CIG PREDICTIONS: Liberate our Children

Liberate our Children

Not a Conspiracy Theory; The history of restoration was a fight with extra celestial Fallen Angels, and the Matrix of their puppet elite on earth. We know of the pedophile act of Lucifer and his minions. God will not allow this evil to continue.

By Yulian UTS /  19 July 2021 / CIG News

Just recently Justin Bieber, as well as number of other stars exposed the Illuminati, Satanism and Pedophilia rooted in this industry. As elegance to the Dark Prince, he was asked to rape a drugged boy and then kill it ritually, which he denied doing. As punishment, his half face was paralyzed. (See Video

"Hollywood is institutionalized Pedophilia. Hollywood is entrenched with the blood of innocent children." Mell Gipson 

"We need to make certain that immorality and corruption cannot take root anywhere across the six continents of this planet," True Mother Moon said. As I already reported, this is a spiritual war, THE INVISIBLE WAR, and now are the END TIMES, when we see the THE TIMELINE SHIFT from Satan's control to God's direct dominion. 

The first 3 videos in this report are very important to understand what we are fighting with and mainly understand God's pain. If you are real Unificationist and Peacemaker, if you really believe in God and the importance of true love and true families, you should see them. So, here is the last intel and the latest observed events. As the Mother of Peace, Hak Ja Han Moon said:

"Our task is urgent. We need to redirect human society, now corrupted by all sorts fallen behavior... Our march to learn and practice the duties of true parents, true couples and true children has taken form in the Family Federation for World Peace... We must quickly prepare to usher in the new world without the lineage of evil that has plagued humanity ever since our ancestors committed the original sin of immorality in the garden of Eden." Hak Ja Han Moon


Because of True Parents victory there was no choice, but Lucifer had to step down and search forgiveness, which God can only grant him if he first reports and dismantles the evils he has instigated on humanity. The fact that all these evildoings are now becoming obvious can be seen in this light.

LATEST NEWS: Germany Floods: 600 Bodies of Children Found in the Flood. And that's non local children. Obviously from the destroyed with the flood Underground Bases. Read more...

Hundreds of kids SEXUALLY ABUSED while in London council’s care, inquiry finds. HORRENDOUS acts of cruelty and vicious sexual abuse over several decades. More than 700 allegations of sexual abuse against hundreds of staff spanning three separate children’s homes has been uncovered by the inquiry, but estimates assume the real scale of abuse is much higher. That's the government's way of “Protecting vulnerable children and keeping them safe from harm." Children describe their HORRIFIC ABUSE as "Hell". 

What do you think the following picture depicts and why is it getting so actual today? Why the blood-draining of children?

20 Babies Found in a Truck

"There is more slaves on earth now than there was ever in history." 

Human trafficking and child trafficking reaches unbelievable proportions. Few million children are kidnapped and trafficked each year. Are you a believer in God if you keep closing your eyes in front of this satanism. Over half of the world slaves are children. It's not the Will of God that tyrants rule, that pedophilia is rampant. 

Babies were transported in carcasses of dead beef for further trade and sale!

Here is a short translation of the article:

Child trafficking has reached unimaginable levels, this time a new form of child trafficking was discovered when 20 babies were found in a truck carrying beef!

The truck was stopped by Mexican authorities for a routine check at a checkpoint, the driver said he was transporting meat for a grocery shop, with this version the authorities checked the refrigerators from the truck.

Authorities found several babies in the meat with a dummy in their mouths to stop them from crying. The photo below is from a leading and trusted newspaper from the Dominican Republic. This photo has not been photoshopped, it is not a fake and not from anything else.

In the following video you can see how federal services are participating in the child trafficking and abuse on children. They consider our children commodity. 

As you can see this is all coordinated and very well systematised method to pervert society and destroy the family construct. They actively work through education, media and legislation to turn the children against their parents and make parents powerless, so that they cannot teach moral values. 

COMMENT: Sickening but because it is true we need to know this. The biggest half known situation was Haiti after the earthquake when the Clinton and Bush, W., joined to raise billions and then thousands of children were " orphaned" out though their relatives and parents protested.


Why did Father Moon predict the upcoming Virus "will be a great judgment; It will be scarier than Noah's flood judgment."

These things get revealed and traffickers are now finally being arrested because in the last few years the military decided to stand up and stop this evil once and forever. Coronavirus was result of this war. Big part of this war is with the Underground facilities used for child and drug trafficking. You see the signs of this war all over the world. 

Freedom Day was declared in the UK today, July 19th as all restrictions related to the fake pandemic is lifted. In fact, this day celebrates the end of two centuries of Rothschild rule in England and is likely to become a permanent holiday, MI6 sources say:

“The first issue of Queen Victoria was a bastard of Rothschild making the whole line constitutionally illegal…The Rothschild family... is a proscribed terrorist organization as is their Khazarian Mafia (KM) collective…all of this nonsense we are dealing with is because the Rothschild Fifth Column are running and hiding and now they have met their match.”

And yet, we are still dealing with the consequences of the 250 years Khazarian rule. For those who don't know history, Khazarians accepted Judaism but kept their satanic practices of child rape and ritual murder, plus adrenalized blood drinking as a way to obtain youthfulness and mobilize spiritual powers. 

This video is very straightforward in showing you the false-jews's agenda of sexually perverting your children. See also the Truth About Britnney Spears 

The next weeks will Shock the WORLD.... WORLD RIOTS!!!!!!! We see now the REVOLUTION in Cuba and in ALGERIA: No work, no transport, no schools, no businesses..... Everyone on the streets including police and army until the rotten government goes home. At the same time More FLOODS:

HAARP being used to create chaos for July. NOW half a Trillion in damages through Europe, Homes, towns, villages, cars destroyed. The death counts keep rising everyday. The FLOODS effecting NUCLEAR plants.. Leaks, Power outage, Road damages. These Weather Weapons are being used to create CHAOS by the DEEP STATE CABAL and promote their CLIMATE CHANGE agenda.

Poland is the latest country after Germany, Belgium and Austria to be hit with FLOODS. Massive flooding in central China. It’s been a week of near-apocalyptic floods affecting almost every continent. Even India and Saudi Arabia have seen FREAK rainfall bursting river banks. What's the purpose of these floods? 

India floods continue with disasters in many major regions. Russian. Typhoon Regis behind China floods. Heavy floods in Italy. Germany. Odessa Ukraine major floods through out region. Severe flooding in Turkey Black Sea region Military deployed to help. Typhoon/cyclone storm headed to the Olympics. MAJOR INTERNET OUTAGE: Multiple websites have GONE OFFLINE including Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Amazon and AT&T and dozens more.

The following video gives you the "Situation Update 7/32/21." The Invisible War - looks Biblical and Apocalyptic: Fires, gun fights, beams from the sky destroy buildings and so much more. 

Flooding the D.U.M.B.S and Tunnelsystems WORLDWIDE 

Cleaning and Flooding the D.U.M.B.S and Tunnelsystems WORLDWIDE. THE HUNT IS SUCCESSFUL - PAIN - NO DEALS

All tunnels worldwide will fill up and collapse. Nature reclaims its habitat. Drone footage of biblical floods in western Germany and Belgium. (4)

Vatican (Religion): Cleaned and currently flooded to become a lake and nature park | bird paradise

City of London (Finance): Cleaned too

Washington DC (Military): Cleaned and currently being flooded to become a lake and nature park | Bird Paradise 


A sinkhole has appeared right in the middle of the road in New York's Upper East side this Thursday morning... Just two days ago another hole swallowed two cars in NY's west! 

Remember. The Alliance literally have saved Plasma Wind Tunnels where these Black Hat vehicles can with stand extreme amounts of heat. So flying in and out of a volcano is child’s play for some. Using the DEW over Mount Sasha is to stop the fleet from escaping. Thus gives us more Technology of theirs to capture.

Here is the latest Gene Decode video describing some of the latest situation in the Underground War.

CLIMATE CHANGE= COVER UP of world elites and companies and governments all connected to the Plandemic bioweapon virus. Bioweapon vaccine being exposed / pedophilia / human trafficking / corruption. See, How Psychopath John Rockefeller Wiped-Out Natural Cures to Create Big Pharma

  • 30,000 Deaths from the Covid Vaccines just in US and EU
  • 3,3 Million Injuries

Scientists looking under the microscope at how the blood behaves in a vaccinated person. Horrible stuff! The vaccines are the real genocide. 82% of vaxed pregnant women in the 1 and 2 trimester suffered miscarriage. But here is what comes out about this virus:

1. The virus exists but cannot spread
2. Two things came out of Wuhan - The virus (SARs-CoV-2) and doses of adrenochrome (C₉H₉NO₃)
3. SAR Technology has the ability to identify genome sequences
4. The virus was just a tool used to contaminate adrenochrome doses and mark/tag those who consumes it
5. Adrenochrome consumers indeed received the virus and were eliminated
6. The Vaccine is the revenge

You want examples, they are numerous: In Sports, Singers, Hollywood, the Royals & numerous Elites have disappeared and being replaced with actors, doubles or CGI. Hundreds & thousands of examples. Just look at the pictures from before and now. So many are replaced. It's urgent time to pray for the liberation of God and humankind. As Father Moon said:

"I am asserting that, with love, I will liberate God who could not fulfill the purpose of love.” It is logical to say that our sorrowful God, with His goal of love unfulfilled, is liberated by meeting Rev. Moon. It is not a daydream. I am asserting this based upon actual proof that comes from a systematic theory and precise data. Our work is to liberate God. If this is done, everything is concluded, is it not? God will be free to do as He wills." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 156

Once the spiritual conditions were made, the liberation is coming now with boom and thunder. Epstein was just the tip of the iceberg. If you don't believe it, Google "Boy Lovers Association." There are children being exploited on a horrific scale. This Documentary, "Deepest Dark", is very graphic and disturbing. But the culture of true families, true love will be impossible to establish, as Divine Principle explains, if this satanic evil is not exposed and unrooted from our society. 

Read these chapters from Rev. Moon's teachings: "Section 6. The Fall: The Root of Free Sex and the Origin of Individualism," and "Youth Problems and Free Sex." 

"With free sex, the father’s brother sleeps with the mother or a son sleeps with his mother. They are like animals. Thus, Satan laughs at God saying, “God, do You think You can establish Your ideal of creation and ideal of love under these circumstances?”"Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 147

"In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve planted the seed of free sex in the shade, by falling through fornicating while in their youth. In the Last Days, therefore, which is the time of harvest, the phenomenon of an expanding trend of adolescent free sex will surely appear." CSG p. 368

This Documentary shows you how deep the Satanic sovereignty and network of control over our lives had become. It's time for Liberation of God and His Children. 

As Unificationists and Peacemakers, be completely assured 'God is in Control' True Parents' victories are echoing in the spirit world and shifting the course of humanity in God's direction. You can be sure Father Moon have mobilized all the good forces to help the earth. See, THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH



  1. to understand why the dams need to be destroyed all over the world you need to clear your mind and thoughts, use your imagination, and be guided through this little trip.
    It's true, dams are being used to generate electrical energy, an energy that is based on friction, of course, there are other methods not less efficient, and this is after all a "free" method, as we all know, nothing is "free"

    When you look at planet earth from a bird's eye view think of the rivers, the rivers are like veins in your body, the stones are like the liver, they filter the salty water and turns them into highly nutrient valuable drinking water
    cloud waters are clean, have no sediments, and rain that comes from natural clouds washes, washes the plant roots, it cleans, and is also a carrier for viruses (which is normal)
    Clouds are being born in specific points in the ocean, for them to generate properly the ocean ph levels must be accurate, as we all know pH levels of the sea has slight changes, but no "climate crisis theory" points to that.

    Planet earth has a natural "thermostat", can regulate temperatures in a circular way (which is perfect, our science is far from copying those mechanisms).
    The cooling/heating mechanism is based on specific seasonal events, the whole idea of four seasons is perfect, you have a cooling season, heating season, and two transformation seasons.

    To keep the pH levels properly for the planet to naturally generate clouds the water are circulating the planet, clean water dilutes seawater and therefore rainwater which flows to rivers and rivers which flow to sea dilute the sea waters. it's a natural filtration mechanism
    Another mechanism is giants rocks, when waves break on rocks the pressure is so strong that compare to the pressure level the rock acts like a sponge, the water passes the rock leaving salts and sediments behind and water arriving in the aquifer clean (sweet water)

    When we build dams we shut the vein of that perfect circulation mechanism, the justification, either for power generation is completely irrelevant. the true justification is earth, not crypto or whatever reason.
    When the mechanism is disturbed, the earth will mitigate, through storms and other methods, some are more complex to describe here, and I do my best to keep this note simple as possible ... :)
    When you block a vein, you cause death in the human body, the earth is strong, has many methods to compensate and mitigate the damages, but everything has a limit. we want the eco-system to circulate are god created it without interruption, that's the main goal.

    Think now of the country leaders, that "scientists" approach them with so-called statistics and claims cloud degeneration and force them to intervene, as in supporting cloud seeding or any other method, they will agree, in that perspective HAARP or any other technology ( from the eye of the minister is legit), that's how those technologies, irresponsible as they might be are being pushed by decision-makers.

    Destroying the dams is saving the planet's eco-system.

  2. Hundreds of kids SEXUALLY ABUSED while in London council’s care, inquiry finds.

    Children in the care of Lambeth council, London were the victims of HORRENDOUS acts of cruelty and vicious sexual abuse over several decades, an independent inquiry has found.

    More than 700 allegations of sexual abuse against hundreds of staff spanning three separate children’s homes has been uncovered by the inquiry, but estimates assume the real scale of abuse is much higher.

    Just six perpetrators of the abuse have been brought to justice since 1994, with the report focussing on the horrors committed in the care homes during the 1970s and 80s.

    A government spokesperson described the report as shocking, saying “Protecting vulnerable children and keeping them safe from harm should be a top priority for local authorities, as well as for all those responsible for their care, including carers and the professionals working with them.”

  3. we got the information about a schools gym full of foreign /non local childrens bodies, found in various houses and in the river.

    Baby corpses washed up in Bad Neuenahr / Ahrweiler.

    Eyewitnesses also report a gymnasium in which around 600 child and baby corpses are said to be laid out. This is to be kept secret from the public. Also n-tv reports: Child corpses , washed up from somewhere, have been found in houses. “…have found children’s corpses in their houses, washed up from somewhere further away, and on the other hand the question is: will there be floods again?”

    Yes, more heavy rains with the risk of flooding can be expected. In Germany, in Belgium, in the Czech Republic, in the Netherlands and in many other regions.

    Meanwhile, the German population is stunned that the government knew days before that an absolute flood disaster was in the offing. Residents on the ground report, “The government evacuated its goon squads (also called police), but neither warned nor evacuated the citizens; instead, the governments apparently just let the population die.” Fire departments, for example, which arrived from northern Germany with over 50 vehicles, were simply sent back again. They were forbidden to provide assistance. Private relief actions are defamed as right-wing extremist and also sent back.

    The floods have claimed the lives of neighbours, destroyed roads, and swept away houses and cars. “We had no normal high water here, but this had tsunami-like dimensions, you just have to see it that way”. Here in Altenahr Kreuzberg, help from the official side came much too late, says the head of the village. “It is also the case that, in my opinion, the leadership of the disaster control completely fails. Well, we get here really very very bad and very uncoordinated help. People who want to help are sent back, because simply no deployment orders come.” The residents here are all the more grateful to everyone who simply helps out.

    If somebody, who is reading these lines is possibly from an area nearby, PLEASE TRY to check this!!!


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