The Sound of Freedom: Expect Rapid Change

"All beings of light, all beings of God are now on earth, eradicating everything that is not from God."  

CIG Report / July 2023

Now that the movie "Sound of Freedom" shocked the world with the reality of the human trafficking, the revelation of Jesus given to Rev. Moon receives even deeper meaning. 

"Jesus had appeared to me as a boy of sixteen because he wanted me to know the root of the Original Sin that humankind had committed and to bring about a world of peace where sin and the Fall would no longer exist. Jesus appeared before me in an instant, like a gust of wind, and said to me, “God is in great sorrow because of the pain of humankind. You must take on a special mission on earth having to do with Heaven’s work. That day, I saw clearly the sorrowful face of Jesus."

The most disturbing problem of today is connected with the Original Sin

We know that human trafficking is a business of 600 billion dollars in a year, bigger than drugs, and bigger than arms. What Mell Gibson and Jim Caviezel are stressing is that it is connected to satanism. See, HOW REAL IS SATANISM TODAY

"Speaking of Satanism, it seems like it is gradually becoming the only religion allowed in the Mass Media and the entertainment."

As you see, this war with Satan is a war with Satanism (The Lucifer's minions on earth). That's because even Satan can do nothing on earth without physical objects, and without them doing conditions to allow him. And the glue in the ranks of this Luciferian cult is pedophilia, which is the very act of Lucifer bringing the first human beings to Fall.  (See, THE HUMAN FALL was a Pedophile Act)

"The most disturbing problem of today is the human trafficking, and particularly the trafficking of children. The first step in solving this problem is awareness. Go see the Sound of Freedom." Mel Gibson  

Just days ago came out the movie, The Sound of Freedom, depicting the horrific reality of child trafficking carried out by this elite. The main actor gave many testimonies about children being raped and tortured for the production of Adrenochrome - the most expensive drug used by these elites. 

"77 thousand dollars for a barrel of body parts of children. All of that goes to these bio-labs. (It goes in our food and drinks). Behind that are the 3 letter agencies." Jim Caviezel

As this movie finally came out, after 5 years of trying to block it, we see two things: (1) No mention in the media about the movie, despite it's huge success. (2) Hollywood shutdown by protests. 

But please be careful, Ezra warns us, "Under the guise of "save the children," they'll remove more freedoms than ever before. They play to the emotions of people, and by doing so, their sound logic is completely cut off." 

And remember, "most trafficking is done under the guise of humanitarian help."

Do you know that the RED CROSS came about from child trafficking orphans. Originally called Sanitary Commission. (Video) To rebuild America after the Slavery War they used orphan children as a working hand. Children have been confiscated mainly from native Americans and blacks. Red Cross today is also a leader in organ trafficking, apparent in the ongoing Ukrainian war, filling trucks with human organs, sometimes cutting up just barely wounded people, just to complete the norm. See, Ukraine Trafficking

 Expect Rapid Change

"This is information war against the tyrannical Luciferian system that is now coming for our children."

We just saw a pedophile fashion mogul Peter Nygard arrested on more sexual assault charges. "Hollywood pedophiles have nowhere to hide... We are hunting these evil sons of bitches down and taking them out.

"In 2022, there were 182,771 sealed, and 409,152 non-sealed indictments for child pedophilia and trafficking offenses. Staggering list of politicians, both democrats and republicans who have resigned their position for child molestation and abuse. (See 49:22 min)

Since Rev. Moon has now mobilized all of the good spirit world, we can observe to see what consequent changes are happening as a result. Here is what the trustee of Lucifer's top financial structure of control says now, after admitting that Lucifer stepped down after 1998: 

"The world is going to change rapidly," Kim said. "You are going to hear a lot of new ideas from every direction... New ideas, new technologies, new ways of doing things." 

"I have already started to see changes in the world that I never seen happen, and it has nothing to do with White Hats or anything. I have the Intelligence system, I know who these people are," Kimberly Goguen (KIM), from the Global Repository said. 

Stephen Greer also predicted drastic change in the next 20 years. "It's starting a whole new chapter in the human civilization," he said. "Where, in 20 years, there will be no poverty on the planet, no pollution... unbelievable abundance. When you bring to zero the cost of transportation, energy and manufacturing, you are creating a global decentralized economy, where every village and home is self sufficient." But first we have to deal with those who block these technologies, and they are the same top percent pedophiles, responsible for all the human trafficking, poverty, wars and moral degradation. 

The Head of the Snake and What Should Change

Kim says that the whole world in now under a Martial Law and she expects some serious changes starting next week - in the publics eye. 

Why change is needed. 80% of each countries money go to Rothschild, so you wander why your country is in such a state at the moment. Only 20% of the revenue stays for the country, everything else is taken. It will be fantastic to see changes. See, THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH

"The head of the Snake is the Financial System. What is the mechanism to control this earth? Finance! The whole point of finance is to indebt. Otherwise, to enslave. What the mortgage stands for? It's a dead grip held over you. The whole system is based on financial fraud, which takes the power that we have and gives it to a tiny group of individuals who are running the world through the control of finance. Through the infinite supply of money that we allowed them to take. With that money they bought everyone and everything that could be bought... Let's take back the control of issuing money and start living in abundance." (14:30)

According to God's ideal, Rev. Moon said, "The time is coming when custom taxes will be completely removed and all goods will be able to pass freely from one nation to another. In the near future, all nations will become one nation." (Tribal Messiahs, page 210)

A week ago Kim reported that the Federal Reserve is unable to pay them back their debt. And last night she announced that military has been sent and all assets, buildings and facilities of the Fed have been confiscated. 

Same was done with the UN buildings in NY and some other locations, Kim sad. We have the evidence of them laundering money for terrorist organizations, so we consider them terrorists, she explained.  "We excluded all nations out of membership in them." 

"We have declared UN and NATO an enemy of state," Kim said. Their criminal acts in the last few weeks, she explained, "gave us the right to start hunting down all the 82 generals and their cohorts, and as of this morning they don't exist. These were the once who gave the orders to kill people in the last week."

IRS and all pharmaceutical companies also have to be closed, she said. But they are concerned of the millions who will loose their jobs, or who are dependent on different drugs. So this transition will require reeducation and change of the occupation for these people. 

In her last report, Kim announced that the US Treasury, which was private, was now nationalized, sending the Deep State into a panic mode. Announcement was send around the world that Fed can no longer print any currency, not even digital. The power of the UN building in NY was switched off and the codes for entering were changed. 

If you ask, "What is the hidden hand behind all these politicians and forces imposing this evil?" You have to wander, is it even human? And of course, we know the story of the Fall and who became the false-god over the earth. 

Who are Satan's Minions that Need to be Stopped 

Video: Col. Riccardo Bossi and SG Anon discussing what will happen in these last stages of this psychological war. The good forces are covering the sky to hide the new flying technologies involved in the operations. Arrests and changes are happening in hidden. But even after the system is changed, it may take 3 generations until the last one of them is taken out, Ricardo said. 

"The world is run by a secret committee of 200-300 people who allocate assets worth hundreds of trillions of dollars," according to Dr. Stephen Greer. "It has a secret government, with its own air force, its own navy, its own funding mechanism, which is above the law." Our politicians were completely control puppets, just for the theater. 

"We have an economic system in which pharmaceutical companies benefit hugely from medical emergencies, where military industrial complex benefits from war, where Energy companies benefit from energy crises. All of this is generating a state of perpetual crises serving the interest of the elite."  

These people were ready to do anything to keep the old economic system based on petrol. They would not allow free market and free economy. As Greer said, "There is no way we have free market economy when the most important science and technology of the last 100 years are ruthlessly suppressed." 

"Any patent that gets above 70% efficiency in converting energy is automatically classified. That means that anybody who invented anything that can challenge oil, you would never see it." David Wilcock

Tomas Jefferson warned of the "unchecked power of the corporations corrupting governmental." That's where we are on missive scale globally. Now even the most secret crimes of this elite are coming out.

"Stop torturing yourselves. It's ALL of them. If they're in the spotlight, they're in the club. All of HollyWood. All of Congress. All presidents. Governors, etc.." Ezra

At the same time, Jessie Czebotar talks of numerous parallel layers of the spirit world working with the secret military in their underground bases. She herself was undergoing training in such basis. They rape, torture and train children with the purpose to utilize the spirit realms as a weapon, by connecting to lower astral levels with demonic spirits. No wonder, military, intelligence agencies, media, sports and entertainment are connected with Satanic symbology our days. 

Video: There was treason on many levels. We are catching them. Many have made agreement to cooperate. Tribunals will expose their structure and crimes. They lost control over the information. The war is won, says SG Anon. Yet to find if this hope is not just a false propaganda. 

The Closure Operations

They claim the bases of their plan is to officially remove those who tax you to death, remove the countless regulations that suppress your freedom, and give you autonomy.

"What's happening now is that we are literally in a military coup. That means that this country will watch the arrests that will come out of this. We have already arrested even oversees the pope whom we have identified as a terrorist... Everything was done in a sting operation... There is going to be a large number of people who gonna be arrested and detained, and tried by military court because we don't trust our politicians and our governments."  General's Testimony (7:27)

According to David Wilcock's recent interview, we don't hear much about these arrests because these people are not in visible public positions, plus, they are the owners of the media outlets. And yet, there were thousands of resignations and hundreds of arrests just in the past one week. The interview shares insight into the origins and development of The Plan to Take Down the Illuminati.

"The military backs us up by way of Federal Marshals, who contact the local law enforcement, and they actually make the arrests... These are their last gasps... The bases of this plan is to officially remove those people who tax you to death for no good reason other than put it in their pocket. This is to remove the private Central Banking system. This is to remove a whole load of regulations and regulatory services that don't serve any purpose than control." Interview

At the Closure Operations, the insider says, there is going to be a total clap down for a period of 72 hours, if need be. It should take about 24 hours sweep necessary, mass arrests and all the stuff. This is a limited operation. Than we gonna make sure that this goes viral in media. There is going to be a specific education channel, showing the origins of these guys, what they did, and how these bad guys got in charge. This is gonna run for several mounts. Than we gonna need local and national projects of restoration and restructuring. 

Current background events:

Lots of Billionaires dying lately. We hear of many arrests of people involved with child pornography. More and more such cases in media, Hollywood, in banking and among politicians. (See 49:22 min)

[archive] (Antifa activist commits suicide after Hungarian police find 70,000 child pornography files on his computer)

[dailywire] (Nation's first elected transgender state representative arrested on child pornography charges: Police)

Many countries and areas of military operations they are covering the sky to cover  the gravitational flying objects they are using. Supposedly open arrests are approaching.  We don't know if that's not only their cover story, while in fact they are simply continuing with the weather manipulation to excuse the fascist green restrictions. But the White Hats now claim that they are using some of these weather modification tech to destroy the Cabal. Here is one recent case:

On 19 July, large Pfizer plant was completely destroyed by tornado in Rocky Mount. (Video 31:35 min)

Jessie Czebotar says that the numerous train derailments that happened recently around the world and mostly in US are all at locations where there are underground child abuse facilities. She supposes the good guys are separating the area for cleaning operations. 

"Since 2016 children have been rescued fro hundreds of Deep State DUMBS, Zeta Bases and immense tunnel systems across the planet," a source from Pentagon Pedophile Task Force says. "We know how they get the children... it involves the Child Protection Services." (27 min)

Inside military sources say, that the bombing in Gaza are in fact demolitions, also apart of cleaning operations and arrests of Cabal members on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian. The ongoing arrests are also given as a reason for all the thousands of airplane cancelations. 

Pre-history of this Plan

Around 1946 this Cabal transferred it's center of power in the US, Kim said. Usually they do that transfer of power after 70-80 years. Probably there is a spiritual reason for that, because the Divine Principle also says that after 70 years every evil empire has to collapse. 

According to testimonies of several major generals, shortly after JFK was killed, in 1963, a group of military officers determined that something had to happen. This had to be stopped. (See, Why the Banking Mafia Killed Kennedy to understand why Rev. Moon said that it's very important to reveal that to the world) 

This group of generals, McCarter was among them, were looking for workable options to save the United States. They decided to work it out the slow way, grew and grew working undercover. They were based largely on marines and navy, working behind the scenes to penetrate, understand and when the time comes to take down the Deep State. That's what Q is. It's not just 300 generals or admirals, but they control a large sum of capabilities. Takes time to select the right type of people working undercover and it's risky. Yet they pursue it in completely lawful way. That's why they recruited Trump, these sources claim. 

"Nothing can stop what's coming! The forces of play are beyond the Masonic filth comprehension." Riccardo Bossi (11:50)

Objections to this Plan

Kimberly Goguen (Kim), however, claims that she has all the intelligence evidence that the so called White Hats are simply following a computer program. This program was designed to bring down US and the world market, and transfer all the power to China, as the new main power for Cabal to dominate the world in the next 75-80 years. China already has the chips to implant in people and turn them into controlled slaves, with ability to terminate them if they are not obedient. In the last operations her forces destroyed the command canter for this control and the existing connections with the lower dimensions connected with them.

Kim also says, she has released the video of Trump's Satanic initiation at this 40 birthday. In fact, she says, the original Trump died and now we see his double. After she sent proofs of this to General Flynn, he tried to visit Trump in Maralago to see for himself. But the military forces of the Umbrella Corporation who control this show won't allow it. They are the ones making millions in profit collecting donations from the Patriots.

"Each indictment of Trump urns to the Umbrella Corporation more than 5 million dollars from donation campaigns," Kim revealed.

At the same time, just days ago Biden, who is also dead and represented by actor, was impeached in the US Congress! (Video) Not a word in the mainstream media. Mountains of evidence have been sent to the Congress. Kim insists we should stop electing dead people as presidents. Look at the Trump show, selling all the Christmas ornaments, hats, caps etc. Making millions from sincere people who believe their lies. 

For sure there are good guys, trying to fight this evils. But what we also observe it that the bad guys pretend to be good guys only to be able to turn the narrative in the direction to support their Cabal agenda. It's more interesting to be able to see through all this and grasp how God is working behind that. And surely all the good spirit world is mobilized in this transition under the leadership of True Father.

Video: The Deep State Satanism is behind each side of the war. The Zionist Bankers raised Hitler to push the Jews in Israel, punish the rest of the world and kill the business opposition worldwide. At that point the Germans were no longer needed, so they starved, burned, raped and killed millions in peaceful time. This is all work of the Devil, no matter what skin he is hiding behind. God's heart is broken... devastated. Who will save his children?

Negotiations with Middle Group to Stop the Evil Plan

In that regard, Kim just announced ongoing meetings with a middle group, separate from the Illuminati families. In her words, they are the doers, they have vast network in all levels and institutions. If they agree to abandon the Dark Plan and transfer to the Light restoration will move way faster, Kim said. 

She calls them the 'Silent Circle'. A very family oriented group. They are not bloodlines. Very protective of women in their circle. Trust, integrity and family values are important for them. They are successful, because they are united. Have more money than the Dragon Families and Black Sun, who actually own them money. And they see the mismanagement of these bloodlines. 

"The Black Sun Order already declared bankruptcy, while the Order of the Dragon still expects some Demons to come and save them."

So 'Silent Circle' group "began to take over everything in the last few days; White House, China... yesterday they took over NSA. They are cleaning house." So the Order of the Black Sun went in full blown panic. "They know every single member of the Order." They have taken a lot of the critical infrastructure away from the Order of the Black Sun and away from the Order of the Dragon... because they agree that they are incompetent. 

"These people actually have the power and the ability to stop the human trafficking... to stop illegal drugs. They are feared by everyone," Kim said. (26-Apr-23 News)

They took Fed on Monday, and "As they make their way through all the banks in the world, and they will," Kim said, she will provide production contracts aimed at restoration. "We will change things," she said, and "one company that we will change is Monsanto (Mon Santo = Lord Satan). It no longer will produce Chemtrails and GMO. They will be paid to transition and only make organic fertilizers. That will stop all the health issues, from the previously used chemicals. Seeds will be seeds. Disease should not be a business anymore, she said, new technologies will be developed to replace all this, and there will be plenty of money to do so. 

If the secret developments come to light, all of humanity will be energy-secured forever.

"Since the 1950s, the CIA and US military intelligence have had technology to harness free energy (with no pollution, no radiation, no coast). Hundreds of human-created UFOs have been developed that possess inexplicable qualities to ordinary people." Dr. Stephen Greer

As Fulford writes, "The release of almost free hydrogen energy will allow us to live like millionaires." It reminds me Bo Hi Park's book, "The Messiah", where he explains Rev. Sun Myung Moon's predictions of the future. In his words we will have abundance of new type, free energy, free medicine, and freedom to travel everywhere with very fast transportation. But as we all know, only the Culture of Heart can provide the base for such a free, peaceful and happy world. 

This is not a fantasy. Back in 1902 you can see picture of Nikola Tesla having sticks in the ground tapping of this electro-magnetic flax-field and running generators in the farm. In 1930 he made his car drive on radio waves collected with antenna. Imagine the freedom if we have free energy, free travel, free healing with these technologies. Now is time when all these forbidden technologies will be disclosed. 

The War is Already Won

In most recent reports Kimberley Goguen, of the Global Repository, reported that the war is already won. She says, all the other sides capitulated. But if they attempt again some evil actions, they will be eliminated. She talks of the Restoration projects where all can receive funding to participate in production of new technologies and rebuilding the world. 

"Nothing can stop what's coming. The forces at play are beyond the Masonic filth's comprehension." Ricardo Bossi

Former SAS Ricardo Bossi explains that the whole Q movement was started by about 300 or 400 mostly naval and marine officers. At first they thought of staging a military coup, but realized that it would involve killing a large amount of American civilians. So they decided to proceed slowly and systematically in accordance with martial law. That's why it took so long. Now, however, it has come to the point where nothing can stop what's coming, Bossi says.

From our side all we gather is that there is some internal war between structures of those who ruled the world from behind. They portray it as rebellion of some of the operatives attempting to overthrow and replace those who governed under Lucifer. They are promising to create a better and more free world, while in fact we witness how they make everything even worse under the excuse of waking up the people. So at the end they may turn out to be only more evil than their musters. Yet, we strongly believe that God is using that and providence will at the end turn out to fulfill His Will. 

We can be sure that the good spirit world is now mobilized to help transform the earth. Here is how from the spirit world they describe what is to be changed on earth:

"Life on earth has become far too complex, and people are spending far too much time in purely material pursuits, usually to the exclusion of the spiritual. Life on earth, therefore, must in the end become simpler, and in doing so will become more enjoyable. The spirit world has much to send to the earth to achieve this end. But the earth world has first to put itself in good order. What is of major importance, the people of earth must learn to banish war from off its face, must learn not to turn to evil purposes that which was transmitted to it for peaceful purposes." Life in the World Unseen 2

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Here is the Situation Update for 7/5/23

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  1. Wonderful!!! I had been waiting for this for years with a great desire for the triumph of God.

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    "The most disturbing problem of today is the human trafficking, and particularly the trafficking of children. The first step in solving this problem is awareness. Go see the Sound of Freedom." Mel Gibson

    I've been wanting to comment on your blogs for a long time. You write interconnecting everything in a wonderful way!!! A very wise way!!!


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