CIG-News: The Queen Fallen a Week After the Knights were Taken

The Evil Empire Collapsing

The Queen Fallen a Week After the Knights Taken / West in Collapse

CIG News / 8 Sep. 2022

In the game of chess, once the Queen is taken the game is decided. The White Hats were long time preparing the announcement of her death, which we know happened in 2019. Are they announcing that it is 'Game Over' or 'The beginning of the End.' 

  • BOOM! Top ranks of the Knights of Malta removed by the Vatican, means the entire leadership of NATO has been fired. A purge going on in Vatican city removing 'Zionist cabal' members.
  • BOOM! The Queen fallen a week after the Knights were taken. Coincidence? 
  • BOOM! 2020 US Election voided and invalid. 
  • BOOM! All 209 nations moved on gold/asset-backed currencies on 28 Aug. Currency Reset already occurred 

In my previous CIG Report I explained how SATANIC PRACTICES have TURNED INTO VAST CAPITALIST ENTERPRISE. And remember, many Prime Ministers were taken down simultaneously within a week (link), exactly when 2 very significant Satanic Symbols were taken down. Fauci was removed, showing that the Medical-pharmaceutical empire will also go. Mikhail Gorbachev, died last week, representing another KGB empire. The events in the last few days are all very interconnected. 

There is Heavenly Queen and Queen of the Satanic World

The announcement of the Queen's dead coincides with many other events, all part of the sophisticated plan to eradicate the Deep State, in which she was a top-representative figure. See, Providential Significance of Queen's Death

Queen Elizabeth: The Legacy: The Dark Truth of Pedophilia, Infidelity, and Endless Scandal

The announcement of death of the Queen frees the World from British Admiralty Rule and begins the change in the world's financial system. It was the end of the 2000-year-old capture and control of the Masonic financial system used by the Holy Roman Empire Vatican, Crown City of London and Washington DC Inc. 

Why the Queen's turn came just a week after the Knights were dissolved? Let's not forget that the list of the Knights of Malta includes a large group of European royalty and aristocrats. Fulford described the Order as controlling the Western military/power elite'. See, 
  • Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  • Nobility of the Papal States

  • Remember, we are all under the Crown-Corporation. If you didn't know it, all countries are paying taxes to the Queen/Rothschild offspring. So you know who the Slave-owner is, and why it is significant that she is out. But again; Why this became possible now? And why now countries like Jamaica finally have the freedom to ditch the Royal Rule and request reparations? 

    All media, all military and intelligence, all secret organizations are protecting these people. Why are they suddenly being taken down without any fuss?  Well, I told you; The 13 Secret Militaries, that were protecting them, were taken down a month ago. 

    Fulford also reported that, "a series of assassinations and purges is taking place at the top of world power," citing as an example last week Christine Chadwick – the private secretary to the head of MI6 – was killed with a remote secret scalar weapon. Read carefully the Global Repository's take on the events below in this article. Kimberly concluded with this warning:

    "Every time they harm innocent people, we now have the right under the Natural Law to terminate their existence. Currently right now we have army of around 137 million worldwide. We have another 25 million in the air. And we are coming." Kimberly

    That reminds us of Rev. Moons Peace Proclamations, where he declared that from now on the good spirit world can interfere and take those who block God's providence to the spirit world. And yes, we live in ''The Age After the Coming of Heaven,'' where God is in control. 

    Video: Kim, that has the highest Military clearance in the world, explains the Queen's death and the spiritual situation around... the structure of Lucifer's control, the Demons under him and the human lineage working under their possession. 

    Question: I've been following your messages and reports. You mentioned that the Queen actually died in 2019...can you explain please.

    So, Queen. The court cases against her go from 1965. In 1911 the International Court of Justice took over these cases of Satanic Ritual abuse. Pope Ratzinger was convicted together with number of other Royals and elites... caught in Human Hanting Parties. So, Ratzinger resigned.

    In 2019 all royals were arrested and charged in Military Tribunal. Since than you see them mostly gone or just short CGI appearances, using doubles or actors. Just to prevent any demonstrations provoked by the Deep State. For few mounts now the White Hats were preparing the moment when is best to officially reveal that the Queen is dead. This is a key mark for the military operations against the Cabal coming to their completion. 

    The Satanic pyramid was gradually dismantled from top down, layer by layer since 2015, when True Father Moon mobilized the whole good spirit world to clean up the earth from evil. The good news for us is that the White Hats working on earth are closely working with True Mother, Hak Ja Han Moon.

    Who is at the top of the chain of control? "They are not human (Spiritual - other dimensional)! The sooner we understand this, the clearer the picture of their unfolding plan will be." In that regard Kimberly explained that the Queen was not human. The Crown position is very important for the Satanic spirits. With the coronation they accept Lucifer to come dwell and work through them. Their problem now is that no matter what rituals they do Lucifer is not coming. See, Lucifer Stepped Down 

    Here is what Queen's own official website says about her, "While she may not be human, she is devoted Monarch..." "the Queen was seen by thousands of people in a form that they are not acquainted with." Eloquently referring to her spiritual 'shape-shifting." And the victims of sexual abuse say, "they have a Satanic Ritual Abuse calendar... they celebrate with mass sacrifice of children." See, QWhat the QUEEN'S DEAD SIGNIFYING

    It is shocking in what the elite controlling this world was involved

    While mourning their Queen, here are few things to remember: (1) (2) (3) (4)
    • Queen murdering witnesses to child murder. 
    • European Royals killing naked children for fun at Human Hunting Parties. (See)
    • Royals Child Sex Trafficking. 
    • Victims calls out Queen for Ritual Abuse. (See)
    • Queen Covering up of Child Death Camps.
    "There shouldn't be any constitutional Monarchs. All of us should be equal citizens, not subjects of a Monarch or Serves." Stew Peters

    Suprise, surprise; In a record of the call on the diplomatic line the new King was told he would not be ratified as a King, nor Head of the Crown, and he will not be receiving any financial support. So he cannot do any promises to the nations. 

    I previously reported that in January 2022, as the Global Repository announced, all registrations of governments, banks, Royals etc. have been removed. (Video) "There are no more Royals registered as Sovereigns within the system. Further, societies like Knights of Malta, Free Masons... Kings and Queens have also been dissolved and no longer will have access to any founding." Any corporations under them will also be dissolved, Kimberly said. The same obviously concerns the Vatican. 

    Are the White Hats Restructuring Vatican

    Now something big is happening in the Vatican: The destruction of the Obelisk in Vatican obviously signified the White Hats taking over.  And recently the Vatican has asked all the banks to return the money to the Vatican till 1st of October. 

    This week there was a great gathering of Cardinals in Rome. After appointing more than 20 new cardinals (mostly from developing countries) this weekend, Francis has selected 83 of the 132 cardinals eligible to elect a new pope. This is enough to elect a new pope.

    "When all the Vatican's top cardinals met last week, they chose to fire the leaders of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, also referred to as the Knight of St. John (British).

    The Pope dissolved the leadership of the Knights of Malta and issues a new constitution. [1] The order was recently very active in the scheme with the refugees, part of their global human trafficking rings. 

    Reuters: "Pope Francis on Saturday dissolved the leadership of the Knights of Malta... and installed a provisional government ahead of the election of a new Grand Master. (The Order) is recognized as a sovereign entity with its own passports and license plates. It has diplomatic status."

    The removal of the high ranks of the Knights of Malta by the Vatican is a huge thing. Falling without opposition means they were removed beforehand, only the announcement comes now. Same as the expected announcement of the Queens dead, although she's been executed in 2019 (See details). And we all know that this Order, just as all other secret societies serve the Crown Corporation, that enslaves humanity. So, pay attention to the chain reactions following this.

    The membership list of the Knights of Malta shows that these are the leaders of the western military/power elite. Despite its immense power, the order has split into two opposing factions over the past few years, with one group supporting the fake administration of Joe Biden and the other supporting Donald Trump. When all of the Vatican's top cardinals met last week, they chose to fire the leaders of both factions. 

    My question is; Are the White Hats restructuring Vatican, or is it trying to cover up for killing half a million indigenous children in Canada? As DIA Deputy said, "Fifty per cent of the children who passed through their schools did not live to benefit from the education." (2) Remember the Queen of England was also involved in that court case, for taking children and they never returned. And all the mass graves in Catholic and Royal properties, with bodies of children obviously killed in Satanic Rituals. 

    There was public 'apology' and admission of genocide of indigenous children by Trudeau in June 2019 and Pope Francis last July 29. Pope Francis shocked Canadians when he publicly confessed that his Catholic church committed genocide on Indian residential school children.

    What can you do, Vatican, means 'Serpent", "a divine serpent." And the Satanic symbology in Vatican is unbelievable. Imagine how long ago they have been infiltrated by Satanism. Imagine how much also the other denominations and religions are? Then you'll understand why Christianity was so dysfunctional, and so divided.

    So where is the spiritual wind blowing now? 

    As Fulford wrote, "There is a very real possibility that the EU and most EU governments will collapse, probably before the end of the month. This is because the Russians cut off gas flows to Europe. (6 out of 10 factories may be forced to close)" 

    "Many intelligence agencies say the UN, EU, CCP and the fake Biden administration will be overthrown soon, with their leadership to blame for fomenting a fake pandemic." Fulford

    From what we gather, the White Hats are trying to topple the EU, the US and Communist China at the same time. The reason is that the rulers of all three regions work for the same people (the Deep State Cabal). As I reported, SYSTEM WAS CRACKEDand now mass demonstrations are intensifying around the world. We see the world leaders falling like flies while revelations of truth are emerging from everywhere. 

    67% of Americans believe Democracy is on the verge of collapse. High energy prices are already threatening to close 60% of UK factories. Rev. Moon's predictions are being fulfilled. The West has to change its course.

    What is certainly clear is that the economic crisis in the EU will reach the point where governments will be overthrown amid gas shortages. And the White Hats say, they don't want to give the bad guys any chance to respond or react before it's too late. 

    "The analyze of data shows 411 deaths per 1 million doses." How many more are paralyzed for life and how many now suffer of heart problems, because of these Covid vaccines."

     "The UK government notes that nearly half a million have been harmed as of August 24, 2022, by the vaccines these criminals push." Fulford

    The big news now is that "On Mon. 29 August the White Hat Alliance took out the headquarters of the Global Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring's Three Gorges Dam in Wuhan, China." This was the biggest standing HQ of the Satanic Empire. Its collapse sets the 'Domino Effect.'  

    In the last report I mentioned that the start of the Coronavirus "pandemic" coincided with the introduction of 5G precisely in centers where "Covid" broke out. Now we see ample of evidence that there was no outbreak in the suburbs of Wuhan where 5G towers were not installed.

    And yes, that's now coming more and more out in the mainstream news: News in Australia now tells the truth about the numerous Vaccine deaths. [3]  CBN also starts revealing a lot, as you see in this video:

    CBN - Neil Oliver: Our Leaders Destroyed Lives & Wrecked Nations!

    KEY MARKERS: Queen and Three Gorges Dam being taken down were two of the main key markers before moving to the takeover of the Cabal owned media. 

    White Hats take over CNN: Trump publicly announced he will help CNN become a gold mine and raise its ratings. "Elon Musk subsidiary co's and two major friends are deeply involved in CNN."

    Infiltration: Bin Salman with his wealth used secret investors and captured the CNN market. After cleansing of pedophile leadership CNN will soon start telling the truth.

    The White Hats have taken control of CNN through Trump's friends. CNN has fired several employees and News Anchors. Many of its top leaders and journalists were wherere arrested for pedophilia, which explains why they so eagerly denounced the Child Trafficking facts as Conspiracy Theory.

    "The US Supreme Court has overturned the 2020 Election"

    "I have on extremely good authority from three different sources that the USA election in November will not happen. This has already gone through the Supreme Court - SCOTUS - and they used a Shadow Document to overturn the 2020 Election." Charlie Ward

    Yes, US also is in front of big changes. The deadline to declare the 2020 Election void is this Sat. 3 Sept. After that all ballots, and evidence of voter fraud will be destroyed. According to MI6 sources, "Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will be in charge when both the US and Canadian regime changes are announced." 

    Because Fraud in the 2020 Election had now been verified by 46 of the 50 US States, an announcement to void the 2020 Election should happen this week, and the government would be dissolved. Expectation is the Mainstream Media Satellites would be taken downs, Emergency Broadcast System come in effect, and nations around the world would go into Martial Law. 

    The US Supreme Court has overturned the 2020 Election according to Attorney Lin Wood. The Election Fraud must be announced by next Sat. 3 Sept, or all evidence (ballots) will be destroyed. However, the Supreme Court has already made a ruling on the 2020 Election Fraud as having occurred and has voided the Election, so that deadline could pass without notice.

    "The Department of Justice released a memo... FBI admitted interfering in the 2020 Election, which was bound to make the Election void, dissolving the US Presidency and government and bringing in Martial Law until a new Election could be held." 

    Because of violations of Law including Treason, the US Government would have to be automatically dissolved. That would trigger Cabal organized demonstrations across the nation. In order to maintain Law and Order Martial Law would have to be enforced until a new Election could take place.  

    Not only has the 2020 Election been declared invalid by the US Supreme Court, but the Global Currency Reset has already occurred, Judy reported. "All 209 nations have converted to gold/asset-backed currency and are trading with them on the Forex since last Sun. 28 August. The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) began integration with the Global Banking System at midnight Wed. 31 Aug. so countries can now trade with each other." All The Banks coming to Stellar.

    "Mass Arrests have already begun. Official Biden and Obama's arrests expected. Call to evacuate 17 cities." Situation Update

    Sun. 11 Sept. (9/11) they will shut down the world's economy according to Lin Wood.

    The West Facing Catastrophic Collapse if Course is not Changed

    According to Banjamin Fulford:

    The West is about to face catastrophic systemic failure if events continue on their current course. The question now is: will the Khazarian mafia try to surrender or are they planning a new offensive. In my previous reports I described in detail the history of the Khazarian Banking Cabal, their origin, their Satanic practices, and how much they are part of the Biblical story and the Divine Principle explanation. See, REV. MOON: THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

    The Rothschilds and other Khazarian mafia families have been private bankers to the Vatican since at least the 19th century. But they controlled also all the world leaders through money. All the so-called "world leaders" who appear at the UN are given a Vatican Bank account, saying "welcome to the rich club. You use this money as you wish, but if you disobey us, we will kill you.''

    This was very well described in the last Fulford Report, who also stated:

    Now it turns out that the whole Covid nightmare involves the use of an artificially created "pandemic" to launder over $1 trillion of BFR black money into the world economy. This was done by bribing government leaders with money from the World Bank, IMF, etc. to join the Khazarian Mafia attempt to create a totalitarian world government. Smaller leaders got stakes in vaccine companies, in masks and hand sanitizers, etc. to join the chorus. In addition, many leaders who refused to join, such as the president of Tanzania, were killed or removed.

    This is now blowing up in the faces of the Khazarian mobsters as vaccine side effects and scientific research reveal the entire "pandemic" as one of the biggest war crimes in world history, Fulford explains. Pfizer Whistleblower Say Company ''Could be Liable for $3.3 TRILLION in Damages.”

    Now ''the fear of bankruptcy, jail or execution is weighing more on leaders’ minds than the temptation of bribe,'' Fulford says. Thus, the use of Covid to launder dark money in the global economy is ending. And many of ''the world’s countries are now refusing to accept all forms of “money” created out of thin air by the Khazarian mafia and Vatican-controlled Federal Reserve Board.'' This is the real reason why the “West” is facing an energy crisis and imminent social collapse.

    135 Nations Supported Russia

    India, China and Russia will hold joint military exercises in Russia along with a bunch of other countries. All these countries are joining in the fight against the KM and the New World Order. See, RUSSIA OUT OF THE FIAT MONEY,

    Intelligence chief Naryshkin says "most thinking people find Russia on the side of truth and doing everything possible to thwart the global return of the Nazis." That became obvious last week, when less than a third, or 58 of the 193 UN members signed a statement criticizing Russia over Ukraine. Only the West and its direct satellites signed. 

    US Defense Documents prove that US Labs in Ukraine were gathering DNA specifically from Russian Ancestry to create a Bio Weapon designed to wipe out only Russians.

    The cleanout of Underground Tunnels in Taiwan completed last Saturday. Yesterday was announced that Russian military has almost cleaned out the Underground DUMBS and Bio-Weapon Labs underneath Ukraine. They are just about finished. Biolabs were founded by Biden's family.  

    Remember, UKRAINE WAS ARTIFICIALLY CREATED. And according to FSB sources, the Ukrainian conflict "is a war between Oligarchs for resources such as wheat fields, oil, coal, minerals, power plants, etc." This war benefits Europe "because they now have cheap laborers from Ukraine, yes we are not talking about 7 million white people to balance the Muslims.'' See, DEVIL WARSHIP, NAZISM AND PEDOPHILIA IN UKRAINE

    "International Military Tribunals to take place in Mariupol Donezk Republic. It will shed light on the true nature of the Kiev regime. People will finally learn that their government is helping those who deliberately kill and torture the Russian people in the Donbass, Ukraine." Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Clintons were all involved in the bio-weapon labs in Ukraine and will be tried for that in a Military Court." 

    Another problem now is a critical mass of Jews is now aware their ruling families were deeply involved in the Holocaust (burnt offering to Satan) as a part of their messianic project to chase the Jews out of Europe and into Israel. In a similar way they now have their campaign to create greater Khazaria in Ukraine, just because that's their original Homeland. Ukraine, where the last of the Khazarian Mafia KM leaders are seeking shelter. According to Western experts, Ukraine has already lost the war. 

    "The MSM has been lying for months now and saying Ukraine is winning the War. This lie was to continue to bring in more fighters into the Battle and more money." StormRider

    On the Korean Reunification:

    North Korea, for its part, stopped working with the KM-controlled G-7 after their leader Kim Jong Un was killed by electromagnetic weapons at the second summit between Kim and then-US President Donald Trump in 2019, they said North Korean sources. Kim's sister, Kim Hye-kyung, is working with the alliance to oust the current KM leadership of the G-7 and the UN, among others, the sources said.

    Japan is still secretly ruled by Taiwan. So any deal to unify China includes Japan and the Korean Peninsula. This means that the reunification of the Korean Peninsula and the end of Japan's post-war occupation are part of China's reunification agenda.

    The Chinese have always viewed North Korea as a secret US military colony. This is no longer the case as the North Korean government has officially joined the Planetary Liberation Alliance. Both China and Russia are now vetoing US demands for sanctions against North Korea at the UN Security Council.

    The recent stories about North Korean missiles and North Korean nukes are false propaganda because North Korea is no longer helping US arms dealers sell weapons to Japan and South Korea by creating missile "incidents". Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense, once told the author that the US had supplied North Korea with both nuclear and missile technology. The idea was to use the North Korean "boogeyman" (a person or thing that many people consider an object of fear) to sell weapons to Japan, etc., he said. 

    "Asian secret society sources say President Xi Jinping is fighting to dissolve the Communist Party, restore local rule and unify Taiwan with China." Fulford

    White Hat Alliance is now cooperating with the Supreme Court

    According to We The People News:

    The White Hat Alliance is now cooperating with the Supreme Court. The court is now subject to the Constitution. This is probably the reason why the fences around the Supreme Court in DC were finally removed. 

    US Space Force is a department of our Military set up by Trump. Space Force has taken over all the Military Satellites. From what I hear, I can assume that they are in charge of the Global Military operation for the liberation of humanity. And finally, The Three Gorges Dam was destroyed by the Alliance. The same day a War broke out in Iraq in an attempt to prevent the Global Currency Reset. See, Financial Reset - Ending the Banking Cartel

    On Mon. 29 Aug. the Alliance took out the headquarters of the Global Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring's Three Gorges Dam, with a pending deadline of next Saturday to void the 2020 Election.

    The US Supreme Court overturned Biden's Election on 29 June! Evidence was presented in the court in total secrecy, for protection of Justices' all families. That's why the the iron fence around the court was needed. See, SUPREME COURT OVERTURNED BIDEN'S ELECTION

    New Input: A Judge shut down the FBI investigation into Trump on Tuesday 6 Sept. and will hand over all documents to a Special Master. The FBI took a top-secret list containing the names of VIP pedophiles during the raid on Trump's estate. Imagine where will that lead. 

    All these events are consequence of Lucifers' retreat from his position in 1999. Now even the White Hats confirmed, "Lucifer was defeated years ago and what we are seeing now happening across the planet is a mop-up operation to remove his local field agents." See, LUCIFER REPENTED: SATAN HAS RETURNED TO THE ORIGINAL CREATION

    How Global Repository views the situation:

    Kimberly Goguen (KIM) is the Trustee of the Global Repository and allegedly has the highest military clearance, above all others - level 74. This is one of the many reasons I consider her insights very important. She knows the structure, she knows the players behind the scene. She listens to all of their communications and secret meetings. 

    In her last report, Kim described the Politicians as just actors in the theater. They are told on the first day that they will never take a decision. The New World Order, which is actually the Old World Order, is writing the script from behind. 

    This World Order consists of few layers of totally unknown to us people, that I described previously (Click to See). The top levels under Lucifer are already taken to Source (See). Then you go down to the Covens, which are the Black Magic people around the world. Then you go down to the 13 Secret Militaries (the SSP), that I also reported when they were eliminated. (See)

    Below them, now you start getting into their operatives. The people that know part of the Plan, compartmentalized parts of the Plan, that they were supposed to execute on. We have some of them still remaining, but they are disappearing with a rapid rate. Then you get down to the Jesuit Order that controls the Military and all Secret Services. So the Military you know, and the Pentagon are absolutely following the orders from high. 

    All the deep state players are saying the same things in unison. They are all controlled.

    What are they ordering them. To bring the Apocalypse, hunger, high prices, wars, vaccines and finally death. Since Lucifer didn't respond to their rituals, they are now resorting to more synthetic ways of creating the Apocalypse, by using all sort of technologies. This is the program that they are running. To bring it in action they constantly promise that money is coming. But that only drives them all through the cleave to self-destruction. 

    "The Plan has always been to crash the world and then buy it for pennies on the dollar." KIM

    So running around to create problems couldn't bring Lucifer (their ultimate Black Magician) to help them, but many of them were eliminated these days, Kim said. The rest of these Agency people are just stunned. So those who are left and not many. They can all be fit in one big room. Maybe there are 1000 of those crazy agents and those who believe them. 

    "We have done very well last night. Lots of them are gone... We've got the remnants... there are meeting going all over the place right now. The second they make one wrong step there are people that are on them. We are watching, making sure that they don't make that one step. But if they do, they are gone. Zero tolerance!" Kimberly

    About IRS, "We took their servers down," Kim explained, but because they have "Repeater Servers" the information was restored after day or few. "Once we find those remaining databases and servers, and once those are gone - they will be gone," she concluded. 

    "The foreign-owned IRS (US Inc. IRS) was privately owned by the Rothschild/Rockefeller Bankers, while the US Court system answered not to the citizens, but to the Crown Bar of England," Judy Byington explained. It started with George Washington when he capitulated to the King of England under threat of wealthy aristocrats. US Inc. are now losing the Taxpayer dollar. 


    This are the largest open INTEL drops in the world through Q. It's a global military operation to remove the Deep State cabal and their mass civilization extermination efforts with bio-weapons. "It’s all part of the show, a show that will leave everyone speechless. Today is the last day - After this a lot of things will change." 

    The Q Military Operations of DECLAS: 
    • Epstein ring exposed. 
    • World Elites exposed. 
    • Human Trafficking exposed. 
    • Vatican Corruption exposed. 
    • Fake Media MSM exposed. 
    • World Health System exposed. 
    • World Monetary System exposed. 
    • Intelligence Agencies exposed. 
    Kimberly ended, calling us to take responsibility ourselves and build a better world.  So let me conclude with his words about the world of True Love that we aim to build. 

    Everything goes where the Intention flows. Instead of Fear let's move to Love. The Elite are not doing these things to us but rather using our creativity, making us to do it to ourselves. 

    Since we are Divine Beings with powerful creative abilities. We power our reality with our intent. Everything we think and speak affects the reality. So take these words seriously. Focus on fulfilling God's ideal of true love in your life and surrounding, by living for the sake of others. 

    "When you sow love, then the fruit of love will indeed come. The important thing is the size of that love."  Sun Myung Moon

    Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon: 

    "My destination is the Love Pole... relating in love with God and everyone in the world." "Where there is love, nothing is impossible. Certainly God... would want to dwell in love. What is the fastest way? The jet plane of love." "Once you obtain true love, God will come... wanting to dwell with you."

    "True love will fulfill God and ourselves... everything good can come out of true love. Only true love can completely fill the universe -- not God's power, total knowledge or anything else can do that. Only true love can make everything sound and solid. Inside the realm of true love, there can be no resistance or limits. As soon as you touch true love, you become one with it." 

    "The Unification Church is the church of vibration, the vibration of true love... I want you to become a Moonie of true love vibration. From today... take back with you the vibration of true love... starting to vibrate today for the sake of the world."

    "There must be a certain harmonizing factor which brings people together peacefully. This is the power of love. The power of love is like a thread between every cell making smoothness and harmony. In a way, love is like glue, binding and cementing together all the cells of humanity. This is why love is universal and love is good. The action of love is ultimate. Therefore, without love everything would fall apart. The action of love unites subject and object and mind and body... with the power of love we can experience total freedom of action, and freedom of movement between east and west, north and south." 

    "The fulfillment of the ideal of love is the purpose of creation. Therefore, everything was designed by God under this plan for the purpose of the fulfillment of love... If you truly love your spouse, then God will automatically come to you... God wants to reside in the family where a man and woman truly love each other." Sun Myung Moon


    1. Father's victory is creating an example of true love so compelling, that the spiritual world is in complete agreement.
      I hope we've done the same.

    2. Thank you very much Yulian for explaining this. God's work is extraordinary. Your blogs, they are magnificent.

      What these leaders say "officially" often does not resonate with my heart. I feel it all very external and superficial, it is repeating to the media.

      Everything you tell in your blog resonates in my heart as true, I can feel the truth in my heart very intensely.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. I want to read more of your blogs as soon as I have more time.


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