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Pray for Peace: Time of Joy
As Mother Moon asked, pray for America's situation will influence the world. Here we present important prophecies of the present situation
By YuliUTS / 12 Feb. 2021 / Unification Research

(Nearly 3000 pages of declassified information) "Anything coming out in declas has an already signed FISA warrant arrest related to the information. Trump wouldn't compromise an ongoing investigation." And yes, the official records are already showing the arrests. Shocking when you see the names. 

You see the doubles of many of the arrested figures. Pence and Biden, for example, are long gone, arrested for their wicked crimes and already faced punishment. This is the reason why Trump could never lose, and Biden could never win." (8)
Trump now: In a war situation the President moves up in rank to a Chief Commander
"New elections in March... All arrests that are happening now are on Bidan's watch, not Trump's, in the public's eyes. There are some seriously dangerous people that still haven't been arrested. That will happen this week. Mostly Congress, mayors, and governors along with members of the media that colluded in stealing the election and covering crimes for decades." 
We are watching this horror movie partly because people refuse to wake up.
This show is just for waking up the rest of the society (preventing riots and innocent victims). There is a much bigger war going underneath all this. And it's dangerous: We are being Vaccinated (Nano-chipped) without knowing - THEY CAN VACCINATE US THROUGH NASAL TEST
"Not all of Hollywood were pedos. There were some decent people that saw the horrors and got out. Sadly many had to fake their deaths to get out. Where are they now? In Trump's movie. Your mind will be blown when you realize who's still alive." Ezra

Two Presidents Prophecy

And they shall say, “but now there is a second President, how can we have two presidents?” An unusual thing, isn’t it, says the Spirit of the Lord? 

“They shall say “we have two presidents, what do we do now?” Fear not, for God said… this is My Nation and I will change things according to the time… I will expose and reveal things that have been hidden… (2008 Prophecy)

He prophesied the visit in North Korea. “This will be a great big sign, that the man I’m sending with a big stone to the giant is emerging, says the Lord.” These that shall reject him, shall be shocked of how he gets the giant down. But the plan is so brilliant, says the Lord, it can only have been given by Me.

So why they want to impeach him? Because we have two presidents. And there are two separate impeachments in this prophecy. They will shout, Impeach, impeach, but this shall not happen. And than you shell hear the sound of a great victory.

“I say this is the best time, because joy is coming, says the Lord. That’s why I want you to prophecy joy… There are sounds of victory, there are sounds of joy and greater works… and prosperity will come.“

Two Masters: God and Satan
How to start unraveling this Demonic tapestry, that is being laboratory woven into a period of not just centuries, but millennia. As they say, "follow the money." (Video)

Who are the 1% secret rulers of the world, that Trump and Q are fighting with? The Venetian nobility (Black Nobility) are top international bankers that grew their wealth through shipping, trade, banking, and war. Many of the Byzantine noble families migrated to Venice as Rome was being rebuilt through the Papacy. Many of these Venetian families migrated into Germany and London. (See video)

The Rothschild Banking Dynasty: How Zionist Luciferian Overlords Came to Rule the Earth 

What did these Black Nobility brought to humanity was only suffering. We have already discussed their belief in Lucifer and the ancient satanic practices, involving pedophilia, child torture and murder.  These are the people who pushed atheism, Fascism, Communism, Humanist-feminist-transgender-ism. They sought the destruction of faith, moral values, and the family. With their money they sponsored all wars, terrorism, drugs and crime. With their believe in Eugenics, for nearly 240 years, they devised schemes of depopulation through Vaccines. You must see this documentary.

The Progress with the Deep Underground Military War

DUMBS connected with Maglav trains
Great progress was reported with the Deep Underground military war. The first thing for the good forces was to take control of the air space. Then liberate the United States territory. All DUMBS were already cleaned 99% a month ago. And now we are moving to liberate the other Cabal bases around the world. Once this is done, their overground puppets are finished. Game Over!

Russian Documentary: In 2011 the White Hats destroyed the first two DUMBS in US. This is the turning moment. Soon they destroyed 6 other bases. Horrific satanic reality was discovered underground. That's how the Invisible War started. 
"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12
Yes, this is a war between good and evil; God and Satan. In 2014 more than 20 bankers suicided. This was just the beginning. This Invisible war is with the Deep State (DS). Think Fed., think Banksters... (See Documentary) How do you think the White Hats (WH) set the stage to raise a President (to officially fight DS)?

Where is the action now? 

In the last week, we observe big underground explosions in Congo, Myanmar, yet the biggest are near Antarctica (massive underground facilities). They are all at 10 km underground - where the DUMBS are. At Stenly and Samara, some facilities have been taken there. Also Pedro bay in Alaska. The big thing is Loyalty Islands between the East Coast of Australia and New Zealand (close to 20 explosions in the last 3 days). The massive earthquakes caused the evacuation of bases in Antarctica.[25] [26]

With that many simultaneous operation ongoing at the moment, you realize that this is a global military undertaking
The last Cabal minions are trying to escape with their advanced technologies (even escape the planet), but they are being taken out. Numerous air-born explosions testify to that. They are still working on underground bases in Mongolia, few in Turkey, and massive ones in Afghanistan, connecting with neighboring nations. Also tunnels from Albania, going all the way to Austria into the Alps. The Africa ones are some of the biggest. (7Eventually that will lead to the liberation of all governments from the dark grip of the Deep State. Many leaders of governments are already stepping down. 

While you've been destructed 
by the Covid-19 News:

At the same time number of factories are already prepared to start producing the new technologies, like Med-bed. Vaccines will no longer needed. Few pharmaceutical companies are already refusing to produce Vaccines and shifting to natural products for healing.

War of Two Opposing Moral Lifestyles
Why Pedophiles hate Donald Trump, Q, and Anons!

The surest way to know this is the truth, is by observing their huge effort for censorship, erasing all evidence, covering up by all means, and than claiming that this never happened. It's just a Conspiracy Theory. Really?!!! Unbelievable! Miserable Evil Satanists! See facts of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations

LATEST NEWS: Bezos was arrested and left Amazon, Mark Zucki (great-grandson of David Rockefeller) left Facebook and was arrested. What do you think they were involved with? Pedophilia, child trafficking to a level that is difficult to grasp. Two former soldiers who emptied the tunnels under the White House (where children were kept - in connection with Obama's hot dogs). Many bags of bodies have been taken out of there!


Did you know that there are four millions officially registered Satanists in the US? (6)

The glue in this Cabal
forces was pedophilia, originating from the Fall of Man under the direct control of the Fallen Angels over them. Rev. Moon was teaching about this. He told us, that these Satanic forces on the earth are in direct spiritual contact with Satan. Father Moon revealed the Sexual Roots of the Fall and the use of sexuality to control humanity.

"Satanic pedophilia is the main aspect now that needs to be brought under control! If we cannot protect the innocent - children and young women (the weak who cannot do it alone), then we cannot protect anything!" Juan O. Savin

The Unbearable Pain of Heaven

After watching this video you will understand how deep is our Heavenly Parent's pain. You will understand how evil was Lucifer's crime, stabbing God's heart again and again, by raping his children, and turning their hearts towards evil. Now is the time to stand up and liberate our Father in Heaven, and liberate all his suffering children. Aju! 
“Satanists aren’t ignorant peasants… Rather, their ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and basically highly… They are secretive and bounded together… “ David Bercowitz
Jeffrey Epstein is just one of many. See it all. Watch this video. This is not human, Devil is real. This is really possession. As Dr. Richard Sauder said, "We are dealing with something so evil and vail, that the average person can not even get his head around it." 
Now you understand why the Bible and Quran warned us about the reality of Satan and the importance of sexual purity, and why we have to quickly spread the Culture of Heart. 
Many positive things are happening now. We get great news every day. See this video to grasp the later developments. Keep praying! Keep faith and be safe. 

Please help support us. We follow the truth, wherever it leads.

COMMENT: I have been repenting and trying to call on Father. He appeared in my dream. He came walking with a few leaders and went thru the passenger seat of the bulletproof limousine and right into the driver's seat! His face was as when he was young as the picture in Divine Principle.
I felt love and hope.

Wow! That's a great sign!  So Rev. Moon is behind the steering wheel now from the spirit world? Love and joy are coming.


  1. Absolutely, I do believe because True Father is the Commander in Chief in the spirit world...and I know his anscension to the spirit world will bring irrestible changes in the world.
    Looking closely at this point,what President Trump was able to achieve in four of his presidency; it's beyond human efforts... except a Supernatural Intervention.
    Things will move fast at the speed of light on earth... need spiritual eyes to see.

  2. Simple truth: Joey “Bribes” Biden did NOT win the November 3 election. Those that say Biden won are spreading a lie. They need to rethink their position sooner as opposed to later for the sake of their own future. They need to face the truth unpleasant as it may be to them - Trump won.

    A lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie. The propagandists work from the idea that if you hear a lie enough times, you will believe it is true.

    Anyone in the media who publishes the idea that Joey “Bribes” Biden won the November 3, 2020 election is either a liar or a propagandist.

    I have also described our present situation as the battle between good and evil. Nothing has occurred to change my mind. Events have only solidified my position.

    Good (Trump) won a massive victory in November over Evil (Puppet Biden). Yet the enemy has manipulated our country with lies to claim a victory that the enemy did not win.

    Far too many of our fellow citizens have accepted the lie of the enemy for their own personal reasons and agendas. I am beginning to believe that these deniers of truth will not wake up until they themselves directly suffer the impact of the loss of their freedoms. Unless the election is corrected that day will inevitably occur. First they come for me. Eventually they will come for you.

    My faith teaches me that God will act.


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