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The Book of Enoch: The first human book, dirrect message from the spirit world

The Book of Enoch

The first human book, direct message from the spirit world

The Book of Enoch was written as a message from the spiritual world. Besides revealing the sexual relations of the fallen angels with women the book uncovers the earliest written plan for salvation through the Messiah.

The First Book of Enoch (1 Enoch), Old Testament Apocrypha, contains vows and prophecies of world events and the coming of the Messiah, which is called Human beloved Son, the Son of a woman.

Enoch was taken in the spiritual world and the good angels showed him . They show him the evils that fallen angels have caused teaching people of evil and the plan of salvation through the Messiah (Second Coming and its many offspring) today.

The story of the Fall, Enoch associated with Gen. 6:1-6: Fallen angels descend and have sexual relations with women. He describes the angels as male creatures with large sexual organs. Archangel works of these deviations are angels, Enoch states is the one who committed adultery sexually first woman, Eve. From there, human love is perverse offspring of Adam and Eve separated from God blood.

Sinful angels are even trying to supplant God in relationship with people. They go down and people learn astrology, writing, and magic to making weapons. They use this knowledge that God is starting to present themselves as our gods and to pervert people to free sex, homosexuality, contraception methods, violence and murder.

Ultimately, God intervenes through the flood to stop these crimes, which fulfilled the land, and Enoch was sent to convict the angels and told them that they will be thrown into the abyss. This is quoted in the New Testament (see Yud 1:6, 14-15), which says that angels have sinned through carnal temptations, "" adultery ". It is believed that angels give rise to homosexuality.

Enoch predicted on the Second Coming, he will be born in the east, his descendants will be numerous as the stars and it will rule the nations. Apparently at his coming the Messiah will establish a family. He is chosen and hidden before the Lord "(48:70). Initially, people will not recognize it. Instead he will be persecuted and rejected by this generation. But by 2012 his foundation will become apparent to all. Then the rulers and those who pursue it will come and ask forgiveness.

The book is divided into several parts: introduction (1-5), angels and the universe (6-36) Proverbs (37-71); heavenly luminaries (72-82) visions (83-90); exhortations to righteousness (91 -105), conclusion (106-108), including books Noah (106-107).

Book of Enoch gives the most complete picture of the hopes of Jews at Jesus' time. It is considered the oldest human written book because it is cited in many of the oldest discovered texts. Found again in Ethiopian translation was published in English in 1821 There are passages in Greek and Aramaic language (Qumran). Although today it is not included in the canon, the Book of Enoch enjoyed with great respect by Jews in antiquity and the early Christian Church.


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