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Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

We live in the Last Days

Antichrist was on earth, the Second Coming has already come and all the signs are fulfilled

The fire and flood in Japan and other parts of the world exactly correspond to what's being foretold by prophets centuries ago. The Korean Prophecies of a thousand years ago predict accurately these events.

In these prophecies the crisis and the floods are described as a part of one cathartic, purifying process that should make mankind to wake up for the coming new era of spiritual enlightenment, peace and prosperity.

According to all predicted, now we live in the time of the Second Coming. This immediately raises the question, "Why according to all predictions, before the birth of the Messiah the Antichrist will appear?"

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In the Last Days, just before God is to establish his ideal, Satan will establish pseudo-ideal centered on materialism and atheism. This Antichrist is described in the Bible as the "Red Dragon". From our history it's known as materialist dialectics of Marx - ideology which gave rise to the existence of a Totalitarian "machine of death" and took the lives of 150 million.

In the 20 century we have witnessed this process. The "Red Dragon", the "Antichrist", rose and seized a third of the earth, just as foretold in the Biblical Revelations. After World War II red communism took over one third of humanity and threatened to conquer the world.

Yes, Communism was the Antichrist and he denied God, just as it was predicted. Communism persecuted believers exactly as described in Revelations; burned them alive in common graves, just as the prophet John describes in chapter 12 and 13 of Revelation.

The Three World Wars and the Number 666

Nostradamus spoke of three antichrists. Even Jesus mentions three major wars - these were the three World Wars. When we see them we must know that the Messiah has come, says Jesus.

Number 6 symbolizes that Satan has taken the six days of God's creation. Thus, "666" is a number indicating the future occurrence of three antichrists who will lead the Three World Wars, centered on their atheistic, satanic philosophy.

Indeed - the 20 th century saw three major atheistic wars that killed millions. These were the First World War, the Second World War and the Cold World War. World War I was led by the 1-st Antichrist, corresponding to Adam on the satanic side.

The second Antichrist, Hitler, led World War II. He was a Satanic image of Jesus. So Hitler as Jesus never married and his body was not found after his death.

The third antichrist, Stalin started World War III - the Cold War. It was the worst and took the most casualties - 150 million. 70 million were killed in the USSR, 70 million in China and over 10 million in other Communist, Totalitarian and godless regimes.

Know the Second Coming has come

According to God's principles of restoration, the successful destruction of the First Antichrist opens the way for the birth of the Messiah. After the World War I a perfect man can be born.

The victory in the World War II over the fascist coalition opens the way for the emergence of the first ever perfect family - separated from the satanic fallen lineage.

After the victory of God's side in the third (Cold) World War, the building of the perfect world will start under the guidance of this Messianic figure.

Of course, the First World War ended with victory on God's side in 1918. And the Bible predicts that the Second Coming will be born in the East immediately after the emergence of "Red Dragon" - the Red (Communist) revolution of 1917.

This Peacemaker will unite religions

Therefore, Nostradamus predicted that the Messiah will come under the name "moon" and will be much persecution, misunderstanding, falsely accused and jailed. Is it not surprising that the name "moon"means "God's word. "
As the Bible also says in Revelation 19, he will come with a "new name" and his name will be "God's word" (Moon).

Reading the signs that Nostradamus gave for this Messianic peacemaker we find indisputable connection with the Korean religious leader Sun Myung Moon, whose name corresponds to the prophecy in the Bible and the name mentioned by Nostradamus. Read: Nostradamus prophet predictions 2012: John Hogue's book Millennium

Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

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Bible: Antichrist, "The Number 666" and The 3-rd World War

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