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Predictions for 2019: Transition to Abundance

Predictions for 2019
By Y.UTS / Spiritual Unification Studies

2019 is all about creativity, joy, opportunities and spiritual advancement

2019 meaning:

Numerologically, 3 is all about creativity, joy, opportunities, spiritual advancement. So it is a really, really positive year, preparing us for the 2020 victory.

From a numerology perspective, 2019 is a number 3 year and this indicates a time to express ourselves. We will take all that inner growth we have been working on in 2018 for building CIG and actually express it out into the world so it can manifest in the physical.


This 7 year,  transition period was not a quiet time - it's time of great change! We see it in the incredible technological leap, as well as in the unavoidable spiritual confusion. People have to understand and accept the change, but naturally many resist. The old forces and habits don't let it go:

"Now is the time when the spirt wolrd and the physical world can be united on the global level. This is not a quiet time but the time when heaven and earth are surely experiencing great changes." The Completed Testament Age

Face the greatest darkness and light: The bigger the transition, the bigger the confusion and the tribulations we face. "The spirit world will soon come down upon the earth. Then who is going to control it?" - Rev. Moon asks. The wave of awakening energy requires humanity to go through the door of embracing their greatest darkness and their greatest light. We have to adapt to the way of God's love, or we will suffer pressured by the univerce.

Right now, we are all experiencing Pluto in Capricorn, from now until 2023, which means that we will see many things collapse such as money, religion and government, but these changes will present an opportunity for everything to be rebuilt in humanity's best interests. Many who have been honored will fall from Grace, having been a part of the family of Dark from the beginning. Many shocking revelations to come. 

You can see Europe go through turmoil. Look at France, England and the refugies invasion. But look at it providentially. More and more people are standing up and searching for personal freedom in a positive way. The beurocratic gavarnmental dictate is to be stopped. The past pradgedices between christians and muslims is to come out and be resolved. This is all, a painful, but providentially needed transition. Read, HOW THE CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT IS AFFECTING US AFTER 201

The new era cannot accept the old divisions. The new age of true love cannot accept the old immoral ways.

Hollywood is on fire. Really explosive things of what's going on there. Quite shocking for people. Painful facts about the Catholica church and the Pedofilia rings are comming out. Time to stop the satanic practice of child sucrifice. But again, that's a positive process of cleansing; preparing for the era of the Culture of Heart, the era of True Love and True Families.

Heaven determined to bring these changes

The satanic world is trying everything to resist, but the Heavenly wind of change is immanent. Evil can no longer hide in this new eara. It has to be seen and revealed. It has to end. See, Vanga predicted: NEW RELIGION WILL TAKE THE EARTH BY STORM

"When Heaven wins over the world, the spirit world and the physical world can be united... the satanic world can no logner accuse God directly, but it can still accuse our ancestors in the spirit worrld." The Completed Testament Age

In 2019 we can expect the Heaven start establishing it's base on the Earth, for in 2020 starts the growth stage of the Heavenly foundation for the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity. As Bender puts it: "The universal energy for 2019 invites us into the sandbox, onto the stage, and into the spotlight, and reminds us to play, to laugh, to find lightness in the shadows and to shine our light into the dark crevices in order to bring creative solutions to the global table."

"The world will try to stop these changes one way or antoher, but Heaven is determined to bring about these changes. The two forces cannot help fightinng each other." The Completed Testament Age

The reality of a spiritual awakening requires that we jump up and become part of the central providence, led by our Heavenly Parents. Under this energy, we may also be encouraged to dig deep and uncover some wounds and pains in order to birth them into the light. We have to venture into the dark in order to find our light.

The difference from 2018
Triple Eclipse Sequence Will Strongly Influence 2019

Eclipses are always potent as they often bring change, and shift our lives in a new direction. In 2019 we have three periods of Eclipses, the first in January, the second in July, and the last in December. These Eclipses are extremely transformative and indicate high energy, a lot of action and movement. We may find ourselves being pulled to a new path or making great progress.

2018 was a year of inner growth and patience; Time to ponder and reflect in order to know what was true in our hearts and what was worth fighting for. In 2018, we had many many planets in earth signs and as we enter 2019, this theme is going to continue with more planets shifting into earth signs.

Under this earthy energy, we are going to be working on creating security in our lives, finding our roots, grounding ourselves, and building towards something brick by brick. For most of 2019, we are in preparation mode, preparing for the huge energy shifts that are on the way in 2020. On a global level, this earthy energy is going to force areas like politics, government, environment, and banking  for change.

"While events in 2018 encouraged us to use our creativity, intuition, and innovative ideas for the benefit of humanity as a whole, it had slower internal pace". You likely spent time reflecting on your inner self, and dealt with your share of stops and starts. By contrast, 2019 is imbued with a bolder energy and a greater desire to get things done. "The Universal three energy offers an abundance of problem-solving energy". We're feeling a little more motivated already.

The December Eclipse, in 2019, holds opportunity and will shine a light on all that we have achieved and all that is to come in 2020. This is a year with strong lunar energy. Lunar energy is feminine and magical. If we can combine this with the earthy energy we will really we can reach higher into the heavens.

2018 was the year of the leap towards the establishment of foundation for the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity (CIG). Since God's providence is now in the East, we could witness incredible tochnological and spiritual advance in this region. Unexpectedly, North and South Korea moved towards peace and re-unification. The Cosmic Mother could visit several nations on gavermental level. High level religious and political leaders were moved to unite and determine to lead their nations towards the Culture of Heart. See, MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

7 Years of Changes in the Spirit World

The providential meaning: 2012 ended the old age. With Rev. Moon's enterance in the spirit world started the new era of spiritual prosperity in 2013. Many failed to understand what the start of Cosmic - CIG means. Earthly person cannot start it. It needs perfected person, who enters the spirit world. Otherwise will not be called Cosmic, but just Earthly.

2012 + 7 = 2019  First 7 year period transitioning into the "Age of supersenses"

As Dr. Moon predicted, "We are entering a new age when things can be achieved only by God's love." Meaning, he will reorganize the spirit world to cooperate and transform the earth. And that was the essence of these 7 years. As the Principle explains a transition cannot suddenly come and erase all the problems. A period of growth is always required. 2019 is the last year of the first 7 year period. Read, 2012 and The Golden Age of Spiritual Awakening

All of the Mercury retrogrades in 2019 also take place in water signs, known as the most intuitive and psychic of the zodiac. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, we will tap into our intuition and listen to our intuitive voice. It will be easier to tune into psychic messages, thus we may find our dreams being extra prophetic. Under this energy, more people will be awakening to their psychic and intuitive gifts.

As Edgar Cayce predicted, soon the spirits of the lower realms will be completely prevented from influencing the earth God cannot wait any longer. We live in "The Golden Age" - the Completed Testament Age. Past has to be liberated quickly. How wonderful is this chance, even though we on earth will still suffer for a while! Read more...

"Now we can mobilize all our ancestors in the spirit world to drive away all the satanic forces from the earth, upon which we can build the foundation for absolute goodness. The spirit world will tell you waht to do. It will guide many people to believe in the Unificationism." Ch.3: The Spirit World

In the spirit world there was also a big change. According to the message from spirit world, received from Nelson Mandela; so many of the great historic leaders in the spirit world are mobilized around the Crist of the Second Advent - the Korean Unificationist and Peacemaker, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

In 2014, Mandela explained, the spirit world was preparing centering on this Peacemaker to substantially descend and start working with the physical world from 2015. That started at the 3rd Anniversary of CIG (Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity).
"Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Kennedy, and many UN leaders who are already in the spiritual world. Many more are coming and joining every day." Mandela speaks of a number of historical figures who now support Reverend Moon's efforts for world peace continuing in the spiritual world.
"President Lincoln leads the group of US Presidents. 2014 is the year of the Spirit," he explained. Multiply 2014 and it makes 7 - the number of the spirit. In that year Rev. Moon is mobilizing all the good spirit world to prepare to descend and work with on the earth from 2015, for bringing God's Ideal as soon as possible. "This will be an opportunity for the people on earth to work in unity with us, who are on the other side. For me it is a blessing to work With this great man, Dr. Moon, who has lived his life for others," ends Mandela's message. Read, Mandela's Message
From Jan, 13, 2013, "the Union of the Spiritual and the Physical Worlds" will be established on earth for the first time" and that "[the world] will enjoy tranquility and happiness in the sacred reign of peace." Rev. Moon

Please understand. Now, after 2013, the Cosmos (spirit world and physical world can unity, because the Lord of the Second Coming entered the spirit world) more and more of our members will start reaching this point. Those who don't, will suffer, get more negative and start accusing (like SC). Father predicted that. Now the Age for the Ideal Peaceful World (CIG) is open. We should cut off from the Satanic world; Stop living in the world of fear, selfishness and resentments; The way to perfection is opened and this is the realm of heart, love and living for the sake of others. Perfection is not about knowledge or power. It's all about our level of heart. See the chart of Heart Resonance

The Advent of the Global Era of Women

The Phoenix Days of great Earth changes and rebirth

The Phoenix days have arrived as the mythical bird begins to fly from Earth Mother bringing huge upheavals and changes to our planet. The Phoenix represents death, rebirth and renewal of life. It is also a symbol of Eternal Life. In 2018 a strange colorful bird was captured on the Grand Teton National Park, never seen before. Known as Phoenix, this is a sacred bird found in the mythologies of many cultures and described as a large magical glowing bird. Every five hundred years, according to some popular legends, it dies in flames and is reborn out of its own ashes. It is an omen of things that are about to be destroyed in fiery ashes and then reborn. According to a Native American shaman we are now in The Phoenix Days of great Earth changes. ​​​Earth Mother is going through a rebirth now.

"In the twenty-first century, women should play a major role.. pulling forward the construction of a peaceful world. Going beyond a century of power and technology, women will be the central axis in building.. loving, peaceful culture." (Father July16 2012)

These 7 years set the foundation for the establishment of the Global Era of Women. As Father Moon predicted, "I declared the arrival of the era of women. I made this declaration because the time was ripe to do so. Wait and see if the age of women comes now or not." We came out of the age of male struggles and now Heaven works centered on women, because women have motherly heart:

Universal Year of 3 can encourage us to express our feelings more openly, think more creatively, and seek our personal truth with greater fervor. It can inspire us to be more honest and seek to solve old problems from new angles, but in the process we can be easily overwhelmed by our own emotions. 

Deep within us all, is the energy of love and that is who we truly are. Tapping into our true authenticity we are actually tapping into this love that lives inside of us and all around us. By being true to ourselves, and not afraid to express ourselves as Unificationists and Peacemakers, we can tap into this energy and change the world.


We are living in time where what is possible is speeding up at such an accelerating rate that it's going to chalange our sense of stability. Alot of basic things of life are gonna be at near marginal cost. What we will see is that everything is becoming D materialied D monetized and Democratized.

Technology will bring the world closser and closser to the spirit world. With automation will come abundance. Almost everything will get very cheap. The harder challenge is how do people then have meaning.

The Revolution of Heart and Conscience will be more needed than ever. Thus, Creativity and the feeling of fulfillment for contributing to the world, will be most important. As we see 2019 is the year of oppening of our creativity and search for fulfillment. The only way to find it is to align with the principles of God's love.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baba Vanga predictions: The Peacemaker from the East

Vanga, Baba Vanga, prophecies predictions clairvoyant Bulgarian prophet Second Coming of Christ Moon, Sun
Baba Vanga predictions: 
The Peacemaker from the East
Vanga, Baba Vanga, prophecies predictions clairvoyant Bulgarian prophet Second Coming of Christ Moon, Sun
Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian alleged clairvoyant. Vangelia - Baba Vanga, is a true prophetess for Bulgaria, recognized in many other nations, despite the fact that she was blind.

I know two mothers that asked Vanga about Rev. Moon. They were conserned for their children joining  the Unification Church. But Vanga scolded them for being against their own children, and said, "Your children are OK, but you should correct yourself."

In another occasion, the mother got really scared for the daughter wanted to be matched by Rev. Moon and participate in the big International Marriage. Baba Vanga appeared in her dream and told her that this is good and she should be proud. The mother felt it so strong, changed her mind and supported her daughter.

Similarly, when prominent exorcist from Vatican, Archbishop Milingo, met the Unification Church, Jesus appeared to him and told him to receive the  marriage Blessing from Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Jesus told him to work for transforming the Catholic Church - to accept marriage for the Priests. This Archbishop followed Jesus' request and later was imprisoned in Vatican. But now he is leading a big movement of former priests for marriage. More and more high level christian leaders now support Rev. Moon's peace efforts. 

God is One - Religions will Unite

Vanga clearly prophecied that, "God is One" and "Religions will Unite." In her predictions the Messiah - the Peacemaker from the East, will bring about this unity and "sign the Eternal Peace." There is no one, but Rev. Moon, whose teachings and work corespond better to that prediction.

As Dr. Moon explained in his Authobioghraphy:

"The sacred texts of religions convey the same or similar teachings more than 70 percent of the time.. This means that most of the teachings of the major world religions are the same at their core. On the surface, some believers wear turbans, some wear prayer beads around their necks, others carry the cross, but they all seek the fundamental truths of the universe and try to understand the will of the Creator.

It is truly tragic that religions, which share the same teachings more than 70 percent of the time, still struggle to understand each other and communicate happily.. Instead, they emphasize their differences and criticize one another. All religions in the world talk about peace and love. Yet they fight each other over peace and love. 

Our experience when compiling World Scripture leads us to believe that it is not the religions of the world that are in error but the ways the faiths are taught. Bad teaching of faith brings prejudice, and prejudice leads to conflict" Sun Myung Moon

 Second Coming of Christ in Vanga's prophecies

From the words of Jesus in the Bible we know that the Second Coming, Christ will be born on the earth. That will happen in an Eastern-Oriental country, as predicted in Revelation 12:5.

True Bible Story:
The Book of God - Bible
Experience with God:
The Messiah is on the Earth
Secular Humanism:
Dangerous Philosophy origin
Prophecies of Vanga:
New Religion takes the Earth
Christians believe that the time of the Second Coming is at hand! However, the Second Coming has already happened in 1920, when the Lord of the Second Coming was born in the East as the Bible predicted. Who is he?

Baba Vanga mentioned a new religion that will take the earth by the storm: The White clothes in her prophecies represented a religion cumming from Korea, known as "the people of the white cloths".

Baba Vanga's Prophecy: "Christ will Return as a peacemaker" and unify all religions. The only Relligious leader from the East that devoted all his life for the unification of all religions is Rev. San Myung Moon from Korea.

Even Nostrodamus predicted that the Messiah is coming as a new religious leader from the East. As a Peacemaker who will "Unite relligions against the Red (Communism)." Nostradamus even specified that his name will be "Moon". Curiously the meaning of the name is "God's Word". Thus, Bible also comfirms that the Lord of the Second Coming comes with "New Name", and his name will be "Moon" (God's Word).

In fact, the Unification Church which Rev. Moon established in 1945, had quickly spread throughout the world. Unificationism is the only new religion, of our time, that despite the bitter persecution had become a world spread movement with influence in all areas of life. No religion in the world history could achieve that so fast - in just 50 years, while it's founder is still alive. And in fact Rev. Moon's organizations, newspapers and industry had influenced the world more than any other could. 

One of the signs of Nostradamus, to recognize the coming Messiah, was that 'he will unite all religions against the Red (Communism)." And this is something that Rev. Moon was most persecuted for - his role in the collapse of the Communist regimes. He united religious leaders from all denominations and faiths to stop the godless, atheistic ideology of Marxsist-Comunism.

Vanga promises that the prophecy in the Bible concerning the Second Coming of Christ will come true. She described him as a peacemaker who comes to our time and "will sign the eternal peace". And peacemaking was the only objective of Rev. Moon; peace with God, peace between mind and body, peaceful families, tribes, nations and world - is what he systematically worked to achieve and set a highway for the whole humanity to achieve.

In Vanga's words God is one and religions will soon find a common purpose and the whole humanity will come to believe one truth. The new religious leader, coming from the East as the Messianic figure to guide humanity towards peace will unite all religions; He will build a world highway with super fast trains, resolving all barriers and resentments by using marriage to promote peace and love where there was hatred. In fact most of what she described him doing can be associated with the Universal Peace Federation and its founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.



Baba Vanga predicted that "Oil will stop and you will discover a new kind of energy," Trains will fly, powered by the sun, "and people will travel huge distances at a very fast speeds. " Oil will stop and the earth will rest." In fact Sun Myung Moon is the one who financed and promoted a project for building a World Highway with super fast trains, which exactly corresponds to Vanga's prophecies.

Is it possible that the Peacemaker in Vanga's prophecy is non other but Rev. Sun Myung Moon? Here is what prominent world leaders say about him: According to H.E. Kenneth D. Kaunda President, Zambia (1964-91), "He has advanced the arts, sports, physical sciences, social services and above all peace in the world." He even calls Rev. Moon, "a prophet of our time." Read his teaching and find for yourself.

"The titles of the organizations that Rev. Moon has founded repeatedly include such words as "world peace," "international" and "unification," reflecting his underlying motivation to establish God’s ideal", points Rev. C. H. Kwak, Universal Peace Federation Chairman. Undoubtedly his work and visions closely correspond to the Messianic personality that Vanga described in her prophecies.

Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Personal testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon
Five Curious Facts about the Unification Church and Rev. Moon
Bering Strait Project
Moon followers and operations

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ

Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ, Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ
Revelations among Buddhists about the Second Coming
Rabbi proclaims the Second Coming of The Messiah
Professor of Religious Studies about the Second Coming of Christ

Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ
Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ, Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ
From the words of Jesus in the Bible we know that the Second Coming, Christ will be born on the earth. That will happen in an Eastern-Oriental country, as predicted in Revelation 12:5.

It's time of the Second Coming! Video named - The Second Coming | Revelation 17 Reveals It is Only a Few Years Away! But it is mistaken.

The Second Coming has happened in 1920, when the Lord of the Second Coming was born in the East. A year before that there was revelation and many signs of his birth. When he grow it was obvious that he is a different type of child. He could see the destiny of the people; their past, present and future - so he could foretell which marriage will work, which not.

At the age of 15 he was speaking freely with God and Jesus in the spirit world. He could communicate with all the saint of the spirit world and uncover all the Heavenly secrets, hidden for ages. Thus he could open the new Golden Age, but those prepared with numerous revelations about his Coming, had failed him.

So by the age of 30 he started building his own foundation to bring God's peace on the Earth. Jesus had appeared to many world religious leaders, giving them revelations that strange and persecuted man from the Oriental East is the Messiah and the Second Coming. Many of them failed, but still thousands are today proclaiming that this Messiah is non other, then the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of Korea.

Millions say, through their own experience they know Rev. Moon is the Messiah, the promised King of Peace, leader of leaders, who will lead the world towards God's original ideal. Of course this statement brought him only persecution and misunderstanding. But he had no choice - Jesus himself called him for this mission at the age of 15. Can anyone be called a true Christian, if he goes against the will of Jesus. Reverend Moon begun to communicate with God and Jesus at his early age. He was 15 years old when Jesus Himself appeared to him and repeatedly urged the young Korean boy, to accept this mission and lead the implementation of God's will on earth.

Today, personal testimonies, spiritual experiences and direct encounters with Rev. Moon's work and teachings, convince Christians, Ministers and people of all faith, that Sun Myung Moon is indeed the Messiah - the expected Lord of the Second Advent.

In less than 50 years he created a worldwide net of organizations for peace able to transform any area of human life, that will bring a spiritual revolution of Heart and Conscience. According to the Institute for Studying the New Religions the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Moon is the "Most successful religion of the 20-th century".

God is definitely working through him: Dr. Sun Myung Moon is known for his key role in the fall of Communism. President Reagan personally said, "We had the desire but without Rev. Moon we would never have stopped communism." If Rev. Moon had not established the Washington Times in 1982, many more problems would have occurred in the Western world.

Undergoing through incredible persecution and misunderstanding for near 80 years, Dr. Moon has achieved something that no living man before him was even dreaming. If for some building a university is a great life achievement, Sun Myung Moon was able to build dozens of reputable universities worldwide. Yet he created vast net of peace organizations and peace projects to re-educate the whole world, including its political and religious leaders.

This Korean did not follow the stream in search of riches and glory. He went 180 degrees against immorality, atheism, selfishness and the corruption of the world. It is a miracle that he survived.

It is a miracle that representatives of all religions, who persecuted him in the past, now are conquered by his example of "living for the sake of others", beyond nation, race, religion and culture.

It is a miracle, that even though he spent years in Communist concentration camp, Dr. Moon has not only survived but also created Washington Times, World Media Association and the International Organization for "victory over communism," which played a key role in the collapse of the satanic, atheistic, inhuman, totalitarian regime.

It is a miracle, that now heads of states listen to his advice and are willing to implement his ideas for "healthy society through strong families". The vision and purpose is clear; to achieve on united world, "One World Family" under God as our parent.  Read more testimonies
Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ, Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ
Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ, Now is the time of the Second Coming of Christ

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

We live in the Last Days

Antichrist was on earth, the Second Coming has already come and all the signs are fulfilled

The fire and flood in Japan and other parts of the world exactly correspond to what's being foretold by prophets centuries ago. The Korean Prophecies of a thousand years ago predict accurately these events.

In these prophecies the crisis and the floods are described as a part of one cathartic, purifying process that should make mankind to wake up for the coming new era of spiritual enlightenment, peace and prosperity.

According to all predicted, now we live in the time of the Second Coming. This immediately raises the question, "Why according to all predictions, before the birth of the Messiah the Antichrist will appear?"

True Bible Story:
The Book of God - Bible: How Angels taught free sex to Adam and Eve
Experience with God:
I looked to the sky and I read: "The Messiah is on the Earth
Secular Humanism:
Dangerous Philosophy with an ancient origin
In the Last Days, just before God is to establish his ideal, Satan will establish pseudo-ideal centered on materialism and atheism. This Antichrist is described in the Bible as the "Red Dragon". From our history it's known as materialist dialectics of Marx - ideology which gave rise to the existence of a Totalitarian "machine of death" and took the lives of 150 million.

In the 20 century we have witnessed this process. The "Red Dragon", the "Antichrist", rose and seized a third of the earth, just as foretold in the Biblical Revelations. After World War II red communism took over one third of humanity and threatened to conquer the world.

Yes, Communism was the Antichrist and he denied God, just as it was predicted. Communism persecuted believers exactly as described in Revelations; burned them alive in common graves, just as the prophet John describes in chapter 12 and 13 of Revelation.

The Three World Wars and the Number 666

Nostradamus spoke of three antichrists. Even Jesus mentions three major wars - these were the three World Wars. When we see them we must know that the Messiah has come, says Jesus.

Number 6 symbolizes that Satan has taken the six days of God's creation. Thus, "666" is a number indicating the future occurrence of three antichrists who will lead the Three World Wars, centered on their atheistic, satanic philosophy.

Indeed - the 20 th century saw three major atheistic wars that killed millions. These were the First World War, the Second World War and the Cold World War. World War I was led by the 1-st Antichrist, corresponding to Adam on the satanic side.

The second Antichrist, Hitler, led World War II. He was a Satanic image of Jesus. So Hitler as Jesus never married and his body was not found after his death.

The third antichrist, Stalin started World War III - the Cold War. It was the worst and took the most casualties - 150 million. 70 million were killed in the USSR, 70 million in China and over 10 million in other Communist, Totalitarian and godless regimes.

Know the Second Coming has come

According to God's principles of restoration, the successful destruction of the First Antichrist opens the way for the birth of the Messiah. After the World War I a perfect man can be born.

The victory in the World War II over the fascist coalition opens the way for the emergence of the first ever perfect family - separated from the satanic fallen lineage.

After the victory of God's side in the third (Cold) World War, the building of the perfect world will start under the guidance of this Messianic figure.

Of course, the First World War ended with victory on God's side in 1918. And the Bible predicts that the Second Coming will be born in the East immediately after the emergence of "Red Dragon" - the Red (Communist) revolution of 1917.

This Peacemaker will unite religions

Therefore, Nostradamus predicted that the Messiah will come under the name "moon" and will be much persecution, misunderstanding, falsely accused and jailed. Is it not surprising that the name "moon"means "God's word. "
As the Bible also says in Revelation 19, he will come with a "new name" and his name will be "God's word" (Moon).

Reading the signs that Nostradamus gave for this Messianic peacemaker we find indisputable connection with the Korean religious leader Sun Myung Moon, whose name corresponds to the prophecy in the Bible and the name mentioned by Nostradamus. Read: Nostradamus prophet predictions 2012: John Hogue's book Millennium

Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

The Temple for World Peace and Unity
Moon's Weddings: The Power of True Love
The key role of Rev. Moon in the Downfall of Communism
Testimony: Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon
MY PERSONAL MEMORIES My life in search of the truth. This personal story, got very popular and was read by thousands of people.
Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, The man who ended Communism is now dedicated to unite the efforts of all religions, all conscientious people for bringing world peace...
Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Please read the Bible: Antichrist is the Red Communism

Please read the Bible: Antichrist is the Red Communism and Christ is born by woman imediately after the Red Revolution 1917

The Antichrist, in the Bible, is described to deny any god and persecute all religions. Antichrist is described as the "Red dragon" and Bible predicts it will take one third of the world wich the RED COMMUNISM already fulfilled.

Christ according to the Revelations in the Bible is born by woman soon after the Red Revolution and he is the one to put the end of Communism. 

Considered the greates ani-communist, who turned the ideological Cold War and oppened the way to peace, is the founder of Washington Times, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

Nostradamus, curiously, used exactly the name "Moon" to depict the new Messianic figure coming to bring lasting Peace in our age. In another article we described some of the signes by which Nostradamus makes it undoubtedly clear how to recognize him.

The Peacemaker, which in the words of the prophet is a new religious leader, born in the Oriental East, carrying the New Truth, will work to unite religions against the Red Communism and blesses big numbers of families (for which Rev. Moon is famous) wherever he goes. 

No one can doubt, the prophecy talks of no one else but the founder of the Unification Movement for World Peace, Rev. Sun Myung Moon of Korea.

Rev. Moon fulfils exactly the Biblical predictions. He is born exactly after the Red Revolution (1917) and played key role in ending communism. His name, "Moon", coresponds exactly to the name the Bible predicts the "new name" of the comming Christ will be, which is "God's Word" - in Korean "Moon".

Thus the Prophecies of Nostradamus do not contradict the Bible, but enlightens the correct understanding of the Bible, which the blinded by human teachings christians are unable to accept. That's the reason Christ is foretold to expell even very faithful Christians with the words, "Depart from me you evildoers". Despite their deep Christian dedication their wrong concepts will only prevent them to accept the Messiah at the Second Comming. Read more

Jesus guided me to Rev. Moon
Message from Jesus about Moon
Moon is the Messiah sent by God
Famous Bulgarian prophetes, Vanga, described the returning Christ as a peacemaker who comes to our time and "will sign the eternal peace". Through him Religions will stop fighting each other and learn that God is one Parent of all humanity. Read more

In Vanga's prophecies "Christ will Return as a peacemaker" and unify all religions. He will build a world highway with super fast trains, predicts Vanga and resolve all barriers and resentments by using marriage to promote peace and love, where there was hatred. 

In fact most of what Vanga and Nostradamus described him doing can be associated with the Universal Peace Federation and its founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, know for his work to unite all religions and the world as "One Family Under God".

Hundreds of years old Korean Prophecies also describe the Comming Christ as a unifier; "The one" who is to come will establish a foundation... and unify the world... He will come for all relgions and unify them, the prophecy says. He will be born in Korea.

Thousands of prominent political, social and religious leaders have now come to recognize Rev. Moon's contribution for World Peace.

According to H.E. Kenneth D. Kaunda President, Zambia (1964-91), "He (Rev. Moon) has advanced the arts, sports, physical sciences, social services and above all peace in the world." He even calls Rev. Moon, "a prophet of our time."

"The titles of the organizations that Rev. Moon has founded repeatedly include such words as "world peace," "international" and "unification," reflecting his underlying motivation to establish God’s ideal", points Rev. C. H. Kwak, Universal Peace Federation Chairman

Rev. Moon Helped to Make Me a Better Human Being 
Rev. Moon's Key Role in the Collapse of Communism 
What awards Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon have received?
Rabbi proclaims Rev Moon as The Messiah 
Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah?

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Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today

Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today to bring the Golden Age

Nanettle Crist Johnson is a visionary who expresses her insights through teaching metaphysics and spiritual art. Following an illumination experience with God, Nanette gradually developed gifts of the Spirit (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience).

How the Messiah will look

Spiritual drawing of Maitreya Buddha - striking similarity to Rev. Moon

Now her spiritual vision reviled to the world how the Messiah will look like. The image which was spiritually received shows striking similarity to Rev. Moon of the Unification Church.

Nanettle Crist Johnson through her spiritual vision received how the Messiah looks like. She has no connection with the Unification Church. She saw spiritually the coming Buddha who will teach humanity by True Love in the family and will open the way for the Golden Age.

Photo: 1960 of SunMyungMoon, beside a spiritually inspired painting of the New Buddha to Come!

She drew the coming of Buddha to describe that "Buddha will come today. He will be teaching and fertility to the humanity by True Love in the family. This will create a foundation for the social ideals of the Golden Age.

For the past 20 years
Nanettle Crist Johnson has shared with others who aspire to realize their highest potential. Nanette's paintings have been published in "New Frontiers", "New Age", "New Dimensions", "Venture Inward" and "International Science", and on numerous book, video and other publications.
Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church, Golden Age, Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual Message, revelation
Her Predictions

Rev. Moon: Peacemaking
The most successful religion
In 1989 before an incredulous audience, Nanette accurately prophesied a U.S. & Soviet alliance by the end of 1990. In the fall of 1990 she also predicted the Allies would go to war with Iraq, resulting in a speedy U.S. victory. She further predicts that unless steps are taken now, afar greater war with the Muslim world awaits us in this decade. The greatest loss of life will be from the AIDS epidemic.
Yet, all these events are indicators of a period of mental, physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual purification which the world's inhabitants must endure to usher in Heaven on earth. According to Nanette, the worldwide foundation for this Ideal Society is overdue, but may have begun in August 1991 in the Orient with an international gathering of at least 144,000 spiritually dedicated people. Before 1999, centering in Washington, D.C., via satellite between one and 360 million holy families will devote their lives to God. The world media will take note!
Golden Age, Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual
Rev. Sun Myung Moon received that picture on 13 September 2006. On the photo he is showing the surprising spiritual news that he is the return of Maitreya Buddha. Well, what a surprise, Buddha himself said the same thing in a spiritual message in 2001. Golden Age, Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual
In the message from the spirit world Buddha himself is calling his followers on earth to learn Rev. Moon's teaching and follow his guidance to fulfill God's will. Golden Age, Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual
Maitreya Buddha: The Buddha to come in this Age, he will bring enlightenment and abundance to all mankind by amplifying True Love in the family unit. This will create the foundation for the Ideal Society of the Golden Age. He will carry the virtues of divine will, unconditional love and planetary healing.
Golden Age, Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual Message, revelation
And as we all see, the image received spiritually depicts no one else but the fonder of the Unification Church, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The Unification of Religions through Returning Resurrection
At the time of the Second Advent, all good spirits from all religions will descent and assist the believers of their religion on earth. Sooner or later each believer will be guided by the good spirits to go before Christ at the Second Advent and follow him. Accordingly, all religions will eventually be united around Christ.
Christ at the Second Advent, who is to come as the center of Christianity, is the persona of the Maitreya Buddha who is to return according to the teachings of Buddhism, the True Man who is awaited in the Chinese religious tradition, and the Chongdoryong for whom many Koreans yearn. He is the central figure whose advent is expected in all other religions as well. - Divine Principle

The path of True Love: Time to Restore not individuals but families
"I made sure that there was a strong enough foundation to restore the entire world. That has been my goal these last forty years. It is not only an individual salvation way now, but for the family, tribe, nation and world, all at ones.
When the entire five billion people of humanity truly understand this concept of Father's teaching, do you think they will want want to have the family centered upon the True Love, or the secular-style family we see everyday?" - Sun Myung Moon

The Arrival of the Golden Age
The ultimate purpose of God's providence of restoration is to save all of humanity. Christianity does not exist for its own sake, but has as its final mission the fulfillment of the purposes of all religions in human history.
Although the time of visitation may vary according to an individual's faith, inborn nature, and the accomplishments of his ancestors for the providence, sooner or later each believer will be guided... For this reason... destined to be united. - Divine Principle
Thus ultimately humanity will unite around the new Messianic figure coming as the personification of the return of all religious founders, and establish God's ideal of peaceful world centered on True Love. That will be the coming of the Golden Age, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church, Golden Age, Maitreya Buddha, Spiritual Drawings, Spiritual Message, revelation


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The Book of Enoch: The 1st human book, a message from the spirit world

I read the Book of Enoch when I was just to join UC. It comfirmed that the fall is sexual, the angels commited sexual mususe and mislead people against true love, into false-free sex (material, individualism, selfishness and wars). Most important, it explained how out of the human lineage, Messiah will be born, to establish God's lineage, by having numerous descendants. It mentions the possibility for Jesus (Second Adam) to be killed, so in such case that will be fulfiled by the Lord of the Second Comming (as Bible calls it, the "Third Adam").
the Book of Enoch
The Book of Enoch
The first human book was a direct message from the spirit world and the base for all further Biblical concepts
the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch

Bible quotes numerous times from the Book of Enoch. Enoch describes the evil culture from before the Flood, developed by the Fallen Angels, pretending to be our 'gods' and teaching humanity to wars, selfishness, free-sex and homosexuality. 

The Book of Enoch is the oldest book according to Archaeologists. And having in mind that it's quoted numerous times in the Bible, we have to take it seriously. Especially now, when Archaeological artifacts confirm many of it's claims. 

Society Controlled by "The Fallen Giants"

Geneses 6, talks of the sexual relationships between fallen angels and women, producing 'the famous GIANTS', from the pre-flood age. Sumerian texts reveal that each village was controlled by these very tall 'false gods'. It was a form of totalitarian, feudalistic system, where all had to serve these tall Kings. Enoch explains that even now, from the spirit world, they are the evil demons controlling humanity towards Satan's will.

So YES, Extracelestials exist. People called them Angels. And true, they are of other dimention - spiritual. And yes, they dominated us - that was the Fall. And yes, secred service tried to impose the idea of UFO to hide their secred projects. There were probable several civilizations that self destroyed themselves, once they reached too much external knoledge, without the internal-spiritual growth.

Only teeth and bones are found
In our days we have archaeological findings of such giants with extreme stature (over 2 meters tall). Old Sumerian tablets describe these false gods, who ruled them, were very tall, and had flying and communication technologies, which they kept only for themselves, thus controlling humanity as their slaves. (read)

About 25 to 12,000 years ago they had quiet developed Sodom-like Atlanta civilization (Controlled by the Fallen Angels). It was destroyed by the Flood, around 10,000 years ago, together with most of their knowledge transmitted by these false 'gods'. In fact, Enoch was sent by God, to tell them of their destruction, and that they will no longer be allowed to directly appear on earth. 

The Sexual Sin of The Fallen Angels

Thus many of the writings of Enoch find their historic confirmation. Same like Enoch explains, Jude 1:7 confirms that the sin of the fallen angels was sexual, 

"And the angels who did not keep their own position as Sodom and Gomorrah.. in like manner with these given themselves over to fornication and gone after strange flesh."

More then 200 ancient cities were found sunken under waters all over the planet. Which proves that the Flood was a real world event, bringing the end of the previous morally corrupted civilization, Enoch spoke about. The artifacts show that it was in fact an interracial civilization with high technology.  

Enoch explains what was the problem with that civilization. The Fallen Angels taught them free sex, homosexuality and technologies unknown even today.  But the increasing selfishness and corruption only brought them to self-destruction, Enoch explains. Only when humanity learns to live in peace and righteousness, overcoming our selfishness and greed, we will be allowed to use this high knowledge and develop amazing technology. That's why the predicted Messiah (Second Coming) will not only bring peace, but put an end to the sexual immorality, by elevating the standard of true families. Once the Culture of Heart is engraved in the human hearts, technology will quickly develop the highest level of comfortable life. 

Spiritual Message is the base of the Bible

Enoch is the first man mentioned in the Bible, who was taken to higher realms of the spirit world. In a way he is the forefather of all the next saints and central figures, guiding them spiritually, even though Abraham's family was the first one to set successful family level foundation for the Messiah. 

The Book of Enoch was written as a message from the spiritual world. It clarifies the fact, that the Archangel misleading the angels to fall, was the one who seduced Eve sexually. Besides revealing the sexual relationships of the fallen angels with women, the book uncovers the earliest written plan for salvation through the Messiah.

The First Book of Enoch (1 Enoch), Old Testament Apocrypha, contains vows and prophecies of world events and the coming of the Messiah, which is called Human beloved Son, the Son of a woman.

Enoch was taken in the spiritual world and the good angels showed him how the evils fallen angels were teaching people to do evil. The Angels on God's side have shown him the plan of salvation through the Messiah (Second Coming and its many offspring).

The story of the Fall Enoch associated with Gen. 6:1-6: describing how Fallen angels descended and had sexual relations with earthly women. Enoch describes the angels as male creatures with large sexual organs. The very Archangel led the other angels to deviate, Enoch states, is the one who committed sexual adultery with the first woman, Eve. From there, human love was defiled and the offspring of Adam and Eve was separated from God's lineage.

Sinful angels even started to supplant God in relation to people. They came down and taught people astrology, writing, and magic, how to making weapons, contraceptives and so on. They use this knowledge to present themselves as our gods and to pervert people's hearts to free sex, homosexuality, contraception methods, violence and murder.

Ultimately, God intervened through the flood in order to stop these crimes, which filled the land, and Enoch was sent to convict the angels and tell them that they will be thrown into the abyss and no longer be free to appear on earth. This is quoted in the New Testament (see Jud 1:6, 14-15), which says that angels have sinned through carnal temptations," and their sin is "adultery". It is revealed through revelations that angels were the ones to give rise to homosexuality. In disobedience to God, they started homosexual acts among themselves even before Lucifer seduced Eve sexually.

The Returning Christ will have Many Children

Enoch predicted that at the Second Coming Christ will be born in the East; his descendants will be numerous as the stars and they will rule the nations with righteousness and the truth coming out of his mouth.

Apparently at his coming the Messiah will establish a family, thus restoring the failure of Adam and Eve to become the first True Parents. The Gospel of Peter also confirms that this is the very purpose of the restoration process; "From families centered on Satan, Christ is to restore families centered on God," Peter explains.

How will Christ return? "He is chosen and hidden before the Lord "(Enoch 48:70). Initially, people will not recognize him. Instead he will be rejected and persecuted by this generation. But by the year 2012 his foundation will become apparent to many. Millions will follow him, thus the rulers and those who persecuted him will come and ask for forgiveness.

The book is divided into several parts: introduction (1-5), angels and the universe (6-36) Proverbs (37-71); heavenly luminaries (72-82) visions (83-90); exhortations to righteousness (91 -105), conclusion (106-108), including Noah's book (106-107).

The Book of Enoch gives the most complete picture of the hopes of the Jewish people at Jesus' time. It is considered the oldest human written book because it is cited in many of the oldest discovered texts. It was found again in Ethiopian translation and was published in English in 1821. There are passages in Greek and Aramaic language (Qumran).

Although today it is not included in the canon, the Book of Enoch enjoyed great respect by Jews in antiquity and the early Christian Church. But 200-300 hundred years later, Christian theology further and further deviated from the original believes, so there was no more place for this book, as well as many other important parts of the scriptures. But this left Christianity ignorant of the fact, that Jesus wanted to marry and because he was killed and could not start God's lineage on earth, another was to continue his mission in future times, bringing this Heavenly Mission to completion. the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch the book of Enoch Enoch Bible first book of Enoch

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