2021 Faith not Fear: The Best Is Yet To Come

Faith not Fear 
The Best Is Yet To Come

Heavenly Parent woke me up, "Pray hard for America." Our seriousness about America is lacking, it is of major importance for the rest of the world.

By YuliUTS / 10 Jan. 2021 / Unification Research

As Unificationists and Peacemakers, be completely assured 'God is in Control'. So let me quickly bring you in the situation with some inner intel info. Only then I will explain how all recent-PANDEMIC events are connected to God's providence and to our True Parents. See, REV. MOON PREDICTED THE CORONAVIRUS JUDGEMENT DAY

"This transfer (in 2021) will be a remarkable transfer for humanity." Simon Parkes

BREAKING NEWS: "Martial law and a legitimate military government were declared on January 20 at 00:00 and were submitted to the media on January 29 at 18:00 Eastern time. The official announcement of the arrest of Biden, as well as 355 congressmen and 109 senators (or 464 elected) on January 24 and 25, was made to the media on January 31 at 4:35 p.m." State Mission Report

This information have been communicated to the American media, as well as to all the world's news agencies. As expected, none of these things were published. On February 5, the US military government will seize all these news agencies by force at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

In addition, The CCP is in the process of disbanding. China and the United States will come forward and establish a transitional republican rule! On February 12, the US military government will publish evidence that China and France have created a fake pandemic in order to overthrow the US government!

In the next 10-14 days you will learn shocking information

2020 was international war-crime on the psychological torture of the public. Just the whole Covid folse-demic. But we have to stand up for love and truth. This journey of discovery has led us to discover the level of depravity, sin and the disgusting nature of corruption in the world - in all of the institutions; the government, the media, the economics, the health-care, big-pharma, education. Every single institution was infiltrated and disgusted with the corruption, and the sin, and the darkness, and the evil. 

Biden will not be a president. (9) (10)Trump and his judicial adviser already declared the start of the arrests.

Lin Wood: "In the next 10-14 days you will learn shocking information about many of our civil servants and the rich elite. Child trafficking and pedophilia are a global pandemic. (6) The revelations will be related to Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton ... Bill Gates and thousands of others. I saw the evidence. They are convincing. This is truly the battle between good and evil."

Yet, we realized that there are good people in the world who are doing something about it. We are not alone. There are people like us, who believe in love, peace and the tradition of families. At the end God wins. See, GOD'S VICTOY IS AT HAND

"The Q operation has been open to the public for 3 years now. They've been saying from the very beginning that they have WarGamed all of this out. They've done military-style planning to figure out what is best way to take down a gigantic corrupt system. And they've determined, 'You can't do it through the court, you can't do it through the Congress... because they are all infiltrated and corrupt. So you have to do it through the Military." Sean Morgan (26:20)

Absolutely true. As Simon Parks said, "About 70% of US government officials need to be arrested! 85% of the congress has accusations against them!" Covid-19 became the coverup operation to clean up this swamp. (See the arrests on 11 Jan. 2021) Several countries will experience blackout, during which time multiple arrests will be executed. (8)

"It might be scary but it's necessary to bring down all this corruption now. " (6)

"At the end of the day we gonna have a much, much better planet. The good guys gonna win this." Fulford


What Is Really Happening Now
"Trust the Lord: Where some see chaos you will see a plan"

Read these statements very carefully to grasp the real plan behind the chaos:

Lin Wood: "Much of the evidence deals with pedophilia and child trafficking. Laws prohibit its transmission online. So the evidence can only be brought to light in court. You will be shown evidence at the right time and through appropriate channels for convincing evidence of electoral fraud and treason. Our financial system was a paper fraud. It is time for bankruptcy and a new beginning. Just think - no income taxes."

"Did you really think we can vote out the Deep State? Did you really think that the Deep State controlled Congress will vote itself out of power and into jail? Did you really think that (Social Media) will allow the truth to be broadcast today... Nothing you have seen so far was ever going to be big enough to end the global Elite Five Families, and Internationalist Communist Cabal's 100 year plan to absorb the last free nation on the planet. 

It will be Biblical. Doesn't mean peaceful or enjoyable. It's not going to happen in the span of one Sunday show or fit in a one news cycle.   The scope of this task is at least tens of thousands of bad guys and is really global. It's not reduced to few corrupted secretaries of states or few hundred stooges in congress. Stop thinking so small... today is just one more move on the global scale chessboard. Whatever the solution is, it ain't coming out of the never-ending debate in the government.

Keep in mind the scope and size of the stakes of the game. We are talking about the control of the entire planet, and the literal future of the entire species. This is far bigger than even the WW2. The Deep State has nukes... and they will use them before they let themselves be put in jail or have their fortune ceased."

Disclosure: A Great Awakening 

LAST NEWS: The Insurrection Act is already in place. All the media will be taken down and replaced by Project Odit. The military is out. Trump's legal representative, Lin Wood, already declared the beginning of the arrests. (5) Hundreds of Chinese businesses were just removed from the stock market these days. The US Corporation (governed by the Cabal) is being replaced by the Republic. Disclosure is coming! (3

"Executive orders are in place. Evidence has been gathered. That's why time was needed. But now is only a matter of flipping switches." Danielle Stotijn

Don't listen to normal media. They will not report this. All the systems of corruption will be taken down. Biden will be arrested. (4North Korea is already with the Trump team. After media is taken down with order 1395.. (they will loose their license). Parallel media channels will be opened, and the emergency broadcast will be used globally. (7) That will possibly happen after a nuclear scare event. The false house of cards will come down. People have to know the truth. Awakening will happen. 

The plan was to gradually expose and remove each card of the false card house, from top to bottom.  The Q messages gradually revealed inner intel to the people. At the same time, they prepared the Quantum Financial System, and the Project Odin with alternative media while collecting compromising information. Now all is ready, just have to pull the switch. See some of the STEPS in this Sting Operation.

Ronald Reagan holding a copy of the News World, which predicted Reagan's landslide victory on Election Day morning, November 4, 1980. It was Rev. Moon's paper that supported him.
Donald Trump holding a copy of the Washington Times (Rev. Moon's paper), which predicted Trump's landslide victory on Election Day morning, November 3, 2020 (40 yrs. After Reagan). You should know of the Q movement and Rev. Moon's cooperation for the liberation of the world.


Trump will be Inaugurated on 4th of March

In June 2019 the US corporation was terminated and liquidated. This makes the election completely illegal. January 20 certification comes from the United States Corporation.  Trump adheres to the original constitution, which is March 4. 

Biden's event illegal and prerecorded is last card in their crime (part of sting operation). (12) DC was the Capital of the Corporation, which will now be abolished. (13)

There is a global military action that gonna be Biblical. Every Trump executive order has supported that fact. The Deep State has made most of the world believe that they have won the game. (See the scope of election fraud). Instead, Trump will be inaugurated (reportedly) on March 4th, when the original constitution will be restored (or there will be transitional period without inauguration). Yet, the US has transited from Corporation (controlled by the Satanic Cabal) to a Republic. The liberation of the rest of the world will follow. 

"Do you really think that insignificant billionaire with no real political connections luckily danced into the office 4 years ago? No, he didn't. He was recruited. He was put there by the US military intelligence... The stage is now set, the peace are all prepositioned, the Deep State has played most of their cards. It's almost the turn of the White Hats. The best is yet to come." Sean Morgan

It doesn't matter how it looks now because all of that is going to change when indictments get unsealed and people start getting arrested. The question is, when? There has to be some kind of disclosure. The public has to understand. It is expected to happen these days. See, TIME TO AWAKE

How can we know Trump is on the good side. He was an informant against the Mafia in the 80s. He was an informant against Epstine before he became president. He is taking down Human Trafficking rings and protecting our freedom of faith, speech... protecting the family and the children. He has ended the endless wars. So let's give him a little bit of trust. See, TRUST THE PLAN

Trump being kicked from FB, Tweeter, etc. is only a step towards signing the Insurrection Act. If you've followed Q, you know that from 3 years ago. Now it already happened. See the military flights today.

"The Trump Sting operation is in the closing stages of a historic transformation into the next evolution of the planet with a financial system that doesn’t burden the worker with unnecessary interest on the fiat money supply created (by the mafia bankers)." Benjamin Fulford

Disclosure of Secret Technologies

President Trump Signs Bill Giving Intelligence Agencies 180 Days To Reveal The Truth About UFOs - the secret technologies that we have. Since you know that now all the competition for power and control is in the space. See, STAGE SET FOR SECRET SPACE PROGRAM DISCLOSURE

"Who controls the space has the power to control the planet." Economic War

You should understand why President Donald Trump has signed a bill into law that requires intelligence agencies and The Pentagon to reveal the truth regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). In fact, this process was started few months ago when NATO informed all media outlets that these are actually human-made gravitational technologies that were kept secret until now. US Space Force also discloses openly this fact, promising disclosure of secret technologies that will transform human life; travel, production, information and energy. (Source)

This is time of Disclosure and that includes allowing the evil side to expose themselves. It’s a process, aiming to wake up those who still stay asleep (even in UC). It is about exposing what’s evil and what’s wrong. Think about it, Eisenhower met with Rev. Moon and now the granddaughter is so active in bringing the Deep State down. People like Reagan his vice-president, McCarter, etc., were all connected with Father Moon - all the Q movement. It was a secret relationship that is yet to be openly revealed in the future.

“This whole transition is to get rid of what’s evil, and that’s including the banking system that is evil… The hunted had now become the hunter. We are moving to quantum currency, quantum education… Trump’s team is working with the spirit world to end the evil.” Charlie Ward 

The entire outgoing year was a real test for people while the White Hats were secretly ENDING THE BANKING CARTEL. Now the vibrational separation is getting bigger. It becomes more obvious that people are divided into awakened and deeply sleeping. We are at the middle of an enormous spiritual and physical revolution. It’s no time, God has to win.

“Only people who have come a long way of spiritual development were able to withstand this tough opposition to the Dark forces and lead others… It is these bright souls who are tirelessly working to educate people and to reveal the truth about the events taking place on Earth. And we are glad that the army of such bright souls is growing every day.” 26.12.2020

Behind this False Coronavirus Pandemic, is undergoing a revolution on a planetary scale. We are witnessing the end struggle between Good and Evil, on the outcome of which depends the future of our entire planet. This time the struggle is against an invisible enemy common to all countries and continents.

“It is difficult for an ordinary person to realize how dangerous and cunning this invisible enemy is. Only a spiritually awakened person can clearly and clearly see all the external manifestations of this Evil, the "tentacles" of which have penetrated into all corners of your planet and into all areas of your life.” 26.12.2020

There is no longer any national, social or religious division on Earth, but there is only one and only division into Good and Evil. The Earth has already passed into a new era, in which only those of you can exist, whose consciousness is ready to accept the Laws of the Universe, and not the laws of the dual world that are destructive, which have brought so much trouble and suffering.

“When they arrested the Venetian families…  One of those families; They  are the people who controlled Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild etc… Their net worth was 34 quadrillion. You can give every person of the planet a million dollars and have change. And that’s just one family of the Venetians.” Charlie Ward

This video describes in simple terms the purpose of the Lockdowns:

The Evil Plans of the Dark Side

The resistance of The Deep State, which still hopes in suppressing the will of people by sowing fear in their souls, to turn them into obedient slaves. What we see is a change of control. See, This is Economic War

In the plans of the Dark Side, The Great Reset implies a world government under Communist and Satanic views. In their own words, War will be declared on our religious views and moral stands and all will be educated in the spirit of Transgender and bisexuality. People will be vaccinated with nanoparticles, merging them into bio-digital robots that can be easily monitored and controlled. 

People will lose their freedom and Covid-19 is just the beginning for the new life in restrictions and insolation. At the end, it turns out, Globalists do aim for world control, but not for world unification. Just the opposite, to impose this control they want to destroy and separate on small pieces even the US, thus assuring that no one has the power to stand and oppose the totalitarian regime they aim to impose till 2030. That's what the good guys are now preventing. See, Upcoming Lawsuits Against Vaccines

Despite all objections, compulsory vaccination will be gradually imposed, to guarantee the reduction of the population (through sterility and dangerous toxins and viruses embedded in the vaccine itself). Educate yourself a bit about Eugenics, their aim is to reduce humanity under 1 billion. They will stop to nothing, to achieve that. And the devastating result of societies without young people is already obvious. Thus global military action is needed to arrest these criminals. 

If you read their own plans, it seems we will all lose our privacy. Land will be gradually confiscated. The right to create families will be abolished. In their own texts, you find suggestions that everyone will be pushed to participate in free sex. Incest and pedophilia will be legalized and practiced everywhere. Same like in Sodom and Gomorrah, your own kids can be taken and raped for their fun. Your objection could be punished as antisocial.

Nothing unexpected in their aims, knowing that the elite behind these evil plans are all practicing Satanists and pedophiles themselves. And for those who never studied the history of Satanism, here is a nice documentary of how Babylonian practices secretly spread to take over the world (See). Did you think God will allow this to happen? See, FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT

34 quintrillion dollars were seized of the Vatican Bank. Tax in England was illegal and was never ratified into a law... WE WERE PAIED SLAVES, feeding the machine. This are exciting times to change that. Simon Parkes


Signs that the Good Side is Winning

God’s side was always trying to eradicate the satanic practices of sexual orgies, rape and ritual murders of children and blood-drinking (our days Adrenochrome – produced from the blood of raped and tortured children) (2). This war was going in the Old Testament, the New Testament and also today. Yet, with the nano-technologies, it became even more dangerous. 

KLAUS SCHWAB: "The Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity"

Another aim of the vaccination is to genetically mutate humanity and transform us into Transhumans (more like machines – that they can distantly control and manipulate). For 240 years vaccines were used not only for reducing the population but specifically targeting each stage of a child’s spiritual development.

Each vaccine is given at a specific age, to prevent specific energy center (chakra) from opening. Vaccination brought the increase in numerous diseases in today‘ society, including cancer, autism and so on. New documentaries show, how in the ‘Spanish Flue’,  vaccinations killed 100 million people. 

This century-long fraud is about to end, but first, the public has to wake up and the clowns have to be arrested for their crimes. The age of awakening will dawn. See, THE RALLY OF HOPE IN TIME OF WORLD RESET

"The events of the past week and the following weeks will go down in history as one of... the greatest revolutions in history. We are not just talking about the fall of the United States corporation. We are talking about the end of a system of slavery that has lasted for thousands of years." Benjamin Fulford

Internally, millions of Blessed Families are making new determination to make God's history unfold. It's time to rise the Culture of Heart, based on True Love and True Families. GOD WINS! See Let's BUILD THE NEW WORLD of PEACE

"The more you connect to your source, the more you'll manifest this love and goodness in your reality."

Please help support us. We follow the truth, wherever it leads. paypal.me/worldofheart 


  1. "At the time that I am posting this, it is 17:33 or 5:33 pm. My husband got a phone call a short time ago from Mrs. Hayashi. She said that Heavenly Parent woke her up and asked why our brothers and sisters around the world are not praying hard for America. Heavenly Parent feels that our seriousness about America, world wide, is lacking and our consciousness is somewhere else. I thought I should share this with brothers and sisters so I am posting this. Please pray hard for God's will to be accomplished in America because it is important not only for America, but it gives great influence to the rest of the world. It seems that we can create the conditions God needs to work by our serious prayers and if they are lacking, there is little or no foundation for God to be able to work. We stand in a representative position, more than anyone, and our prayers, our consciousness is a very much needed by Heavenly Parent."

  2. Communism rejects God & calls Religion: "The Opiate of the Masses". In theory it contradicts its own claim of liberation & schemes against God as the flag bearer of Satan. Communism is the Religion of the Devil for those who are gullible as an instrument of Satan known as materialism, because it is evil.


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