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Mayan Calendar: 2012 and The Golden Age of Spiritual Awakening

Mayan Calendar: 2012 Golden Age and Spiritual Awakening and Messianic Expectation
2012: The Messianic Age
Mayan Calendar: 2012 
The Eve of the Golden Age of Spiritual Awakening starts from 2013
Mayan Calendar: 2012 Golden Age and Spiritual Awakening and Messianic Expectation
The 5000 year old Mayan calendar is coming to an abrupt end in the year 2012. Why? 2012 is a time of transition to a new world; a new era. The history of our separation from God will come to it's end. The Messiah, the Second Coming, who is already born on the earth, will be make the foundation and teach us how to live our lives filled with love. Mankind will reach spiritual awakening. From 2013 starts a new Golden Age for humanity.

As we approached the year 2012, many were expecting external change. We could see an explosion of new books and articles about what we might encounter at that time. Some even thought it will be the end of the world as we know it, while in fact we are entering a transformation period leading to a time of peace. So it's a transition time of turbulence, where the evil of the past and the new good cross their paths. Even the crisis we experience now comes with that purpose - to awaken humanity from it's selfish ways. The evil will get exposed, obvious (unable to hide) and start declining, while the good will start prospering. It's more of internal, spiritual process and will take time, but after 2013 humanity will gradually become one family under God and the earth will be filled with peace and joy.

The 5000 year old Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt end in 2012. The winter solstice of 2012 is the last event recorded on their "long count" calendar. This calendar is carved in stone. 

There are many ideas about what may happen in 2012, and Christian groups realize that this will be the time of the Messiah's return. There are Biblical prophecies that this time will have calamities and disasters of very large scale, like the end of the world.

Predictions of Nostradamus about 2012

One explanation, that helps to understand the time and significance of the year 2012 comes from Rev. Sun Myung Moon. In his teaching this time is the time of transition to a new world. The Messiah does return and will be able to teach us how to live lives filled with love and blessings. Mankind will become one family under God and the earth will be filled with peace and joy. It may not be as simple as it sounds, yet the whole spiritual world and God's plan is moving with power in that direction.
"The world rapidly changes and those who are against this will not be left alone by satans. Until now, Satan has tried to take them to hell, but now.. even their own ancestors will want to take them to the Kingdom of Heaven. Since no one is blocking the way to the Kingdom of Heaven, the realm of liberation is realized, and thereby we rapidly pass into the age of globalization of the future." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG
As Edgar Cayce learned in spiritual communications, the so called Armagedon, described in the Bible, is actually a battle fought in the spiritual realms between the soul of light and the souls of darkness, coming into the world. As Rev. Moon ascended to the spiritual world in 2012, he started uniting the good ancestors and liberating the bad ones. 

As Nelson Mandela reported after his passing to the spirit world:
Mandela told the spiritualist, "The first person who came to meet me in the spiritual world was the Dr. Sun Myung Moon," Mandela exclaimed, "we have so many things in common, and we were both in jail for trying to help people." "Many humanitarians and moral leaders here in the spiritual world are working with Rev. Moon", Mandela explained and began to list; "Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Kennedy, and many UN leaders who are already in the spiritual world. Many more are coming and joining every day." Mandela speaks of a number of historical figures who now support Reverend Moon's efforts for world peace continuing in the spiritual world. 
"2014 is the year of the Spirit," he explained. "In that year Rev. Moon is mobilizing all the good spirit world to prepare to descend and work with the earth from 2015, for bringing God's Ideal as soon as possible. This will be an opportunity for the people on earth to work in unity with us, who are on the other side. For me it is a blessing to work with this great man, Dr. Moon, who has lived his life for others," ends Mandela's message." Read more..
Edgar Cayce predicted that in the near future (after 2018-2020), the souls of the lower realms will be completely prevented from influencing the earth and only souls from higher realms of light will be allowed to help us. Over a time this will result into the forces of good on earth gradually overcoming the forces of evil. Complete spiritual enlightenment on Earth will occur during the time when only souls from the higher spiritual realms are permitted to cooperate with us. Since the Messiah returns in our time and the era of spiritual enlightenment will renew humanity, the result will be a lasting Peace - The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The Divine Principle describes what will happen in this transition age, called the Last Days:
1. "Gradually, the spirituality of fallen people has been rehabilitated as they enjoy the merit of the age in the providence of restoration. In the Last Days, therefore, many faithful believers will acquire the ability to communicate with God, as was prophesied in the Bible." 
2. "All people in this era will suffer through great ideological confusion.. After these two sovereignties intersect near the end of history, the good sovereignty will remain as God's eternal Kingdom, while the evil sovereignty will perish in eternal darkness.. the way has been opened for all people to become godly children.. renew the world as the one global family." 
3. "Economic progress would have accompanied the development of science and technology, creating a comfortable and pleasant living environment.. Fallen people have thus been restoring their dominion over the universe.. Observing this, we are assured that the present era is the Last Days." 
"Only when Christ comes again as the Parent of humanity will all people join together in one great family and live harmoniously in the global village" ESCHATOLOGY 
With the assistance of a spiritual medium, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, and Confucius were also able to communicate with us today from the spiritual world. They all united with a shocking message concerning the Second Coming of Christ and the changes happening in the spiritual world. 

Message from Jesus:
"I came with the mission of the Messiah in the New Testament, but people at that time crucified me. That is why there remained a task for God to fulfill, and the necessity of a Second Coming.. God endured endless tension while He waited to send the Messiah again to Earth. After separating good and evil in order to prepare his lineage, God could send Reverend Sun Myung Moon.. God, who carefully observes all the activities of Reverend Moon on Earth, directed that the major religious leaders in the spirit world unite and cooperate with earthly people for the salvation of humankind." 
"We religious founders (in the spirit world) have no barriers among us. We are united as one, through the Messiah who appears on Earth in the Completed Testament Age and gives rebirth to all humankind as the children of God. We are praying.. to create one world centered on God. The confrontations among religious people are resolved here in the spirit world. It took long time for this to happen.. Likewise, in order to bring peace on Earth, it will be necessary to break down the barriers among all religions on Earth." 
"You are still looking up and waiting for Christ to return on the clouds? Reverend Moon travels throughout the world on the clouds. He is investing all of his heart and soul for the realization of world peace. Dear fellow Christians and religious believers, I am truly the Messiah. However, the one who returned to fulfill the messianic mission today is Reverend Sun Myung Moon. He is the Second Advent of the Lord.. Think of the flow of time and examine the incredible achievements he has wrought. Could he do this by human power and ability alone?" Jesus' Message

In teaching his message, Rev. Moon has encountered enormous opposition. But he wanted to spread this New Revelation and fulfill God's Will. He was imprisoned numerous times. Yet this was all predicted. If we read carefully the prophesies of Nostradamus, Vanga, Korean Prophecies and many others, we will be amazed to find that they prophecy of no one else, but Rev. Moon as the Peacemaker and the Messiah humanity is awaiting for. 

"The spirit world – including the Muslims, the followers of Confucius, and the followers of Buddha – is waiting for the appearance of the ideology centered on True Parents.. the world should go in the direction of unification, when the work of the True Parents reaches the global level on earth, all religious boundaries disappear, and the results of the unification movement automatically appear on earth, as a result of the activities of the spirit world. Thus, when the Unificationist teaching becomes a global philosophy.. the spirits in the spirit world do not stay in the spirit world. Since their goal is to reach perfection on earth.. they all return to earth.. The wish of the hundreds of billions of people in the spirit world is to see that the Unificationism spread all over the world.. Hence, if we are tuned to this, and oneness is brought in the spirit world, the world turns into the world governed by God." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG
World political and religious leaders are now becoming more and more aware of his great contribution to World Peace. Rev. Moon has build a foundation to guaranty that the future of humanity will be one of Peace and Love. His autobiography, as a Peace Loving Global Citizen, reveals the heart with which he had achieved all this. Read, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

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