Why Rev. Moon predicted the Coronavirus: The D-Day

The D-Day
I hope, now you come to understand why Rev. Moon predicted this Coronavirus Pandemic as the D-Day (Global Transition)

CIG News /30 August 2020 / Weekly Update

We know, no politician can solve the world problems. Now becomes clear why. (12) Only God and the True Parents can. But we praise each good step a politician does in the direction of the Culture of True Families. (13) For we don't want leaders who just show at our events, we want world leaders who work whole-heartedly in the same direction; who believe in the family values. See, MODEL FOR PEACEFUL WORLD
The real events we witness now sound like wishful thinking, but they are already facts - they are happening. WAKE UP - GOD WINS
Surely we don't want only one nation, but all nations and all leaders to unite in Heaven's direction. Be sure Rev. Moon had mobilized the leaders from the spirit world to make that World Reset our FFWPU president talked about in the last Sunday Report. This is an update on the last events resulting from this spiritual influence. 
Removing the power from the private Cabal that owned all National Banks is impossible without first winning spiritually over the dark spiritual powers that controlled them. 

And as we reported previously, in 2009 Father Moon predicted the upcoming Virus, that in his words, "It will be a great judgment. It will be scarier than Noah's flood judgment." We will be "scared" and "wear masks", he said, that's how we would know that this is the Great Judgment day when evil will be put to an end.

Rev. Moon could foresee that Satan's side will use a vicious virus, as their final attempt to subjugate humanity completely. But he could see also, that this will be their suicide. 

In 1720, 1820, 1920 and now 2020 we have seen the worst pandemics. History seems to repeat itself every 100 years. To grasp the parallel of history, 100 years ago, in 1920, Father was born as the Lord of the Second Advent. In 1920 was the Spanish Flu. In the United States, we see the constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages starting from 1920. To stop the alcohol mafia, they poisoned the alcohol - 10 000 people died.

Now, 100 years later, was reported that the Alliance behind this 'awakening' have created a 'dry' season for those addicted to adrenalized child blood (adrenochrome). And some sources suggest, the blood produced in China was infected with the virus, that's how it spread. It is very important to understand the internal meaning of what's happening today and how today's battle for public morals and health is being held, compared to 1920. Read the full article

Now is this D-Day. Father says that in this day, "you have to use masks", giving us a sign to know that this is the Judgment Day, when the the Old World under the Satanic rule will end, and the New World under God will start. See, LUCIFER stepped down

People and members alike, have to open their eyes and see the horrible things these Satanists were doing. Just as the Evil Fallen Angels are obligated now to report their evil doings in front of God and the True Parents, their minions on earth will have to report and expose their crimes, so all the Satanic network will be revealed. 

640 Doctors Claim that “COVID-19 is a Global Scam”

Coronavirus was planed for more than 20 years by the Satanic Cabal. But here is the truth, "Asymptomatic conditions are not the drive of the virus spread." (1) Meaning, all this Lockdown is absolutely fake. People who carry the virus, but have no symptoms, like coughing, cannot spread the virus. 

Statistics show that this virus is in 20th place, compared to previous pandemics. In fact, the infections this year are less than the last year, despite the number of stories of falsified date. So wake up - it's not about a virus, something much bigger is happening. As the FFWPU president reported, "The whole world platform is changing."
"Although there may seem to be a stalemate on the surface as the battle for Planet Earth rages on, something huge is coming, multiple U.S. government-linked sources agree.  The secret space program is about to be unveiled, NSA sources say.  For their part, NASA sources say some sort of anomaly is “affecting the very fabric of reality.”  The U.S. military is also now in full war-time mode with over 1 million reservists being called up.  As a result, the list of missing celebrities, billionaires, and politicians keeps growing as a massive purge of Satanists continues." Weekly Geo-Political News
Just a few days ago was reported the rescue of 39 missing children in Georgia by the US Marshals. (2) In the next days, a Pedophile Ring was arrested by the WA Police, grooming as many as 140 young girls. (3) These kinds of arrests are happening all over the world. In my previous articles, you saw numerous politicians being charged for pedophilia (4) as well as 100 thousand children rescued from underground facilities. In January, 70 % of US tunnels were liberated (5) In August, already 82 % liberated. (8). At present, we see big military operations in Latin America, Antarctica and a number of other places around the world. So this war is still in full action.


And it turns out, child trafficking was a much bigger business than drug trafficking. Over 800 000 children were being kidnapped each year in the US alone. Top Elite figures were involved. And what we see now is a COVID cover-up for them being hunted down. Think about the effect on the providence once these people are removed from power? See, TIME TO AWAKE AND FREE THE WORLD
We cannot avoid the fact that Bill Gates and other elite figures' strife for POPULATION CONTROL led to the Coronavirus scenario. (7) It's called Eugenics - belief in Depopulation (implemented through vaccination and other means). But it's more than obvious that their evil plan was hacked by the good forces and effectively used to hunt them down. 
"Given that Covid-19 is an entirely man-made fake “natural pandemic” psyop crisis with a patented, laboratory “gain of function” bioweapon as its disease… the entire plot is equivalent to crimes against humanity for causing premeditated deaths, suffering, and economic hardship, in combination with the suppression of preventive medications and natural treatments.  Therefore, killing these people is a legitimate act of self-defense and not a crime." Covid-19 dealers
As the good forces are now implementing the reset of the system, the thousands of years old satanic machine is still rolling in its own direction towards destruction. Since less than 30% are awake for the reality of these satanic powers controlling the world, there are a number of people hocked and still supporting with great vigor the satanic causes. These are good people supporting satan's side simply from ignorance. See, THE SPIRITUAL WAR

It is indeed a global civil war and the deadly birth pangs coming from the collapse of the controlling matrix.

Therefore, we see massive clashes and demonstrations all over the world. Marxist organizations like ANTIFA and BLF, paid by Soros, provoke violence and luting. Riots sponsored by the same Cabal. Yet, it turns out, their leaders were also involved in pedophilia. And as Trump said, it will take less than an hour to stop the lutings in these left cities. That's because they have enough intelligence on everyone's activities. 

On the other side, as I predicted, no corrupt government can now hide their past crimes. The Cabal protecting them is down. Therefore, they will all start falling down, one by one. So we see huge crowds of peaceful protests in so many nations (Belarus, Germany, etc.). Everything is being disclosed and the old corrupt system is collapsing. People are standing up against big pharma and the lies of the media. 

Governments love pandemics. They love pandemics for the same reason they love war. Because it gives them the ability to impose controls on the population that the population would otherwise never accept... people like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci have been planning and thinking about this pandemic for decades.

Kennedy Jr. then explained that “the only thing a government needs to turn people into slaves is fear.

Long-term observers say it is the fall of Babylon. We are really experiencing events of biblical proportions.

We have to notice that this war has few more fronts. It started because the Federal Reserve and all National Banks were taken out of the private hands of the Zionists (Rothchild, Rockefeller, etc.) When JFK tried that, a week later he was assassinated. I remember Father Moon talking about that in Belvedere, while I was a UTS student. So this time the Alliance and the NATO forces needed a massive operation to make that transition at once while paralyzing the Cabal's forces. Many insiders came out to testify. (6)

"The ongoing Covid-19 scamdemic attack against humanity has exposed the cabal and its top leaders for all to see.  That makes them an easy target and they are now being systematically hunted down and removed from positions of power... the other leaders who are about to fall are those who have identified themselves with draconian fascist measures implemented against their own people on the orders of their Satanic Khazarian overlords." Benjamin Fulford 

Yes, this war is all about exterminating satanism from human society. That's why we have to ask the questions: Does Satan exist? Who worships Satan? Who are his minions in this world, and how are they perpetuating his evil will? The Divine Principle clearly says, 
"We have been utterly unable to liquidate the forces of Satan because we have not understood Satan's identity... we must first expose the motivation and origin of Satan and recognize the destruction he has wrought in human life." THE HUMAN FALL

Are you ready to learn how Father Moon now uncovers all their deeds from the spirit world or you prefer ignorance, personal peace of mind? Or yes, the truth may be painful, but will surely bring liberation. 

As the Lockdown prevented these parasites to move freely from country to country, they had to move underground. That's why much of the real war is held underground, as we reported in several articles. Only here and there we see big explosions, like in Beirut when powerful blasts are used to open access to these underground networks of tunnels. TIME TO AWAKE

The Pedophile Task Force continues to investigate international child sex trafficking under high command of Joint Special Operations Command and The White House.

On the maps, you can see hundreds even thousands of explosions happening exactly in the areas where these underground facilities are located. And as reported, the Cabal already had the fast magneto-gravitational trains that allowed them to move to any place in the world in less than half an hour through the underground channels. Once liberated from the Cabal, these technologies will be given to humanity. 

President Donald J. Trump Is Fighting to Eradicate Human Trafficking

The 500,000 enclosed Military Tribunal indictments will soon start opening. We are just 10-14 days from the unveiling of Durham indictments. It's going to be a big show. A lot of people's assets are being seized. And we will have a big surprise on October 29. 
“The indictments sought are of historic proportion. There has been nothing like it in the history of our country.” Durham Indictments: The List of Charges

Once the high-level cases start coming out you'll see that it's not simply child trafficking, but Satanic rituals, ritual rape and murder.(11) That should tell you why the indictments are secret and will be disclosed only partially, at the right time. It is way bigger than you can imagine. The same cities that are having riots now are the hubs of sex trafficking and child trafficking. The elite were donating to save poor children. In fact, that was farming children. You see why Trump's Second Executive order was to go after human trafficking. (12) This is an absolute war on the Luciferian world movement. 

And what do you think the consequences for the providence will be, once this evil system is collapsed? These were the people using billions to destroy the family and promote free sex, immorality, corruption and perpetual wars, and sicknesses. So what will happen when they are taken down by the Alliance? Don't you think the good leaders will be free to come openly and support the Culture of Heart? Don't you see that happening already? See True Mother's RALLY OF HOPE. See also, FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT

"We need a complete unrigging of the education system, politics, economy and medicine."

Are you still gonna keep a blind eye and accuse the good forces that carry this transformation, just because the Mainstream Media is desperately attacking them? Don't you know that all the media actually belongs to this Cabal? See, Millions paid by Gates to silence the media. Don't you know that True Father, Rev. Moon, mobilized all politicians from the spirit world, to descend and support spiritually this substantial cleansing of the earth from all satanic forces? Don't you know, that Father Moon promised, he will reveal everything from the spirit world and no corruption will stay hidden. 

I hope, now you come to understand why Rev. Moon predicted this Coronavirus Pandemic as the D-Day. I hope you could hear our HQ reporting about this "Change of Platform", that will take place in the next few years. Yes, our HQ mentioned the new technologies used by the US Space Force for this transition. US Space Force will guaranty peace on earth. No wars and no weapons will have any meaning from now on. Any nuclear or other rackets will be destroyed the moment it's being launched. A light beam comes and you see the racket dismantling in dust in just a minute. Yes, such videos and lectures are on the official pages of the US Space Force, talking also about the upcoming disclosure of the new tech, that can revolutionize the life on earth. 
"There are a bunch of new technologies that are coming out. There are new energy systems and they are going to try to release the patterns slowly. They will try to release the patterns of devices rather than technology." (10)

These things were all predicted by Father Moon, so please don't try to go against them. In the following years you will see the emergence of free nations, centered on God's Ideal. You will witness the emergence of God's Kingdom on Earth. See, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD 

Now we will be free to establish the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity, by uniting the world through the Culture of Heart into 'One Global Family Under God.'

Deep State collapsed, Golden Age is coming

I read the HQ proclamation about changing the world platform. Does it mean there is no such thing as Covid19? Only a war with dark forces?

Read carefully. It's a war. There are biological and microwave weapons - producing the Covid effect. In several articles, we explained who created the virus and why. Not to repeat, please read: 

In the Philippines, several respected doctors died. Coz they didn't know they were treating patients with virus. 

Yes, many famous people will die. Especially doctors, because WHO is deeply involved in the Cabal scheme of control. Sadly, most top world elite were involved with the Cabal. But now they can choose to cooperate on the good side, or will be executed, yet proclaimed as Covid victims. Other's will be officially prosecuted. 

We are not saying that to accuse them. In the satanic world, to climb to top positions they were obligated to follow the Cabal's orders. If not, their reputation and career would have been destroyed. So, of course, we want their liberation. Yet, if they had participated in pedophile and murder rituals, they will be executed. 

"It's mind-blowing, the level to which the medicine was not only covering cancer cures, but persecuting and destroying doctors and people who dared to bring that truth to the people."

Truth is, the Corona symptoms are easily healed with the Trump proposed medicine. But that's not the case with those who were drinking Adrenochrome (adrenalized with torture and rape child blood). Their blood is rich on iron. So, what heals Covid, will kill them. 

Now, do you understand why Father Moon predicted that this Virus will be a bigger judgment than the one in Noah's time? 

In Thailand, they had 3 000 cases total and more than 2 months ago there was no more virus. Coz God wants to establish it as a model nation in Asia. 

Yes, governments that follow God's providence and don't have much Cabal forces among them for cleaning, naturally don't need the Fake Pandemic, because there is no such big cleaning to cover up. But there are nations where Cabal is still too strong, and that's why the Cabal

Here in the Philippines we can't move much or do activities coz of lockdown but in Thailand so many great changes are taking place. As dr. Yong with members toured Northern province, they met all key leaders from governors to district leaders and many are saying they have been waiting for us to work with us to implement our programs and even offer external support for our activities. Someone donated a property worth of 4 mln dollars for UPF activities.

I can't believe the virus is fake. In the Philippines coz of lockdown so much damage to the economy, so many people lost their jobs, including those working overseas. Why would the government do that? 

The economy is not closed because of Covid. The opposite, Covid is created to stop the economy - Collapse the system. Banks and corporations have to be bankrupt so that the satanic machine will have no way to work anymore. And then Restart the world under the new paradigm - new platform (Centered on God). 

"Once the banking system is transformed, we can definitely enjoy the benefits of free life. We require a massive cultural renaissance and the Culture of Heart is the only way of the future; The future of harmony and peace."

That's why HQ proclaimed that in the next 5 years the world platform will be changed. It's total Reset of the economy, banking, politics... everything. The army is trying to guaranty the supply of food. Money and economy are not of any concern, for all the money from the Cabal are now being confiscated - hundreds of trillions. And once the secret technologies are disclosed most of this old technology will be useless anyway. May take 5 - 10 year, but the world will be totally different - beyond our dreams. Be sure CIG (The Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity) is coming with full force. Aju!

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