2020 to 2023 Rev. Moon Predicted the Coronavirus Judgement Day

2020 Virus Judgment
In 2009 Father Moon predicted the upcoming Virus, that in his words, "It will be a great judgment. It will be scarier than Noah's flood judgment." We will be "scared" and "wear masks", he said, that's how we would know that this is the Great Judgment day when evil will be put to an end

By Y.UTS / Unification Family Therapy

How did Father Moon know that this is going to happen? In 2015 I was shown spiritually and I still cannot reveal much of it, but just remember that after 2012 God is in control. Truth is, that the good forces were already prepared to interfere and arrest the evil elite since 2012. Father knew that. In fact, they had scheduled few attempts, but the evil side always counteracted creating some horrible, scary events. So it took 7 more years of preparation. Locking the tide around them.
When the evil side makes something terrible it focuses our minds on this evil. That's how they prevent us from fulfilling God's reality. But with the power of true love, the world will become the most wonderful place. No evil has power over us. 
While True Mother was making the world environment for the Culture of Heart, the good spirit world prepared many other spiritually gifted people to create the structure for overthrowing the satanic Cabal. Father could foresee that Satan's side will use a vicious virus, as their final attempt to subjugate humanity completely. But he could see also, that this will be their suicide.

Many others were also guided with visions, to see what is coming. We will witness God's victory. Trust me, "April showers bring May flowers." April news will shock you, but humanity will be liberated.

Video: CIA agent talking details of the Coronavirus in 2017. Deep State in action! Targeting individuals with neuro elements that cause psychoses and much more. And as I wrote, Russian forces discovered in Ukraine's laboratories how Coronavirus was created and how they spread it. 

Why we see Parallels in Virus Pandemics

They know the power of our minds to create, so they tell us ahead bad things, bad predictions. When we focus on that we create that reality. That's why the dark side shows you what they gonna do ahead of time, so your thoughts can create it. 

Dates and periods are important for them because they focus our minds on what to expect.  1720, 1820, 1920 and now 2020 have seen the worst pandemics. History seems to repeat itself every 100 years. But I want you to notice what God's side was doing in these periods. We should focus on that good that can come from them.
Because these dark beings don't have souls, they can't create. They have to use our energy, through our thoughts, feelings and emotions. They get us afraid and terrified so that we will create the reality they want. 
Fear is not from God. They used it to keep humanity traumatized. Constant wars and diseases ware their work. 
To grasp the parallel of history, 100 years ago, in 1920, Father was born as the Lord of the Second Advent. In 1920 was the Spanish Flu. In the United States, we see the constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages starting from 1920. To stop the alcohol mafia, they poisoned the alcohol - 10 000 people died.

Now, 100 years later, Trump made a 'dry' season for those addicted to child blood (adrenochrome). And some sources suggest, the blood produced in China was infected with the virus, that's how it spread. It is very important to understand the internal meaning of what's happening today and how today's battle for public morals and health is being held, compared to 1920.

The Meaning of "Forced to Stay Home"

People have to stay home for their own protection, just as the time of the original Passover. There was a prophecy that this Passover (2020) we will understand what is really Passover. Just like in the original Passover, we will be forced to stay home. Those homes that are not marked as faithful in God may be victims of this virus. This time, those who have been practicing satanism, child sacrifices and drinking Adrenochrome will be struck. We will see their end. It will happen all over the world.

This is the Passover week (which is the root of Easter). It goes 8 days and then as we remember, there is a 40 days period until they enter into God's promises. This is a time of renewal of our spiritual side. There is a judgment that is happening all over the world now. At the same time it is cleansing of the nature and a return of the family.
“Know that the decades of tyranny are over. Accept that circumstances have changed; there is a new understanding now that is being brought out into the light. People will no longer be the same." Prophecy from 1996
Now is this D-Day. Father says that in this day, "you have to use masks", meaning we will be pushed to use them, not that they are helpful. He is giving us a sign, so when we see this happening we know that this is the Judgment Day Father spoke about.

There will be a rearrangement of the economic world system and financial reset. The Satanic rule will end. The whole world paradigm will shift, just as it had happened at the original Passover. It is an exit from slavery, exit from the satanic world and entering God's promised land.

Spiritual Vision: Digest the Truth to be Liberated

It will be very scary, just as when God struck them in Egypt. "As this 'Storm' was approaching, I had a vision in my dream. I saw a big loaf of bread. The beginning was rotten, but the end looked fresh and tasty. This is like the truth about this Cabal. Humanity has to swallow it. In the beginning, is looks dark, repulsive, they don't want to hear and swallow the truth. But once they learn it, it will liberate them and new fresh times will come. We cannot continue if we don't see what Satan was doing. The bright future requires humanity to digest the dark truth of the satanic stuff done by those who governed us and many other famous people. It all has to be revealed so that God and humanity can be liberated from this dark power poisoning humanity." Read, The Spiritual War Behind the Coronavirus

Can we handle the truth when we learn about the Queen's deeds? Can we handle the truth about the Holywood's stars? Can we handle the truth about some amongst us, who were on Satan's side? 

People and members alike, have to open their eyes and see the horrible things these Satanists were doing. Yet, it is so inhuman and horrifying that we don't even want to hear. That's why Satan could dominate us. Each time we want to go God's way, he will create a horrifying experience. That will create trapped emotion and we will never want to go that direction again. But if you cross with faith through this pain, 'gladly endure', as the Principle says, then you'll see the beauty of God's word on the other side of this dark cloud.

Now we see nature being liberated with this lockdown. Do you notice also the signs of humanity being liberated? Did you know who and how was controlling us? Are you ready to accept the truth? That is the real question - How to bring the truth out? For many will be very difficult to accept the horrible reality behind it. Many were asleep, not seeing the satanic things. Many became part of them and were fulled to assist these satanic agendas. Members and second-gen alike were promoting satanic doctrines in our midst. Learn about THE BIBLICAL HISTORY OF SATANISM and how it controls the world today.

The End of Criminal Structures Enslaving Humanity

If 2020 opened the door for the liberation of the evil spiritual world, their presence with us will bring the same symptoms on earth that they've been suffering with; difficulties to breathe, extreme fear, control, and isolation. In addition, they will have to report and expose their crimes, so all the Satanic network will be revealed. Whatever why these phenomena appear on earth, they are surely just an expression of the spiritual war. So keep praying for the liberation of God and humanity. Trust God's victory - for the Storm is coming. 

How did Satan, an extra celestial being, control humanity? Many of you didn't get it. He has spirits, the Principle explains, from low spiritual realms, working with people on earth. Father Moon said, there is constant communication between them. Meaning, the evil 1% controlling the world are guided by Satan. And same like I see them work in the spirit world, everything is structured even on earth.

This is the satanic structure (A spider network controlling humanity): At the center are those exclusive few, really running this cult. The rest of the world is manipulated by their web of secret organizations. And then we have the banking system, the governments, silicon valley, and all sorts of other organizations and agencies.

At their inner core, they are all actually answering to the spider ultimately - making decisions that reflect the agenda of the spider. In the end, things are happening in a coordinated way, that only appears to be random. In fact, they are all handed a script on every action, every vote. Under the same Cabal, they were all working in unison to destroy the family, promote immorality, illegal abortion, and so much more evil. Only now, their highly organized work under this Shadow Government becomes apparent with this Coronavirus pandemic. But that will be their downfall.
FOX NEWS: The Swamp is deeper than he thought, Trump said on May 8, "but we are cleaning up the FBI, we are cleaning up the Justice Department."

Covid-19 Illusion: "The use of mob psychology to obtain control of the masses"

All governments, all false media, all medical and other structures worked in coordinated effort to create that illusion. Doctors were ordered from above to write every case as a coronavirus. Hospitals receiving 39 000 dollars for putting a patient on aspirator. This is a grand scale corruption.

The crime of WHO to collaborate with China for years, in creating and spreading new and new viruses and exploit humanity by making billions while exercising its Depopulation Program. Russian study explained this program, how the virus is just the "bait" to make people vaccinated with the real virus. Two years later millions were dying. That was the case with the Spanish Flue - 100 million died. But this time they will be exposed. God will win.

See the best Documentary movie on the origin of CCP and the Investigation on China's actions. For the first time in history, someone is bold enough to stand and investigate these satanic networks. They were always untouchable. Why were they producing bio-viruses in their labs? Why were they covering up and killing those who knew? How were they interconnected on a world level in that scheme? Who are the people in the shadow, commanding all that?

Coronavirus was just the 'bait' to make us all vaccinated with the real virus, and reach their goal of reducing humanity to 1 billion. It's not a joke - this was done a hundred years ago. See Bill Gates talk on Killing Human Spirituality. And please check, that's really their belief (Including Bill Gates). See Kissinger's own words

Father: Resolve it in the Natural, Principle Way

"When such an era of danger comes... overcome it by solving the degree of understanding of heavenly principles... Through the power of the natural principle, everything can be resolved!" Rev. Moon

Solving this problem the Principle way is definitely not through Vaccines. God did not create the vaccines, nor the need for humans to survive by injecting toxins in their body. Vaccinations are not the Principle way. Vaccination is not the natural way created by God.

God gave us the immune system, which is very powerful, when not suppressed by toxins and a wrong lifestyle. God also gave us a powerful spirit, with unlimited powers as His co-creators. Once you develop your spirit, not only you don't get sick, but you can heal others, even from distance. In fact, once we all unite our prayers, we can spiritually recreate the world with the power of love, and the Satanic structures will naturally lose power and crumble. And that's what was predicted to start happening in 2020. The "Perfect Storm is Coming."


Father Moon predicted: "The satanic world continues to break down. You just wait and see what happens. Individuals, families, tribes, races and nations in the satanic world have lost their purpose and direction... In the past, we suffered under the rule of satanic dominion; however, things will reverse... I have unified and liberated them allSatan has to retreat now." Sun Myung Moon

We don't realize that we live in the greatest time in history. The True Parents of humanity have prepared all the foundation. Satan's hidden structures are completely revealed. Now God's good forces are coming with full force liberating this world. Trust God. God wins.
We are living through times that will be written about spoken about for thousands of years and go down in the history of the world as the greatest event in all of human history. We are witnessing the overthrow of an ancient control system involving murder, lies, bribery, treachery, treason, Satanic ritual abuse, sacrifice and horrors of evil that surpass the imagination of all but the most wicked beings to ever exist. 

The Collapse of Banks and Governments

Instead of big deaths, all predictions point that this crisis will make humanity wake up. There will be big changes. Crimes will be exposed. Humanity will experience a Consciousness Shift starting from 2020. See, 2020: FINANCIAL RESET - ENDING THE BANKING CARTEL
"From now until 2023 we will see many things collapse such as money, religion and government, but these changes will present an opportunity for everything to be rebuilt in humanity's best interests. Many who have been honored will fall from Grace, having been a part of the family of Dark from the beginning. Many shocking revelations to come." (Predictions 2020
If you still don't believe that's what's happening, just notice the flow; the attacks went on Hollywood, continued with the Shadow Government, the merging of the Fed,  and now comes with full power on WHO's corruption. In January we saw the first successful prosecution of pharmaceutical executives. Who is next, when all of their empire of satanic control collapses? Let us see. There will be a meltdown and restart fo the whole system. See, The Collapse of the Bank Cartel

Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Predictions Prophecies words 
Big Disclosures of High-Level Corruption

Many predict mass arrests after big disclosures of corruption on high levels. Evil can no longer hide in this new era. It has to be seen and revealed. Humanity is waking up from its sleeping state of ignorance.  Yet, Trump should listen to these kinds of doctors, instead of the Big Pharma Mafia, only then the world will respect him.

See, Known Terrorist is the head of WHO
World Health Organization Under Investigation
The Clinton Foundation Under Serious Investigation
Corrupted Leaders in Security Under Investigation

Watch all the 10 episodes of this Video, to wake up. It presents high-level research with formidable facts, uncovering the way the dark side was working and controlling humanity. Spread it to wake up the rest of the sleeping world about the roots of the Free Sex Culture destroying humanity. This video really shows that the illusions are now vanishing. Truth is coming out. These are signs of the good side wining.

See all the 10 videos, The Cabal Deep State and Qanon

We will already start seeing the illusions

In 2019 we will already start seeing the illusions and start manifesting what we planted since 2012. 2019 is time to become a magnet for your soul family (HTM). The situation is shifting even in the spirit world. See, CORONAVIRUS: THE SPIRITUAL WAR
"Now, as Absolute Good Spirits are descending to the earth, evil spirits are loosing their ground upon which to be active. No one can be misled once all five spiritual senses are completely open, but this will be possible only after the evil spirits are cleared out completely and the person is united with the heart of God and True Parents." Heung Jin Nim, Message from Spirit World
In 2019 Heaven was establishing its base on the Earth, for in 2020 started the growth stage of the Heavenly foundation for the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity. As Bender puts it: "The universal energy for 2019 invites us into the sandbox, onto the stage, and into the spotlight, and reminds us to play, to laugh, to find lightness in the shadows and to shine our light into the dark crevices in order to bring creative solutions to the global table."
"The world will try to stop these changes one way or another, but Heaven is determined to bring about these changes. The two forces cannot help fighting each other." The Completed Testament Age
Pentagon sources for the ongoing military campaign against the SatanicMafia prove just that.
The research of Dr. Jerome Corsi compiled in the book, Killing the Deep State, confirms the same determination of Trump to expose this Shadow Government and bring them to justice. He will also charge Obama and Hillary for treason. Nothing can stop what is coming:
"It's a purposeful effort for the mass arrests That's why soldiers are there. These are 37,000 servicemen from 18 countries, including the United States. … Better believe that these are elite soldiers who are highly trained. They go to places where the deep state is. They penetrate their fortresses and arrest people." Video

Pedophilia was the glue in these Cabal structures controlling the world - practiced in combination with child murder, blood occult drinking for power and Satanic rituals

The Collapse of the Banking Cartel
Arresting Pedophile World Leaders

After the 7 years of preparation ending 2019, we will start seeing the illusions and start manifesting. But that means we have to be careful of what we are thinking and producing because it will quickly come back at us. It's a much quicker manifestation. So always follow your heart and inner sense. We have to manifest a real-life of mind and body unity, embodying the essence of citizens of CIG.
"When we develop on a higher level, we start vibrating closer to the One, we effect very easily the environment and the universe is full of joy. You know your heart vibrates higher because you feel a sense of joy and love. At that level, everything unites and everything is joy, and everything is love." Consciousness Shift 2020

The effect of these spiritual changes

As I wrote in an early article, Edgar Cayce saw in spiritual communications, that the so-called Armageddon, described in the Bible, is actually a battle fought in the spiritual realms between the souls of light and the souls of darkness, coming into the world. EDGAR CAYCE PREDICTIONS FOR 2018-2020

He was told that in the future time, the souls of the lower realms will be completely prevented from influencing the earth and only souls from higher realms of light will be allowed to help us. Over time this will result in the forces of good on earth to overcome the forces of evil.

Complete spiritual enlightenment on Earth will occur during the time when only souls from the higher spiritual realms are permitted to cooperate with us. Since the Messiah returns in our time and the era of spiritual enlightenment will renew humanity, and the result will be a lasting Peace - The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. See also, Predictions 2019


The Messiah Returns as Peacemaker and Unifier
The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One- One; Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort-Oneness- Oneness! -- Edgar Cayce Reading 900-429
That's why you should carefully study the Unificationist Movement and read the Unification Principle, to learn how this world can be unified on all levels and brought to peace. Nostradamus predicted of a new religious leader under the name "Moon," Messianic figure and Peacemaker that will Unify all religions against CommunismVanga also predicted of a Peacemaker and Unifier coming under the name Moon.
“What is meant by “the day of the Lord is near at hand”? (A) That as has been promised through the prophets... has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation.”   -- Edgar Cayce reading 262-49
The Returning Christ is one of the most controversial religious leaders of our century. It's a miracle that he could survive, while this world was controlled by these satanic forces. You can understand why high position leaders, who knew who controls the world, clearly knew what he is preaching. Now when the end of the satanic control is visible, he is becoming widely recognized as the most prominent peacemaker and unifier in history. Those who understood him, but were afraid for their lives are now coming out. We are talking of representatives from all religions and denominations, former presidents, prime-ministers and Nobelists.  To find out more, how God prepared for the appearance of such a Messianic figure, please read,  PREPARATION FOR THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST

The Path Humanity Should Take
Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Proclamation:

In the face of the D-day that Heaven has revealed through us... you can see that the changes of... the “era of worldly matters,” ...  in order to enter the era in which people could rid themselves of their fallen nature, return to their original selves and live as one united family where they attend God as their father.

The “era of heavenly affairs” is the final stage, in which human beings should follow the path of living for the sake of others... establishing an absolute standard... purifying themselves, both inside and out... opening up the era of God’s kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, a time in which we can return to the heart of the one true God.

Once the actual era of God's unified peaceful world - Cheon Il Guk begins, the spiritual and earthly worlds will be connected and brought into oneness, and all things will be governed under the Union of the Spiritual and Physical Worlds, which will be established on earth for the first time... the providence will be carried out according to the heavenly law and the heavenly way.

Elections will disappear: They are conducted in a purely secular fashion and will absolutely disappear from the face of the earth. All people will become one family through cross-cultural marriage and the World Peace Marriage Blessing, and we will enjoy tranquility and happiness in the sacred reign of peace. Let me say it again: this day is drawing near.

God's wish for us was to live in Love, with him as our Parent

What if millions and billions of people start believing in the reality God wants to create. Imagine the power of creating an ideal world of trust, love and freedom.


  1. So how is it going to destroy evil? Everyone that is getting it is human, good or not so good, it does not discriminate between them. I know many good people that have gotten it.

  2. Yes, lots of insides are coming on how it's planned to be done with this Covid-19 events. But I'm observing the actual steps - for I know it's not an easy task to suddenly cut off the satanic network. But well, they were working on that for more than 20 years. See my last article https://unification-family.blogspot.com/2020/04/coronavirus-reduces-air-pollution.html

  3. True Father said: Use mask! True Mother sais: Do Hon Dok Hae!!!

    1. It's a prediction, Father says "you will have to use masks", meaning we will be pushed to use them, not that they are helpful. He is giving us a sign, so when we see that happening we know this is the Judgment Day Father spoke about.

  4. 5 April 2020 Disclosure, Children

    Thousands of children released in New York!

    Nearly 100,000 children and corpses were found in a tunnel under the Clinton Foundation in New York!

    Right now and since last week, thousands of hungry and terribly abused children have been found dead or saved in an underground tunnel in New York.

    This tunnel would extend over a distance of 4 kilometers between the Clinton Foundation Building and the port of New York! It is through the opening onto the port of New York that children and corpses are loaded onto the Comfort medical vessel.

    Nurses Confirm Treating Child Victims of Horrific Abuse at Corona Campaign Hospital in Tents in Central Park!

    The medical vessel "Comfort" was placed there in New York by President Trump.

    A second medical ship, the "Mercy", which would have the same mission, namely to provide care to the kidnapped children, victims of horrible abuses and saved from the tunnels, is in the port of Los Angeles. The rescue efforts are under the direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.

    They (the abused children) are removed from the tunnels. There are stacked bodies ... I don't know if this is true, but a guy said that some of these bodies had been bitten (probably by rats!).
    They speculate that the hungry and alive children ate the dead.

    There is also a Mash hospital located in Central Park to treat some of them.
    New York is crying out for body bags.
    They estimated that 100,000 were needed.

    They estimated that they would lose 4 to 6% of the victims they left alive because they were too weak.

    There is evidence of horrific torture and sexual abuse. Many have been educated for this and have never seen the light of day. Some are distorted.

    All are malnourished. Many need respirators because the air in the tunnels stagnates and is not renewed.

    Officers who have been in the tunnels are traumatized! They are given vomit bags before they enter.

    Filibert: Some of these children were to be used to produce Adrenochrome, the blood of traumatized children enriched with adrenaline that the "Elite" use to rejuvenate themselves! Q Anon declares that the children are taken care of first (that is to say their release) before the Declassifications of the Files and the indictment of the 160,000 people with a Sealed Indictment in the various Federal Courts United States !

    On the base of China Lake in California, 35,000 children were released and partly transferred to the medical ship "Mercy" stationed in the port of Los Angeles!

    Others are being released in Florida and Washington DC!

    You should know that in the United States, more than 800,000 children disappear every year, and we are starting to find out where they are in order to meet the needs of the Satanist Elite who govern part of the world and who believe that everything is allowed and above the law by regularly raping and sacrificing defenseless children!

  5. If you still didn't get it - It's not about a literal virus, but an Evil Invisible Virus that held humanity under the control of evil for thousands of years. READ and SEE EVIDENCE CAREFULLY

    If you are not a pedophile or a pedophile supporter, you'll understand. In short, pedophile rings are being uncovered, destroyed and prosecuted. I HOPE THAT'S CLEAR ENOUGH

    All their satanic structures that were controlling and demoralizing the world. So I don't understand how slow some of you would like this proces to be. TP made the foundation. Father said it will happen fast. Faster than the collaps of the Communism, he said.

    And, by the way, The Fall was a pedophile act - which was also used by all satanic cultures and organizations throughout the history. READ DP MORE CAREFULY

    All their satanic structures that were controlling and demoralizing the world. TP made the foundation. Father said it will happen fast. Faster than the collapse of Communism, he said. And he clearly mentioned that he may use other people to do it, if Unificationosts are unable.

  6. True Father did not predict this pandemic. He was referring to h1n1 pandemic of May 2009. See here: https://www.who.int/csr/disease/swineflu/h1n1_maps_may/en/
    It is a WHO map of the spread of this virus, dated May 3rd, 2009. True Father's words are dated May 10th, 2009. I see that neither we are not immune to the fallacy of taking quotations out of context and giving them another meaning.
    And as for wearing a usual mask - yes, it cannot protect me, but it slows down the spread of my saliva/droplets (as TF said) and if I am infected, I protect others.
    Wearing mask is living for the sake of others!

  7. Yes, Father Moon spoke in 2009, but about future, even scarier virus, when we will have to ware masks, stay home - and the D-Day will be fulfilled, of ending the Evil Satanic Control, which is actually all happening now in 2020. That's precisely 100 years after Father's birth, which is very significant.

  8. By the way, WEARING MASKS, is a sign of stupidity, ignorance and selfishness. But warse of all - they are sighns of your obedience to the Evil Satanic Control. LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS - DON'T WARE THE STUPID MASKS

  9. Father Moon was who was behind NESERA/GESARA, which is now in control on the earth.

  10. Not exactly. Rev. Sun Myung Moon set up the spiritual conditions which allow the good spirit world and the good people on the earth to win. He opened the way so we can establish the ideal world of love and peace. So it's up to us to make it real in our families, neighbourhood, nations and the world.


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