation know? Yes! Their congregation has been blessed twice. Once in a national blessing in Soweto and in a continental blessing in Johanesbourg. Mother in person blessed the congregations and Prophet Radebe is among the leaders of WCLC and very close to True Mother. 



  1. I glanced through this, Yulian. It's fascinating. Hard to know what to believe these days, but good to be exposed to different narratives such as what you present.

  2. These are great revelation to understand by Mankind !

  3. Hello brother, I follow some of the things that you post, I really appreciate your Insight it does resonate with me,... thank you for your teaching


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