Seeing the Future: The Timeline Shift

Seeing the Future: 
2012 Timeline Shift
"What man images, sooner or later will externalize in his affairs." 
Law Of Attraction

The big international events True Parents, Rev. and Mrs Moon, were organizing were echoing in the spirit world and shifting the course of humanity in God's direction. God's people use true love to steer history towards bright future, while the satanic side uses fear to invoke darkness. 

A man who fears certain disease, reads about it, imagines it, later manifests it into his body and can even die from it. Same goes for society, being pump up with images of future catastrophic events. It's called, "Predictive Programing." 

Knowing that spiritual law, think, why is the TV constantly advertising sicknesses? Why rich people, like Bill Gates, and others, predict global pandemics, sponsor simulations of such events and later they happen? Don't they exploit this spiritual law to enrich themselves?
The satanic Cabal creates horrible events, like 9/11... something so shocking and horrible that will trow millions, even billions in a state of utter shock. The low vibration such events create keep humanity's frequency down - so the evil spirit world can work and dominate. This is not a joke! They do lot's of ritual killings and blood rituals to evoke the lowest evil powers. 
Project Looking Glass was used by the Satanic Elite to foresee the future. They were trying to see what horrible events, mass shooting, wars, crises and sicknesses, can steer the future into increasing their control over humanity. This video shows the sick occult religion of the elite. 

No One Can Change God's Plan

Future revealing device shows that after the year 2012 the bad guys have no where to go. All future lines lead to their end, no matter what they do. No matter how they try to escape.

"At this moment in time, we are healing the earth from the century-long satanic grip." DIA source

After 2012, God is in control. The elite controlling the world saw that they are doomed. Nothing, whatever they do, cannot change that. This is the end of the charade they've been playing on the people on Earth. 
"With the collapse of the tween towers and other events they could delay their end a little, but now there will be no resort to save the King from the board. No one can stop the plans from above. Check mate!" Geoplitics Update
At this point they started desperately to try anything that can prevent their inevitable demise. That's how we come to the Coronavirus events. For years they were predicting such Pandemic. They even planted the seeds for it in movies, songs and books, to program our minds. 
Why they reveal things before hand to us? By the law of existence in the spiritual universe they must reveal their plans concerning people. And they do it in a secret kind of way, in movies and books, to kind of get our permission. 
By the spiritual law, even satanists, in order to achieve something they have to reveal it to us beforehand and get our consent. Neither the good nor the evil spirit world can do anything if we do not consent first. That's why only when we pray and ask the good spirit world to help with something is that they get the freedom to intervene. Bit if in our minds we have accepted the fear images that the satanic side was pushing on us, then the evil spirits are free to work, and the good spirits can do nothing to help us. 
And yes! If we create good events that move billions with positive visions, the timeline will shift towards the fulfillment of that ideal. From that you can realize that the True Parents, Rev. and Mrs Moon, are really the Messiah. 

We are in a Wake Up Process
People don't realize the wakeup process is equally as important as the cleanup process. It's time to reveal the real consequences of the sexual fall (A pedophile act between Lucifer and Eve).

I wonder how best to open it to you, what this (controlling the Earth) elite was involved in. If you payed attention to the culture pushed by the entertainment; singers, actors.. you'll be able to see that that involves lots of satanic symbology, lots of orgy imagery, and many connotations to flesh eating and blood drinking, described by them as art. Is it? See, The Occult Religion of the Elite


Things get more serious when you find out these practices being prevalent in the ancient satanic cultures, which God despises. 
“And if any native Israelite or foreigner living among you eats or drinks blood in any form, I will turn against that person and cut him off from the community of your people, for the life of the body is in its blood. I have given you the blood on the altar to purify you, making you right with the Lord. It is the blood, given in exchange for a life, that makes purification possible. 12 That is why I have said to the people of Israel, ‘You must never eat or drink blood—neither you nor the foreigners living among you.’ Leviticus 17:10-12
"Child Sex Trafficking is the Pandemic. Do your research of the millions of children going missing each ear." Lin Wood

Soon the world is to learn who of the world elite was involved in exactly those godless practices. Epstine and some of the Hollywood key figures were just the beginning. According to a leading CIA source:
"Maxwell gave them all his documents, photos, videos, diaries and files. Military intelligence has enough intelligence to bring down members of Satan's bondage to the highest level. They are waiting for the trap to close. It seems that the announced death of Prince Philip is connected with this. " 

War on human trafficking is going full scale. "Interpol says police in Africa and Europe arrested 195 people and rescued nearly 500 victims of human trafficking in a vast crackdown." (4) 

"Have you noticed! A lot of missing children have been found lately. A lot of stuff is happening. Cartel dropping dead kids in the river on the Mexican border." Something Huge Coming

VIDEO: "We are not gonna tolerate those crimes against humanity." Lin Wood 

Fall of the Cabal Series Episode 1-10

There is increasing evidence that an elite pedophile ring uses adoption to enter children into child sex trafficking, with many of the children disappearing without a trace. That's why Putin Bans U.S. Adoption Of Russian Orphans Due To Pedophile Epidemic. 

We Will End The Vaccine War
The War is in progress. The Cabal plans are falling apart 

If you say, those who are vaccinated can take off the masks and be free, not worrying of the unvaccinated, it will be OK for everyone. But that's not the case. Vaccinated still have to ware masks. Unvaccinated will be still accused and pressured against their will, mainly because otherwise will be visible that they are healthy and only the vaccinated are more sick, and more dying. So the conflict is immanent. 

The Coronavirus bio-attack on humanity, produced in their laboratories, was the Cabal's desperate attempt to escape their inevitable end. Yet, all their Plandemic deception disintegrates and mass vaccination does not occur on the scale needed for depopulation. The pandemic fear campaign fails as the public begins to wake up to the reality that people are not actually dying more than before the "pandemic." (2)
"We have 2 biological attacks in the span of 3 years.. You don't take that shot... Most people should not... It is high treason by the same people... They want this Vaccine on all people, like the Nazis did in the WWII." General McInerney
As we predicted; Vaccinated people receive Covid; vaccines cause blood clots, mad cow disease, death and more. It is almost as if we are witnessing a campaign to wake up the sleepwalkers.

There is growing evidence that the pandemic campaign began with a massive 5G electromagnetic attack that actually killed many people before the 5G networks were dismantled. Wuhan, China's cemeteries are packed with mourners, confirming that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people were killed when 10,000 5G towers were launched simultaneously in the city in late 2019. (3)

"The very horror of being exposed as war criminals turns the Khazar mafia into dangerous rats in the corner," writes Fulford. Rockefeller's faction behind the fake US government with Joe Biden's Avatar is particularly horrified because their crimes against humanity are far worse than just one attack on Wuhan. For more than a century, they have deliberately poisoned people around the world with cancer-causing chemicals. 
See, Holding Back Cures for Cancer (It's money that drives all the Cancer trillion-dollar industry). We are really looking at the face of the Devil. We are labeled 'Anti-Vaxxers', for just really wanting the truth to come out. The very top of this Pyramid of Power is the Devil himself. Hear Bill Gates, they don't even hide their Depopulation agenda. There are very simple methods of healing Cancer that they were hiding. 
This form of attack is repeated in shampoos, soaps, foods, cosmetics and more. throughout the trading ecosystem of the Fortune 500 companies controlled by this satanic clan. That's why vaccines pushed by this particular group, as the former Pfizer vice president warns, will kill everyone who takes them.

We are very close to the Finish Line

These crumbs are not meant to scare but merely inform

The Q Plan Revealed!

DOD Military Intelligence Operation! The Storm! 

Arrests & Military Tribunals Coming! 

WE KNOW VERY WELL who is driving these sophisticated vehicles :) Guys, soon we will fly fast to any point of earth, to moon, Mars and... This technology exist for a long time, but was kept secret. Totally human...
"It's a war, like 5D chess. 80% of that is covered or dark operation. We are very close to the finish line. In the next month of two you are going to see some serious, serious changes take place." White Hat Operations
Very soon - literally in a few months - a period of MASS AWAKENING will come, but for now, my dear ones, focus on your inner world and try to get in touch with society as little as possible for you will inevitably face inhuman and absurd rules and restrictions. Wait out the last months of this madness in the silence of your own heart. Think, "Game Over!" 

God is to realize the ideal world based on the realm of heart
Only when love moves will the entire universe turn in harmony. Think True Love! Think, God's Ideal realized.

As Rev. Moon was teaching us: "God wanted to fulfill the ideal of love. God is love, and so are we; God is life, and so are we; and God’s ideals are our ideals. God created for the sake of love.  In creating human beings, God completely invested Himself to fashion them into the most precious, ideal and perfect form.

God is the Father of human beings, and human beings are God’s sons and daughters. A child is the fruit, the manifestation of the parents’ love, an extension of their life, and the embodiment of the parents’ ideals. Children are born on the basis of the parents’ love, life, and ideals; thus, the more the parents see them, the more lovable they become, the more they become ideal people to relate to, and the more vibrant life becomes.

An ideal being does not live for his own sake; an ideal being lives for the sake of others, for the sake of its object partner. This principle is the basic core of the universe. He placed the starting point of the ideal upon the principle of existing for the sake of others." Heavenly Bible

Time to move from a Human Centered world into a world centered on our Heavenly Parent - God

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