CIG NEWS: The 'End Clean up Phase'

Rev. Moon specifically said he would reveal who killed JFK from the Spirit World. Now 13,173 documents were released on the assassination of JFK, making clear, CIA was involved. (FoxNews

Robert Kennedy JR openly admitted to the public that his father was going to remove the clandestine services from the CIA one week before he was killed. What are the chances that JFK wanted to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and then Robert Kennedy wanted to make moves as well and then ended up dead himself.

Hundred years after they killed Lincoln, for the very same reason, on Nov. 22, 1963, that same Khazarain Mafia by way of the CIA, was behind the assassination of President John F Kennedy for creating a new money system and attempting to close down the Fed. See more in, THE 'END CLEAN UP PHASE'

By Christmas Eve they had 77 US Generals who birthed "The Plan to Save the World." Three months later the group of generals had grown to 133. That's when they started Operation Freedom Eagles 35 under General MacArthur."

Additionally, Kennedy prepared to separate the money from the private Federal Reserve. CIA are just instrument of these Banksters. They couldn't allow that. That's why he was publicly assassinated. But this triggered the start of Military Alliance to stop this evil. 

The problematic part in this story is that the Kennedy Bloodline are on of the 13 Illuminati families. After he was killed some of JFK's sexual perversions and and connections to Satanism were revealed. This is a very good research on that by Fritz Springmeier - Bloodlines Of The Illuminati 02, explaining how only these Satanic families could become Presidents. The Assassination of JFK opened the way to reveal that conspiracy. So, did the Kennedy family really rebel against their own, or all that is part of some deception plan? 

Another tie between the Kennedys and the Knights of Malta concerns to the Hospice Movement, Kennedy's Institute for study of human reproduction and bio-ethics. This was a movement to allow old people the right to die.  Instead of medicine they were giving mind altering drugs - mixture given to older patients in every 3 hours until they die.  

The End Clean up Phase
7 Dec 2022 / CIG News

"The mission at this point is not just Disclosure and Awakening, but to continue identification and apprehension of Cabal assets and capabilities that cannot be allowed to live on into the future."

The previous CIG Report explained THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. While we try to make sense of the events from the providential viewpoint, much is not completely sure, but what we surely see is the exposure of the satanic ideologies and methods of governing this world. That itself is a sure sign that God is in control. 

"The revelations and the disclosures are accelerating. It's hard to keep up." (34 min)

The light of the truth is more powerful than any weapon. And the Divine Principle explains that once we understand the essence of Satan and his way of working, his time is over. Our Fallen state, the Divine Principle explains, is a state of Ignorance. 

"Evil is just an inversion of perception. Evil is extreme ignorance, which is the inversion of truth and awareness." David Icke

If Satan controlled this world since the Fall, what was his network of control on earth? Who were his direct representatives here? How was he instructing them, exercising his control, and what were his plans? All of these questions are gradually answered through my weekly CIG Updates. So, follow carefully!

"If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it." Krishnamurti

The Final Phase of Removing Satan's Control

This is the final phase of the operation. The time of these evil people is coming. Basically, there were a few thousand making the rest of the planet suffer (sick, poor and miserable). But once the 8 billion people figure out that it is 2000 Black Nobilities (Satanists) making the entire world a shit place, what do you think is going to happen? See, SATANIC PRACTICES TURNED INTO VAST CAPITALIST ENTERPRISE

"We get to witness the return of Love to this world, and a blinding Light of Truth that vaporizes evil." SGanon

Colonel Riccardo Bosi - Australian Special Forces

"The top level of filth that's been running the planet has been taken out. The middle order are now panicking and running. The middle order is running the Presidents and Prime Ministers. Heads of the public service for example, they are all panicking and running on each other. They did get an offer. And the offer is, "cooperate". Most of them do. All these useful idiots at the bottom."  

"We have a month of discomfort till the end of the year. Things will start to pick up. A lot of revelations would be made. Truth will start to come out. And by the middle of the year, the Military Tribunals will kick off. Many of them have already been done. This is the end of the end. This is it. The evidence will be so overwhelming and it's coming in the next 6 months. What's coming, you either survive or it will brake you in half. Get ready. It's gonna be hard. It will be tough ride for many." Col. R. Bosi

All this is very providential. The world has to be transformed by the establishment of the Temple by the True Mother of Peace. Be sure, all forces of heaven and earth are now mobilized for that transition from Satan's sovereignty to God's sovereignty. So I urge you to see the external events in that providential light and keep complete faith in God.
  • now, 1,390,106 Federalized National Guard and Reserve Troops were activated in 139 US city hot spots.
  • Switzerland second largest bank on the brink of collapse. 
  • German and Russian forces prepare to attack Switzerland
  • Crypto Currency FTX just lost 2 billion dollars of its customers 

Oligarchs Dropping Like Flies

UNN News: "It appears, oligarchs have been dropping like flies in the past week. 30-year-old millionaire died in the sleep... Crypto millionaire, 29-year-old, drowned on the beach at Puerto Rico. And 53 years old died in a mysterious helicopter crash in a good weather." See also, MASS VACCINATION: MEDIA DROPPING LIKE FLIES

"Things are certainly heating up around the world as the remaining Deep State struggle for survival." 

Talking about, "People actually disappearing," Kimberly commented: "We are getting more of that in the news since we are getting down to the public sector now." "As from yesterday we down to about 6,000, from 32,000 a week or two ago." These are the last from the 100,000 Deep State operatives still striving for the elimination of humanity. 

"They have literally weeks to decide their faith," Kim said. "They keep sending their bills, but nothing gets certified." "Claus Schwab died a week or two ago", yet "they are going to now come up with another agent in a mask to gave him keep talking... because people keep listening." (1:30)

The elite ruled for thousands of year but they never knew how things work, Kim explained. "They only call some operatives, screaming at them and demanding that they do it, or they gonna kill them." But what they want now is impossible.

"Right now senior politicians and people in high office were being arrested, having Tribunals and most of them (in excess of 90%) were being executed. At the start of this, there were 450,000 indictments. Now we are getting at the tail end of it." Charlie Ward, Fri. 9 Dec. 2022

Clean Up Even Withing Communist Countries

"There are signs of major regime changes happening simultaneously across the planet. In China, secret societies have informed us that all restrictions on the disease will be lifted within a few weeks. Public TV is now broadcasting news against the fear of illness. Telling them to treat it the same way as treating cold." Fulford

The report continues, "Cleanup is happening around the world. Not just in Russia. CCP president died allegedly from leukemia. Former CCP president was dragged out by the security. Bizarre disappearance of the Xi last month and the Covid protests. As the Chinese Deep State fractions fight each other we can expect much more." 

Video: Fulford explains the changes in China and many other military operations around the world.

Meanwhile, "Authorities in Australia withdraw or refund tens of thousands of fines issued for violations of Covid restrictions." 

Kimberly described few 'control mechanisms' that they had to remove in the last days. Those were installed by demonic powers to control the addictions and were governed by AI, connected to Etherical implant in the Hypothalamus section of your brain. If you don't get whatever is your poison, it will drive you crazy. 

That's why we have this distorted version of Television, to advertise these behaviors - sex, drugs, power. It gives permission these evil spirits to get all of your energy. These evil forces worked with our 'forced consent.' 

She explained that the Source (God) has given the order to the good Angels to now actively help us to go through the transition. Until now they were obligated to just observe without interfering. But now they are given the green light. For us it means we "will have our free will and thought process back." Eventually all forms of addiction will end on this planet... and we will progress a lot faster. 

Meanwhile, "all crypto currencies are going down to the toilet."  

Satan Inverted Everything Upside Down

"Satan's way is all about destroying, it's about killing. While the natural order created by God is about life and abundance. Satanism is an inversion of life. It's a cult of death. Behind the human networks of control is a reptilian form." David Icke

The reality we are experiencing has been hijacked by a force, called with different names; 'serpent gods, star people, demons, or arcons. And when we delve deeply, behind all evil forces on earth we will discover his invisible spiritual power instructing them and controlling them. See, REV. MOON: THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

Turning everything against it's original purpose: 

"They invert everything"

"They are religious zealots waging total war on Mankind."  

"Satan is muster of deception" 

Working like a computer virus:

These satanic forces worked like a computer virus. The only way they activate is by attaching to what God created and inverting it, distorting it. They are feeding on the low emotions of fear, horror, negativity, resentments. Just look at this world, Satanic forces turned everything against it's original purpose. See, REV. MOON'S FIGHT TO SUBJUGATE THE OUR DAY SATANIC INFILTRATION

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health. Lawyers destroy justice. Universities destroy knowledge. Governments destroy freedom. Media destroys information. And religions destroy spirituality." David Icke

As I wrote in The Forces of Light over the Forces of Darkness, "if on the spiritual plane this structure has already practically disintegrated due to the joint efforts of the Higher Powers of the restored ancestors, centered on True Father's guidance, on the physical plane it still continues to exist by inertia." Today's disclosure of their crimes is direct result from the fact that SATAN WAS DEFEATED.

The FoodChain of Control

Rothschild had the breeding rights to the British Royal Family for the last 200 years. That's why they were involved in drug and child trafficking. The Satanic control was growing and invading royal lineages, politicians, media, pharma-medicine, education - all through the false Banking Control and its numerous secret organizations, all linked to pedophilia and satanic blood rituals. See, Significance of Queen's Death

Rothschilds were Cavens (Satanic Priests). They always had several layers above them. They were also part of the Order of the Dragons. Recently Evelin Rothschild passed away. That was part of the clean up operation. He was Pindar - head of the Dragon Families. But above them are the Coven Musters, who report further up to the Parents. They reported to higher evil entities. At the end was the Dark Overlord - Lucifer, and all the demons that they had access to. 

As I wrote previously, "For them everything is defined by one fundamental purpose, to defeat God.'' The younger the children they torture and rape, the more pain they can inflict on God. Child rape and blood drinking are essential part of their rituals to invoke demonic powers. (2) 

  • Child rape and trade sex bunkers found at CEMEX location. Authorities suspect the existence of numerous such places." (32:20)
  • California has turned into a Sex Offender Paradise complete with 400 "Pedo-dens' conveniently located near schools. DailyMail 

The politicians are way down in the food chain. They only talk for the theater and enforce the orders of those from above. To be kept on a leash they also had to participate in the Satanic rituals, just as the others with access to millions... the stars, big CIOs, high generals etc.  

You See Just Bits and Pieces of the Ongoing War

A week later Kim reported that all the 100,000 elites are already eliminated. She also explained that recently they discovered underground bases in Kingsbury, in UK. (4) The tunnel system was shaped like a pentagram. In the center was an altar. The 125 people they found performing ritual are all no longer with us. The satanic witches were terminated even before reaching the alter.  

"We use a lot of frequency weapons, we use a lot of plasma weapons to clear up and clean up issues. And there is a war going on on this planet. You are just not seeing a lot of it. You see a bits and pieces here and there."

"We have 35 million ships in the sky and we are not gonna let them win. We are done. We are done with those people. Every single day is somewhere between 8 and 20 different operations in the world of things to clean and clear." Kimberly (1:06 min)

Truth is Out, People Standing Up 

Now the governments and all structures that served that force are collapsing. Darkness no more! 

Demonstrations to collapse the state, in China, Brazil and many more around the globe. China inhuman control exposed, even on CNN, and Police started arresting the white clothes that enforce Covid measures. The "CNN boss hires extra security as hundreds of stuff are fired." 

While Musk is doing the same with Twitter and exposing the crimes. Elon's activation of Twitter as an outlet of declassification of information that has been suppressed, censored, removed. He is now talking of buying YouTube. And as I reported previously, CNN is also coming under the control of the good Alliance. 

"Sinister Deep State bureaucrats, Silicon Valley tyrants, Left wing activists and depraved corporate news media have been conspiring to manipulate and silence the people; suppressing vital information on everything, from elections to public health. This Censorship Cartel must be dismantled and destroyed." Trump

The Vaccine truth is gradually coming out, and no one can protect the governments and other parties involved:

Their stated goal is by using medicine to reduce the world population with 50% by 2023. (See 44:27) And who created this deadly vaccine and instigated the biological war? "DARPA (the military industrial complex) is responsible for the introduction of messenger mRNA vaccines, not Pfizer, not Moderna." (3) Trump was only their political instrument to implement that, while pretending to be fighting the Deep State. And the consequences will be devastating for years and generations to come. Just look at the present statistical data:

"About 3 billion took mRNA shots, and 7 to 15% had severe adverse events. That's around 300 million people who suffered death or permanent disability." 

They thought their actions were hidden because they did them behind a monitor (paid Fvaxt-Checkers). They silenced us from telling the truth. … they thought wrong.

"US Supreme Court has ruled that the Covid Vaccine is not a Vaccine, is unsafe and should not be used at any cost... Big Pharma lost a lawsuit when they failed to prove that all of their vaccines over the past 32 years have been safe for the health of citizens! The mRNA vaccines directly interfere with the genetic material, altering the individual's genetic material, which is genetic manipulation prohibited and considered a crime." 

If you ask me, all of this is pre-planned. They committed the crime, and they will wash their hands by punishing here and there some of their actors. And we already see that these were all replaced by real actors. So, there is no one to punish. Yet, they are still pushing the narrative that the very military that did this crime is now gonna liberate us mysteriously. Are they really? 

Militaries of the World Ready to Strike

US warships have docked in various Australian ports to support the Australian military overthrow the Deep State. Same in US, Switzerland and everywhere. Deep State [DS] takedowns occurring in Germany. "The German Manchurian government has been stood down in the background by the World Alliance," the source says.

"Military operations will continue 3 to 5 years after Trump comes back," SG Anon says. "Vaccines are the reason we are going to Military Tribunals next year. The Tribunals will completely change the Health Industry as we know it." (48:45)

"Shortly after Trump was inaugurated the Illuminati command in control was decapitated. The White House has been used as a Prison and execution chamber (since the fake Biden Inauguration)." 

The only thing we can confirm from this intel is that the White House was really kept dark, and the area was occupied by military.

Video: All photos of Obama's childhood are fake Photoshop. His past was all a lie. Reportedly, The Alliance began forming during the reign of Barak Obama. They approached Donald Trump to be POTUS.

When Covid 19 was lunched upon the world, and all of the governments of the world became complicit overnight in that travesty, that was the only justification needed for a worldwide Martial Law to go in effect in the background. 

Covid-19 bioweapon was a weapon of mass destruction. The Covid vaccines (or kill shots) are also weapons of mass destruction. Many of these governments were stood down in the background during 2020, immediately in response to this global event. Many were since then delt with. Right now, we are at the 'end clean up phase.' 

The Fulford Report:

Coordinated Military Operations World Wide
German and Russian forces prepare to attack Switzerland

The military and intelligence services of the West have decided to militarily occupy Switzerland in order to arrest the top leadership of the Khazarian mafia, according to several sources. Swiss forces are asked to stand by and not resist, as this operation is not directed against the Swiss people or nation. The target of the attack will be the BIS, the various UN agencies with extraterritorial powers (i.e., their headquarters are not on Swiss territory), the Rothschild complex in Zug and the huge underground base complex along the Swiss-Austrian border, they say.

"Since 2014 there have been more than 30,000 children in Donbass raped and killed by Ukrainian Nazis, with their organs and Adrenochrome sold to Elites worldwide." Video

Former U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor confirms that a major military buildup is imminent. He says the Ukrainian state will be annihilated by a Russian force of 700,000 in the next few weeks after the ground freezes.

So, let's agree that there are global military operations. One thing is sure, they are all governed by the Black Sun Cult - Luciferians. We have no guarantee that what they will bring is not exactly the Cabal planned Global Communism. Even if they bring some good standard of living, which they are so far obviously working against, judging by the rising prices still their weapons will not make people to create true-loving-families. 

God works through Love and Service, not through War

For the Satanic powers to go to such length to control us, it means we are very powerful. Nothing can stop us when we are united with the Creator. And remember, the biggest power in the Cosmos is the power of true love. 

"The Heart cannot hate or resent. Such low emotions come from the Physical Mind, when it is subjugated by low frequency or chemistry, while ones spirit mind is still not enough matured and strong." Unification Family Therapy

Meanwhile, our own portion of responsibility is to build true families and expand the culture of heart. The new peaceful world can only be established based on true and loving families. That does not happen by force or weapons aimed at our heads. This revolution is from inside, Revolution of Heart and Revolution of Conscience. The whole world has to be educated in God's Principles and align with God's Will.

Prediction: The next year is going to be much brighter. You gonna see the change. You will receive the full force of the Creator's energy coursing through your mind and body, and every fiber of your being. And you gonna see the world differently.  CIG News

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