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Baba Vanga prophesied: 44th US president would be black and bring crises

Baba Vanga
The Bulgarian Prophetess
Baba Vanga prophesied
Baba Vanga prophesied: 44th US president would be black and bring crises
Baba Vanga prophesied
According to research Vanga's prophecies are above eighty percent accurate." She was blessed with supernatural abilities for accurate psychic predictions of the future. Becoming blind as a child she was in constant spiritual communications ever since. As I grew up in Bulgaria, so many would go to visit her. She would spiritually see and tell them what will happen or how to heal. Thousands of people visited her personally each day.

Some of the important predictions Vanga made: 

Vanga predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, when she said that "the American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel". Vanga prophesied the Perestroika in the USSR, and the death of Princess Diana

She became very popular in Russia since her prophesy about Kursk came true. Vanga prophesied the sinking of the Kursk submarine, "At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it." (1980) And in August 2000 the Kursk submarine sank in an accident, everyone on board died.

“Black President election will destroy USA”

Baba Vanga correctly predicted that the 44th US president would be black. In her prophecy he would be “the last one.” It was not clear in what sense, but we see unprecedented political confusion that started with Obama. For sure the old world started collapsing politically and financially. 

COMMENT: First, we will see the highest level of distrust in the political system and the mainstream media, after Obama's presidency. And second, the next president will absolutely have to make a transition to a new system, for the corruption of this one will be exposed to everyone. Thus, he will have to step down for the US Corporation will be declared bankrupt. And the Two Presidents Prophesy will be fulfilled.  

Vanga went on, predicting that at the time the 44th president steps into office, there would be a spectacular economic crisis. Everyone will put their hopes in him to end this crises, but the opposite will happen; he will bring the country down and conflicts between north and south states will escalate. 

Vanga could spiritually foresee the upcoming collapse of the corrupt economic, banking and political system, starting with the arrival of the 44th president and collapsing completely after him. 

Vanga said, "When a black President is elected problems come to the U.S." And we see that on TV now, it truly had happened. The States, and probably the whole world will be thrown in turmoil, confusion, crises, lockdowns, until transition to a new system is made. See, REV. MOON PREDICTED THE CORONAVIRUS JUDGEMENT DAY

Many articles were written about this:
“Vanga predicted a black man to become the 44th U.S. President (after George Bush), and this President will be the last one because America will freeze up or go down in the economics. It probably can divide into the North and South states,” DobryachOk writes. 
“Vanga’s prediction sounds like this: when a black President is elected problems come to the U.S.,” an anonymous author says.
“Vanga predicted African American President could lead the U.S. to a miracle and the whole world would win,” nusha states.
“Vanga predicted America would have the crisis and here you are!”
Vanga mentioned the possibility for the situation to escalate to a third world, as we could see in Libya, Syria and the crisis with the refuges. See talked of the danger of a war in which the nuclear bomb could be used again. 

Yet, Baba Vanga predicts also a bright responsibilities for the future, "After 2000 there will be no flood, instead we will see peace and prosperity", Vanga said. But humanity must recognize and accept the guidance of this Messianic personality.

Baba Vanga gives few clues which will help us recognize this "Peacemaker" who in her words "will sign the lasting peace". She clearly predicts "a new religion will take the earth by the storm." 

Nostradamus also predicts the Messianic figure, as born in the East and bringing the lasting peace. Nostradamus portraits him as "a new religious founder" coming under the name, "Moon". 

"Christ will Return as a Peacemaker"

In Baba Vanga's Prophecy: "the prophecy in the Bible concerning the Second Coming of Christ will come true". She described him as a peacemaker who comes to our time and "will sign the eternal peace". "Christ will Return as a peacemaker" and unify all religions.

He will build a world highway with super fast trains, predicts Vanga and remove all barriers and resentments by using marriage to promote peace and love, where there was hatred. In fact most of what Vanga and Nostradamus described him doing can be associated with the Universal Peace Federation and its founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, know for his work to unite all religions and the world as "One Family Under God". He invested much in the project of a World Peace Highway.

Bering Strait Peace Project: Digging a tunnel as a part of a larger World Highway project proposed by Dr. San Myung Moon at the UN in 2001. World Highway will connect all capitals with super-speed trains ... This will remove the borders and give the same standard of living, would end the ethnic problems.

Humanity must recognize and follow the guidance of this Messianic personality until the year 2012.

"New Religion will take the world by storm"

Vanga predicted the coming of the Second Advent of Christ, "... it is He who again returns to us as was promised." And she mentions that the saints of the spiritual world will inspire all people on earth for the changes he should make on the earth

"All the apostles are now in motion, all the saints are on the Earth since the time of the Holy Spirit comes." According to her words, obviously this is now. She talks about the emergence of "holy man", (1987). Her prophecies pint to the East and the Korean people. It seems that he has already come, but the changes he will bring will become visible until the year 2012. 

Vanga is clear that this person will work to remove the religious divide, which is the cause of many ethnic and religious wars and tensions around the world. Also from her prophecy is clear that he comes as a peacemaker to bring peace to mankind. Or as she puts it, "He who will sign the final contract for the peace of the planet."

God is one and Religions will Unite

In Vanga's words God is one and religions will soon find a common purpose and the whole humanity will come to believe one truth. "Expect changes for the better, religions will unite, peace will be established on earth", people will understand the existence of the spiritual world, prophesies Vanga.

Religions will vanish and humanity will believe in one doctrine, in her words.
This will bring humanity together as one family and bring peace and prosperity.

"Humanity will survive many upheavals and many violent events. Will change and people's minds.'ll Come hard times, people will be divided into groups of faith. All religions will one day disappear! Will remain just one teaching."
Vanga predicted current selfish separation of religions.
"Now different religions want to benefit for their selfish strives, but their time is passing. Mankind will shed these chains. Religion will have another task."
Rather than argue and quarrel with each other religions will join hands to build a new and peaceful world by accepting the Messianic person who will come. The Messianic Peacemaker will unite the world in common projects for peace and prosperity. One that Vanga describes vividly is the World Highway making possible for people to travel with fast speed with "trains flying powered by the sun".

Is it possible that the Peacemaker in Vanga's prophecy is non other but Rev. Sun Myung Moon? Dr. Moon he is a new religious leader from the East, who promotes exactly the same Peace Project, for a world highway with super fast trains. His vision is to unite the efforts of humanity for peaceful projects that will overcome the historic barbarians of religion, nationality, race or ethnicity.

Here is what prominent world leaders say about him: According to H.E. Kenneth D. Kaunda President, Zambia (1964-91), "He has advanced the arts, sports, physical sciences, social services and above all peace in the world." He even calls Rev. Moon, "a prophet of our time."

"The titles of the organizations that Rev. Moon has founded repeatedly include such words as "world peace," "international" and "unification," reflecting his underlying motivation to establish God’s ideal", points Rev. C. H. Kwak, Universal Peace Federation Chairman

Undoubtedly his work and visions closely correspond to the Messianic personality that Vanga described in her prophecies. But what strikes us most, is that many prominent prophesies point to no one else, but Rev. Moon of Korea.

Vanga and Nostradamus agreed Prophesies

Nostradamus wrote 60 quatrains giving about 40 signs by which to identify this man - the Messianic figure. According to Nostradamus He will suffer great persecution and misunderstanding; He will be repeatedly thrown in jail; He will fly and travel a lot, but wherever he goes he will bless many families.
The Messianic figure Will unite religions against Communism, according to Nostradamus.

Nostradamus describes him as a new religious leader - carrier of the new truth for our time. This Peacemaker will be born in the Oriental East, uniting the religions against the Red (Communism). 

Nostradamus gives even his name, "Moon", which in Korean means "God's Word" (The Word given by God to men). Until 1991 the world will have heard about him, but people are not going to believe. If we accept him or not by the year 2012 will determine what will follow; a bright future or destructive World War III. Read...

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  1. Baba Vanga - Prophecies of the Bulgarian Prophet
    Since Vanga was only semi-literate, her prophecies were written down by those around her. Prophecies of Baba Vanga are well-known in Europe.

    Baba Vanga Predictions:
    BabaVanga prophesied wwIII in November 2010, assassination of four heads of state, same prediction as nostradamus. Alamongordo - Prophecies for 2011, Egypt, Mubarak Mabus, floods ... Baba Vanga prophesied the start of World War III

    Baba Vanga predictions 2010 – 5079
    Some more interesting prophecies Baba Vanga predictions 2010 – 5079 Mr. Lighthead 2043…Islamic Europe. Baba vanga prophecies for years 2010 to 3797 including world war 3 and assasination attemps on four head leaders.

    “Black President election will destroy USA” Vanga said. Vanga predicted a black man to become the 44th U.S. President. prophetess Vanga said the 44th US President would be black, and be ... “Vanga predicted a black man to become the 44th U.S. President (after George Bush – editorial), and this President will be the last one because America will freeze up or go down in the economics. It probably can divide into the North and South states,” DobryachOk writes.

    “Vanga’s prediction sounds like this: when a black President is elected problems come to the U.S.,” an anonymous author says.

    “Vanga predicted African American President could lead the U.S. to a miracle and the whole world would win,” nusha states.

    “Vanga predicted America would have the crisis and here you are!”

  2. Oh My God, what Baba Vanga say is coming true..


  3. True, Baba Vanga is correct about Obama and the culture of death he will bring. Vang clearly predicted 44th president will be black. He will come in time of great crisis. Everyone will put their hope that he will solve the problem, yet he will bring decline and death.

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  4. Vangelia Gushterova (Baba Vanga) Prophecy, baba Vanga and The One — House on a hill.. Baba Vanga - 80% accurate predictions to this day I heard of one prophecy of baba Vanga (not sure if it's true though) which said something like - from 2000 (year) we will live in calm ... Baba Vanga supposedly predicted: “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the ...Vanga's predictions for this world.. "Baba Vanga predictions 2010 – 5079 2010 – World War III. War will begin in November 2010". I don't believe this World War will happen, and 2010 is over. But didn't Vanga say there will be peace after the year 2000?

  5. If you are one with your creator, does it matter? Has anyone evrer prophisied about world / central banks?

    1. That's the problem, after the Fall, no one is one with the creator. That's why they Messiah has to come a second time, to help humanity reach that state. And as Vanga predicts, "He will sign the peace on Earth."

  6. I believe in the prophecies that Baba Vanga has stated. The only thing is the return of the messaiah you all think she's speaking of Rev Moon, this is wrong. 2nd coming Christ has already come but his name is Christ Anhsahnghong. "He who will sign the final contract for the peace of the planet" the final contract is The new covanant of Eternal Life and this contract is not Physical it is spiritual and you need to be baptized in the name of the father, the son and the Holy spirit...want to learn more feel free to contact me

  7. Nostradamus describes him as a new religious leader. Gives even his name, "Moon", not "Christ Anhsahnghong". How many world religions are out there. Shouldn't be difficult to count the religious founders of new world wide spread religion fighting vigorously for peace.

    What's amazing for me, is that Rev. Moon created a world religions in just 40 years. Never happened before.

    Rev. Moon's aim to unite all religions, teaching that God is one for all of them, completely corresponds to Vanga's prophecy.

    But what's wonderful, that everyone who works for world peace is welcomed. All peacemakers should work together for that noble cause. They are doing it for all of us, not just themselves. God bless them!

  8. Vanga was right about WW3-it has started already-it is a different type of war. A war against civilians world wide. Medicine is a weapon of this war-accidents that are not accidents-natural disasters that are man made. Nukes causing earthquakes and blackmail of nations, taking their wealth-the world is now at war and the end of this war is the one world government ruled by Satan-the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. The end of the opportunity we had to make this world like the heaven it could have been. The end of all life on earth-where there is no God-all life will end-he is the source-satan only destroys God and all that God created. The war is here now-even the people of Kenya have an old prophecy of one of their own (Obama) ruling the USA and destroying it-the USA has already lost ww3.

    1. Very impressive! at march 8, 2012, you already knew that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellets were the last to be taken down to save the world!!!

  9. is this happening really.please visit my sitenostradamus predictions 2011

  10. The messianic figure spoken called moon sounds more like the anti-christ mentioned in the bible, the second coming of christ will not be just any man named moon, but the son of god everybody will be able to see him, to believe this man is christ him self brings me to believe a lot of people have not read the bible, read matthews 24 and all of revelations

  11. Right FYI, please read the Bible. Antichrist is described to deny any god and persecute all religions. Antichrist is described as the "Red dragon" and Bible predicts it will take one third of the world wich the RED COMMUNISM already fulfilled. Christ according to the Revelations in the Bible is born by women soon after the Red Revolution and he is the one to put the end of Communism. R

    Rev. Moon fulfils those Biblical predictions. He is born exactly after the Red Revolution (1917) and played key role in ending communism. His name, "Moon", coresponds exactly to the name the Bible predicts the "new name" of the comming Christ will be, which is "God's Word" - in Korean "Moon".

    Thus the Prophecies of Nostradamus do not contradict the Bible, but seemingly show the correct understanding of the Bible, which the blinded by human teachings christians are unable to accept. That's the reason Christ is foretold to expell even very faithful otherwise Christians with the words, "Depart from me you evildoers", because despite their deep Christian dedication will only prevent them to accept the Messiah at the Second Comming.

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  15. Rev Moon predicted that a person of African American and White heritage would one day become the president of the United States, when that occurred some church members ran around proclaiming how he was truly a prophet. Now all of a sudden the racist in the church who support Donald Trump are going to VANGA looking to justify their racist ideology. How is it that Rev. Moon did not predict that the Mixed race President was going to be evil. VANGA said black. President Obama is neither Black or White, for all of you uneducated ignoramuses he is mixed.


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